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Amplify your businesses’ core values and initiatives by putting your leaders forward to showcase them. The experts at Distinctly will create a people-first strategy to spotlight you and your business.


Why do you need a people first digital PR strategy?

  • You would like to know how People PR would benefit your business but you aren’t sure how
  • You don’t know what internal business activity is deemed ‘newsworthy'
  • You have actively avoided promoting your views in case it leads to a crisis
  • Is your industry ever-changing with regular updates in a highly saturated market?
  • You want to address and change the reputation of your business
You would like to know how People PR would benefit your business but you aren’t sure how Open Tabbed Content

How does it benefit the business?

People PR will benefit your business by bridging people who share the same ideas and values as you, to your brand. People connect with people. Promoting your initiatives, activities and commercial success is important, but this shouldn’t be a siloed approach. This activity should be accompanied by the voices of your executives who have been responsible for spearheading the approach. An increased media presence will enable your audience to get to know your leadership team and those responsible for driving the business forward. This strategy can support businesses in achieving high growth, increased visibility and trust from their key target audiences.

You don’t know what internal business activity is deemed ‘newsworthy’ Open Tabbed Content

Determining the interest

Have you recently been nominated for an award from within your industry? Have you appointed a new CEO? Have you made changes to your Corporate Social Responsibility business model (CSR) but you’re unsure how to communicate them? These company updates can be promoted to industry publications where your audience is positioned. These updates can strengthen people’s perception of your company, its reputation and credibility as an industry-leading body.


You have actively avoided promoting your views in case it leads to a crisis Open Tabbed Content

Knowing is the right time to comment

Navigating an unexpected challenge can make or break a business’s reputation, especially if communications are absent. We will work closely with you, monitoring trends and developments from within your industry that require transparency and clarity communicated to your audience. We will also analyse the issues and risks commenting on particular topics so that addressing these concerns upholds your business’s reputation.

Is your industry ever-changing with regular updates in a highly saturated market? Open Tabbed Content

Cutting through the noise

If the answer is yes, your people will set you apart from the competition and provide you with a unique edge. Promoting your people to share company updates, new service developments and industry-first news, as opposed to communicating this through a company press release will enable you to cut through the noise. This will ensure that announcements from your leadership team directly are the first your target audience engages with.

You want to address and change the reputation of your business Open Tabbed Content

Brand awareness and exposure

We can give the leaders at your company a voice that will positively influence your business’ reputation. We will shape the narrative based on your company’s values and achievements, and couple this with your executive’s ideas, concerns and opinions to evolve the positioning and representation of your business’s reputation.

What our clients are saying

“Working closely with Distinctly, we saw noticeable improvements in our online presence and organic traffic. Our collaboration delivered solid results in a very short time.”

Adrian Clipotă, SEO Manager at Katana Cloud Manufacturing

“Distinctly bring the same professionalism to digital marketing as we do to garden wildlife. I’m an expert in my field and it’s a delight to find a company that uphold the same ethics and expertise in their own field.”

Sean McMenemy, Managing Director and Founder, Ark Wildlife

“Distinctly have worked creatively yet concisely to build and promote visibility of Vape Club as a leader within the vaping industry.”

“Our prominence in both local and national news sites to date is encouraging and I look forward to seeing this continue to flourish.”

Dan Marchant, founder and director of Vape Club

Digital PR case studies

Our Digital PR offerings

  • Outreachable content audit
  • Reactive/traditional PR tactics for links
  • International Digital PR
Outreachable content audit Open Tabbed Content

Making content work harder

We perform an in-depth audit of your existing blog content to identify opportunities that are already on your website for earning links and coverage. We repurpose this content for outreach to publications and websites, focusing it around trending topics or seasonal events and giving it a catchy newsworthy hook that is attributed to the experts at your business.

Reactive/traditional PR tactics for links Open Tabbed Content

Link building

We use traditional PR tactics to increase brand awareness whilst earning high authority links. 

We identify reactive news opportunities by monitoring media conversations relating to your industry and audience, as well as journalist requests for experts on our media database tools and twitter. We promote pre-approved quotes to relevant press titles in the interest of speed, and also can write comments on your behalf if opportunities are more unique or exclusive. 

We also regularly place thought leadership/byline articles for our clients in top publications – putting you in front of your target audience, establishing a trusted face behind your brand and earning highly relevant and authoritative links at the same time.

International Digital PR Open Tabbed Content

International Digital PR

We can drive brand awareness and increased visibility in international markets, making your business known overseas. Our internal Digital PR team creates tailored strategies suitable to your target location that will maximize results. Gaining coverage in different markets will broaden your brand positioning and enable your business communications to break borders.

Our People PR process

Outreachable content audit

An audit of all existing content on site is conducted, analyzing how ‘newsworthy’ each post is to earn coverage and links. We position this content from the experts internally who can comment or be quoted.

Outreachable content audit

An audit of all existing content on site is conducted, analyzing how ‘newsworthy’ each post is to earn coverage and links. We position this content from the experts internally who can comment or be quoted.


With our in-depth knowledge of the media landscape and what journalists look for, we have a real cutting edge. Our experienced team has built up rapport with journalists and editors at all kinds of publications, from niche industry titles to big nationals. Effective communication and excellent content are key: we provide journalists with stories that sell themselves and they give our clients invaluable coverage.

Media liaison

Engaging with the media is a vital part of what we do. Luckily, we’re pretty darn good at it. Speaking to the right journalists and editors allows us to provide reactivity to our clients. And effective use of the best industry tools allows us to monitor opportunities for your business in real time, as well as making sure our campaigns are landing in the right places at the right time.

Our most recent coverage and links

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Frequently asked questions about our people PR service

What is People PR?

People PR, also known as executive and leadership profiling, is a people-first PR strategy that gives business leaders a platform to become more visible in their industry. Leveraging the faces behind the business makes your target audience feel more connected to your business. This approach has numerous positive impacts on a business’s overall strategy including increased credibility and authority in your industry. If customers can see the business leaders behind the values they drive, new initiatives, award nominations, charity events and business updates, this can cultivate further commercial success. 

We will work closely with you and/or your leadership team to ensure your voice is heard and your profile is raised in your target market.

Why is People PR important for your business?

People PR strives to ensure your voice is heard in a competitive market and fast-paced news agenda. As a business leader, your most powerful tool is your voice and your actions. How your voice is communicated will determine how your audience perceives you and whether they want to work with you. This then has an impact on how successful your business will be. 

We work closely with you to ensure your ideas and initiatives command the attention they deserve. Our team of specialists will do this in a way that positively and accurately represents your company and its values, helping you to become a prominent leader in your industry.

How can People PR benefit your business?

People PR can provide several benefits to your business. These include: increased trust and credibility, enhanced transparency and authenticity as well as more engagement from your target audience, partners, investors and stakeholders. We will work closely with you to clarify and develop your personal brand and leverage it to your target audience so that you can gain more recognition from within your industry and beyond.

Who is the best person to PR in your business?

This depends on the goal of your business and the purpose of investing in digital PR. Is it to highlight production innovation? If so, your CIO might be well-positioned to discuss research and development. Or, is it important to communicate your company’s financial performance to entice investor support? If so, profiling your CFO could help drive further growth in this area.  

Typically, job roles include positions on the board of directors or c-suite leaders, such as: CEOS, CFOs, COOs and CIOs. This is because individuals in these positions will be responsible for the strategic direction of the business, setting ambitious goals and objectives as well as driving innovation and transformation from within the company. They will be able to communicate the company’s vision and articulate this in the most powerful way possible with the support of Distinctly’s specialists.

What results can we expect from a Person PR strategy?

At Distinctly, we work with a range of businesses and their leaders to create bespoke strategies that will increase brand awareness in a sector, among the public or both.

We can increase trust among a very targeted audience such as investors, regulators, stakeholders and recruits, helping to change perceptions of an individual and their brand. 

We can also increase the visibility of your business’s core messaging, mission and values by working closely with you to ensure the positioning is powerful and accurate.

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