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Liz Walker | 27th July 2022 | News

Distinctly officially certified a Great Place To Work™

Being a genuinely exceptional place to work has always been a key priority at Distinctly. We’ve worked tirelessly over the years to listen to our team, take on board feedback and to implement changes. Therefore achieving our certification as a Great Place To Work™ has been a huge highlight for all the team. For our […]

Holly Scott | 13th July 2022 | Digital PR

How to create an effective People PR strategy

One of the most effective ways to strengthen your company’s reputation and build awareness for your business is through People PR. Better known as founder-focused features or profiling campaigns, People PR enables you to put a face to the name of your business by placing founders, CEOs and directors at the heart of your marketing […]

Meera Patel | 28th June 2022 | Paid Media

Smart bidding strategies: how they boost campaign performance

Setting bids on Google Ads used to be extremely time consuming and required a lot of A/B testing to achieve the best results. In 2016, however, Google introduced smart bidding as a way of automatically optimising bid strategies for every individual auction. Despite a rocky start, smart bidding has slowly improved and now in 2022 […]

Abby Fraser | 27th June 2022 | Organic

Forums for keyword research: an untapped resource

Everyone who invests in sound SEO is interested in developing their websites’ informational content – to target high-volume keywords relevant to their audience. As time-tested as this strategy is, you can run dry of topics or even struggle to rank because competitors are looking at the same informational terms as you.  A truly audience-led approach […]

Liz Walker | 6th June 2022 | News

Electric Umbrella – Charity of the year

We’ve worked with many charities over the years at Distinctly. It’s really important to us to support our community and many of the charities that we have worked with have been very local to our Rickmansworth office. For the past few years, we’ve adopted a ‘Charity of the year’ model so that we can work […]

Ellie Wilson | 25th May 2022 | Analytics, Organic

How to leverage customer reviews for SEO

Customer reviews are an important marketing tool. A recent study found that almost nine out of ten customers read reviews before buying a product. But how can we use customer reviews to their full potential and leverage them for SEO?  How can customer reviews benefit SEO? Customer reviews play a big part in leading to […]

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