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Holly Scott | 16th February 2024 | Digital PR

5 Tips For Creating a ‘Proactive’ Reactive PR Strategy

A reactive PR strategy requires a finger on the pulse and lightning-fast responses to stories trending in the news, if you are to generate some successful link and coverage results.However, a ‘proactive’ reactive strategy enables you to expand your outreach timeline and is guaranteed to result in more successful placements. This just requires an additional […]

Lucia Coughlan | 7th February 2024 | News

5 Tips for Scaling Your E-Commerce Facebook Campaigns

Facebook Ads can be a powerful tool for both reaching new audiences and interacting with your existing customers. Here, we’ll provide 5 tips on how to improve performance in your e-commerce campaigns. We’ll explore a range of capabilities, from which audiences you should consider targeting to ad type recommendations. 1) Create lookalike audiences to obtain […]

Ella Grappy | 2nd February 2024 | Digital PR

Why you need Digital PR as a part of your SEO strategy

Over the years, the digital PR landscape has continued to grow and develop alongside the ever-changing world of digital marketing. In 2024, if you’re not utilising digital PR to further support your SEO efforts, you’re missing out on the opportunity to gain a huge competitive advantage; as the benefits are recognised as part of a […]

Dan Ormsby | 30th January 2024 | Google Analytics 4, Organic

How exploration reports have become key assets in Google Analytics 4

As Google Analytics 4 (GA4) takes centre stage as the primary analytics tool, it’s crucial that we understand its new features and maximise their potential. The exploration report feature is fully customisable, which allows you to tailor your reports to your needs. In this blog we discuss how to use exploration reports to get greater […]

Gary Woodcock | 19th January 2024 | Digital PR

Which YouTuber swears the most?

Generating $29 billion in 2022, YouTube is one of the largest content platforms in the world – on average creators upload 2,500 videos per minute onto the site. The open-access nature of the platform allows for any creator to rise to popularity and have their videos seen by millions of people across the globe, especially […]

Jess Shaw | 15th January 2024 | News

Content Design and SEO – working together for the user

This blog will give you some insight into what content design is, how it can save you money, and the approach we should take when creating user-centric content from a collaborative SEO and Content Design perspective. If we believe there are four pillars of SEO: Content, Authority, User Experience and Technical, that are underpinned by […]

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