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Specialist digital PR services: top-tier links built the right way. A digital PR strategy from Distinctly gives your brand the chance to become the headline. From newsmaking surveys to topical stories, we use our established working relationships with some of the world’s biggest media brands to shine a light on your business.


Why do you need a Digital PR Agency?

  • Are you losing online visibility to your competitors?
  • Is your site struggling to gain authority?
  • Are you launching a new product or service?
  • Do you want to share your knowledge and insight?
  • Is your industry ever-changing with regular updates?
Are you losing online visibility to your competitors? Open Tabbed Content

Improve visibility through link building

Online visibility can be the reason why your competitors have the upper hand, preventing potential customers from coming directly to you.  Google ranking is determined by a variety of factors, backlinks being a crucial part. 

Backlinks are important to increase the authority of your site, and indicate to Google that you should be ranking higher. The quantity of backlinks, while important, is not as important as the quality. Therefore all backlinks that are built should contribute positively to your backlink profile through relevancy and expertise.

Is your site struggling to gain authority? Open Tabbed Content

Build authority, improve rankings

Your content is great, your SEO is up to scratch but you need to gain more authority? Then digital PR is what you need, and there are many ways to gain the authority you’re looking for. 

Catering to different needs, budgets and businesses, digital PR can vary from a large data-led visual campaign, to more traditional link building methods and even utilising experts within your business to comment and offer quotes to breaking news stories. 

Reactive methods of link building and outreaching existing content is an efficient way to build strong relevant links from top-tier publications.

Are you launching a new product or service? Open Tabbed Content

Make your audience aware of a new product or service

While it’s exciting to be launching a new product or service, you need people to know about it. This is where digital PR comes in! Not only will digital PR assist in the brand awareness and brand building aspect of this, earning coverage in relevant publications to increase exposure but will also help to build authority, and therefore rankings. 

We can help with the launch of a new product or service by framing relevant stories, angles and ideas around the product to build the excitement and anticipation.

Do you want to share your knowledge and insight? Open Tabbed Content

Become thought leaders

The expert knowledge and insight within your teams is second to none, keeping up to date with industry updates and being on the ball with the latest trends. You probably already have this and you’re probably already doing something about this, your online content. 

The digital PR team can conduct an Outreachable Content Audit on your blogs or news pages to analyse the depth/breadth of content that you have and if there is outreach value in those pieces. The content is already there, why not use it? 

Is your industry ever-changing with regular updates? Open Tabbed Content

Stay relevant with reactive PR

News breaks fast and sometimes so frequent, it feels impossible to keep up. We can help! 

Reactive digital PR is an ideal solution for your business if there are regular updates and news stories that you can assign expert commentary and opinion to. Our team has watertight processes that allow us to prepare (as much as can) to proactively react to news stories with pre-approved quotes and expert comment ensuring you are the first to comment.

What our clients are saying

“We were delighted with the outstanding results achieved through our work with Distinctly. The combination of technical skill and creativity, from the detailed data-set retrieval to the sentiment analysis, ensured a comprehensive methodology and valuable links from high-authority publications.”

Chloe Chai, Head of Marketing at Marketzoo

“Our prominence in both local and national news sites to date is encouraging and I look forward to seeing this continue to flourish.”

Dan Marchant, Founder and Director of Vape Club

“I highly recommend working with Distinctly. They have extensive knowledge of the SEO and PR landscape, and channel this into creative ideas that lead to tangible results.“

Ameilia Costanzo, SEO Manager, YuMOVE

Digtial PR case studies

Our Digital PR offerings

  • Data-led campaigns
  • Link building
  • Reactive PR tactics for links
  • Outreachable content audit
Data-led campaigns Open Tabbed Content

Create unique data-led campaigns

Includes various approaches like using ‘found’ datasets that are publicly available, creating our own authoritative datasets, sending Freedom of Information requests and analysing results, conducting surveys.

These campaigns are creative and unique, – they are authoritative stories that journalists love. We usually send out a press release that packages up the story, linking back to a full report on your website.

Link building Open Tabbed Content

Promote resources

Our strategies for getting links expand wider than just journalists and publications – there’s so many websites out there and we are experts at leveraging as many of them as possible that are relevant to your business! 

Converting existing brand mentions, utilising existing resources on your website and sharing with resource pages/’useful links’. We can also create resources that we believe will be ‘linkable’ – this is a great strategy to get high authority links from universities, government websites.

Reactive PR tactics for links Open Tabbed Content

Become a thought leader

We use traditional PR tactics to increase brand awareness whilst earning high authority links. 

We identify reactive news opportunities by monitoring media conversations relating to your industry and audience, as well as journalist requests for experts on our media database tools and twitter. We promote pre-approved quotes to relevant press titles in the interest of speed, and also can write comments on your behalf if opportunities are more unique or exclusive. 

We also regularly place thought leadership / byline articles for our clients in top publications – putting you in front of your target audience, establishing a trusted face behind your brand and earning highly relevant and authoritative links at the same time.

Outreachable content audit Open Tabbed Content

Repurpose your content

We perform an in-depth audit of your existing blog content to identify opportunities that are already on your website for earning links and coverage. We repurpose this content for outreach to publications and websites, focussing it around trending topics or seasonal events and giving it a catchy newsworthy hook.

Our Digtial PR process

Ideation and research

To include campaign ideation, and also the audit stage of blog content audit, competitor research, sourcing quick win opps – basically first stage of both data-led campaigns but also link-building services. Mention a kick-off call/regular comms? Could mention how we work well with internal PR teams, marketing teams

Ideation and research

To include campaign ideation, and also the audit stage of blog content audit, competitor research, sourcing quick win opps – basically first stage of both data-led campaigns but also link-building services. Mention a kick-off call/regular comms? Could mention how we work well with internal PR teams, marketing teams

Data crunching and content production

To include campaign production, onsite content and press release production. Also things like writing up expert commentary and thought leadership articles. Mention sign-off process?

Analysis and evolution

Although we have countless successful campaigns behind us, every sector, business and website is unique. There’s no one-size-fits-all thinking here. We are constantly learning and adapting our approach, whether it’s a new angle for copy or changing tack on keyword strategy. Best practice, Google’s guidelines and industry trends are always moving, and we move with them.

Build national and industry links on top-tier publications

Awards & Nominations

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Frequently asked questions about Digital PR

What are the benefits of a digital PR agency?

Digital PR is a service that builds links and coverage to your site from online publications building authority and increasing organic rankings. However, while digital PR and SEO go hand in hand,  not all the benefits of digital PR are SEO related. Links help to build brand awareness, reach your target audience, establish trust and authority, even becoming a go-to for journalists, providing content to share on social media and achieve greater social media engagement.

Why do I need a digital PR agency?

Digital PR is key to building your brand, increasing the authority of your website and securing more online visibility. If you are looking to place your business in top-tier publications and in front of your target audience as well as build authority in your specific industry, then digital PR is the way to do it.

What are high quality links and coverage?

Relevancy is at the heart of everything we do at Distinctly. High quality coverage and links means two things to us, is the coverage relevant and is it from a publication with a high domain rating? Our integrity is key in how we select our target publications, choose what campaign ideas are relevant for a client and how we build our media lists.

How does digital PR work alongside traditional PR?

While traditional PR is very different from digital PR, there are some similarities. We believe in working alongside traditional PR teams to ensure the best results.


How does digital PR reporting work?

Digital PR reporting consists of tracking coverage and links, identifying domain rating, anchor text and level of coverage: whether it is a followed link, no-follow link or brand mention. Performance based metrics can be attributed to digital PR looking at organic traffic, keywords and health of your backlink profile.

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