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Rosa McLeod | 21st March 2024 | Digital PR

Digital PR in the healthcare industry

With figures revealing nearly 50 million health-related Google searches were made in the UK in 2023, it’s clear that people turn to search engines for healthcare advice.  And as the industry continues to grow, healthcare companies need to ensure a strong online presence to effectively manage their reputation, communicate important updates, engage with their audience, […]

Ellie Wilson | 12th March 2024 | Content

How to Create a B2B Content Strategy: The Ultimate Guide

Brand awareness, customer engagement, traffic, leads and sales can all be achieved through the production of high-quality content.  But before the content is produced, planning and preparation needs to take place. That’s where a content strategy can help. A content strategy is an overarching plan for all of your digital content. From blogs and whitepapers, […]

Lewis Koch | 22nd February 2024 | Ecommerce, Migrations, Technical

What to consider when migrating to Shopify from a different platform

As eCommerce continues to dominate the retail landscape, businesses are increasingly turning to platforms like Shopify for their online storefronts. Shopify’s popularity has soared in recent years, and with the release of Shopify 2.0, the platform has made significant strides in catering to the needs of online businesses, particularly in terms of SEO. With its […]

Holly Scott | 16th February 2024 | Digital PR

How to create a ‘Proactive’ Reactive PR Strategy

A reactive PR strategy requires a finger on the pulse and lightning-fast responses to stories trending in the news, if you are to generate some successful link and coverage results.However, a ‘proactive’ reactive strategy enables you to expand your outreach timeline and is guaranteed to result in more successful placements. This just requires an additional […]

Lucia Coughlan | 7th February 2024 | News, Paid Media, Paid Social

5 Tips for Scaling Your E-Commerce Facebook Campaigns

Facebook Ads can be a powerful tool for both reaching new audiences and interacting with your existing customers. Here, we’ll provide 5 tips on how to improve performance in your e-commerce campaigns. We’ll explore a range of capabilities, from which audiences you should consider targeting to ad type recommendations. 1) Create lookalike audiences to obtain […]

Ella Grappy | 2nd February 2024 | Digital PR

Why you need Digital PR as a part of your SEO strategy

Over the years, the digital PR landscape has continued to grow and develop alongside the ever-changing world of digital marketing. In 2024, if you’re not utilising digital PR to further support your SEO efforts, you’re missing out on the opportunity to gain a huge competitive advantage; as the benefits are recognised as part of a […]

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