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What does our content writing agency deliver?

Mind the content gap

Site copy can sometimes be an afterthought, but not with us. We recognise it plays an absolutely pivotal role in selling your products and services – and your business. Well-written, engaging content makes a huge difference to conversion rates and organic visibility. If your copy’s not up to scratch, your bottom line will show it. 

Our in-depth page audits will also highlight any content shortcomings. Then we’ll remedy the quality gap with the help of our experienced copywriters, who’ve written about every topic imaginable. We’ll target your key pages first, to maximise the immediate impact our content writing services have.

Google are just as keen on excellent content as consumers. It’s one of the four pillars of SEO: alongside technical SEO, optimisation and links, it elevates websites’ search rankings. It also makes crucial contributions to on-page optimisation and any link building efforts, which both rely upon carefully chosen wording.

Content written for people, optimised for Google

As any content strategy agency will tell you, copy should always be written specifically for the audience, rather than a search engine. As it happens, this is also what Google want: authentic, interesting copy that answers users’ queries and gives users confidence in Google’s results. This is just one of many good reasons why content has to be thoroughly planned: it needs to answer questions people are actually asking. 

Experience has taught us that format also has a big impact on search ranking, particularly if you’re aiming for a coveted featured snippet. Short paragraphs, tables and regular subheadings are simple ways to make your site accessible and easy to read: for people and Google. 

Copy should also help people navigate through a site and improve the user experience generally, signposting them towards the conversion you want. And once people are at that crucial conversion stage, our compelling copy can be the difference.

Showing your credentials

To rank for competitive queries, it’s not enough to just have a singular page dedicated to one keyword or query. Google have said they look for sites to show expertise, authority and trust (EAT) when evaluating their quality.

To break that down, you need to demonstrate you’re experts at all things related to your offering, an authority on the topic and can be trusted to provide reliable information. Here’s the good news: producing content allows you to tick all those boxes.

We enhance rankings for your service/product/category/landing pages by creating high-quality, well-optimised pages, surrounded by related blog content that supports the target page with internal links. We call it content clustering and it works time and again.

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Our content writing services

A combination of data-driven SEOs and creative content specialists means we offer some of the best SEO copywriting around. Here’s what our talented people can do.

Site copy

We treat site copy with the respect it deserves, placing it on a par with technical SEO and off-page work. Our dedicated team of experienced copywriters apply best practice, skill and great focus to create web copy that’s as appealing as it is well-optimised.

Our SEO content writing services include regularly identifying places where you could rank higher up for a keyword or query. For example, there could be potential for you to break into the top 10 ranking positions on Google by introducing more informational, longer-form content on a particular topic. Or it might be that Google seems to prefer product-listing pages with minimal copy and you can rank higher by taking that approach. If we spot an opportunity like this, we’ll soon have our copywriters drafting content to capitalise on it.

Search-led blog content 

Even if a site has paid great attention to the technical SEO pillar and boasts robust technical foundations, it can still struggle for visibility. This can be due to optimisation that’s too generic or substandard, but a lack of ‘search-led’ blog content is often the cause. 

We pinpoint the questions audiences are searching for, provide answers in a Google-friendly way and sprinkle some keywords around the edges. And it works wonderfully, improving rankings as you add value for audiences.

Linkable and creative content

Crafted by our resourceful digital PR team in conjunction with our copywriters, we often produce on-site content with one primary aim: to be link-worthy. The key is finding an interesting topic and providing informational resources and assets focusing on it, whether it’s a survey, a collection of data or an infographic. We’ll package it just right, outreach it to publications we know will be interested and links will surely come your way.

If you’ve got unique, authoritative data that you own in there, that’s all the better for securing those big, industry-relevant links. Of course, we’ll also expertly optimise it to rank well, so this evergreen content will provide link potential for years to come.

Press releases

It’s difficult to overestimate the importance of a well-written, attention-grabbing press release. They’re absolutely central to the success of any digital PR campaign. Even if you have a truly fascinating angle and data not found anywhere else, you must be able to tell and sell the story to journalists short on time.

Our copywriters and digital PR specialists put all their considerable expertise into getting press releases perfect, tempting publications into carrying stories. As well as links back to your site, you’ll also benefit from the great levels of exposure that come from nationwide and industry-leading titles. 

Non-SEO-based content

Although we’re SEO experts, we realise those three letters don’t mean everything. We often produce content for pages that aren’t set up to attract Google’s attention. Whether it’s a company history, a ‘Meet the team’ page or gated content (like an ebook) that people exchange their email address for, every part of your website is a chance to impress potential customers. We can make pages like this work for you, getting your message across in a more compelling way.

And if you produce email newsletters, social media posts and other types of non-SEO-based content, we’re here for that as well. Open rates, click-through rates, engagement rates…we’ll have all kinds of rates heading upwards if you come to us.

Tone of voice and brand guidelines

Capturing the right tone of voice for your business is no easy task. It has to convey your values and complement your wider brand personality, while appealing to your customer base and the audiences you want to attract. It’s a real balancing act.

We can help you establish how you want your company to sound, recording it in tangible guidelines for copywriters, marketers and anyone else who writes on behalf of your business. Providing clear directions like these will give your communications consistency and raise the level of quality.

Visual content

It’s not just about traditional copywriting for the web – far from it. We deliver much more…

Our content creation services also include everything from infographics to video animations, from customised graphs and tables to e-books. We can help you and your marketing efforts look the part as well, producing highly shareable visual content that can get your business real exposure.

Our content writing process

Audience research

We put real time and effort into identifying and understanding the audiences you want to reach, making good use of your insider knowledge. But we’ll also conduct our own thorough research – and we often find customers search in some surprising ways. We need insight into their demographic segment, search intent, online behaviours and other factors. Only then can we begin to craft the language that will appeal to them.

Audience research

We put real time and effort into identifying and understanding the audiences you want to reach, making good use of your insider knowledge. But we’ll also conduct our own thorough research – and we often find customers search in some surprising ways. We need insight into their demographic segment, search intent, online behaviours and other factors. Only then can we begin to craft the language that will appeal to them.

Getting the tone right

What draws some people in can have others rushing for the exit. Using all the information gathered on your targeted audience, we’ll shape and polish a unique tone of voice for your customers. If needed, we can help you create different personas and approaches for distinct types of customer. Having found just the right tone of voice for your audience/s, we’ll brief our copywriters on it, ensuring a unified tone across all the content we create.

High-quality content for all

Everyone likes arresting content that keeps you reading on and on. It’s not just for spy novels. There’s so much content online now that you have to grab customers' attention – and not let go. And there’s also search engines to consider. After all, they’re how audiences get to your site. Luckily, they also appreciate high-quality, logically ordered content, smartly optimised so that it ranks for relevant search terms.

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Frequently asked questions about SEO content writing

Does my website need optimised content?

Absolutely. Any website needs optimised content. It’s one of the fundamental ways Google and other search engines find your site – and the primary way for people to find it.

Optimising your content is a highly effective way of demonstrating expertise, authority and trust (EAT) to Google, which is a key indicator of site quality for them. Do it well and you’ll start rising up the page rankings, reaching more and more potential customers.

What will you get with content support from Distinctly?

We can provide comprehensive, all-round content support, covering every stage from audience research to a complete content overhaul of your site. Or we can work on a project basis, addressing a content gap to push you up the search results or gaining you links through a creative digital PR campaign.

We have plenty of content expertise: simply choose how much you need.

Why is it important to have an SEO content strategy in place?

Thinking about the questions your users are likely to ask online, rather than focusing directly on your product or service, is the key to a successful content strategy. 

It’s about moving away from jazzy sales copy and writing relevant, authoritative content that not only answers common queries but improves your standing with Google. The more you develop a reputation for delivering reliable, high-quality copy the higher you’ll rank. 

Why choose Distinctly as your content writing agency?

It’s a numbers game

We set measurable objectives tailored to your business and benchmark our efforts against them.

The bottom line

We’ve helped businesses from various sectors to achieve substantial commercial success.

Experts in several fields

Copywriters, PR specialists, SEO strategists, technical SEOs, linguists and digital analysts…we have every base covered.

A diagram with three connection points, captions read: Data lead approach, Team expertise, Commercial success

More than just a content writing agency