Website Migrations Services

Migrations starting with SEO – and ending with growth

How we do it

Set business goals

We want everyone on board, so here’s what we do: get all your stakeholders together and agree on timelines and what your migration should achieve. Then everyone knows the plan and can get on with business as usual.

It’s especially important that we work closely with your development team – so we can help you clinch your business goals.

Then, with a clear set of objectives in place, the next step is to start planning and scheduling the work, keeping communication channels open so work can be shared between all parties.

Unlock growth opportunities

We spend plenty of time getting under the skin of your market. Our SEO migration services include seriously in-depth research and analysis, uncovering opportunities to rank higher and identifying potential new revenue streams. 

Carefully planned SEO can be your route into lucrative new areas, which is why it’s fundamental to any website migration – and should be factored in from the initial planning stage. For us, a website migration is a chance to optimise a site for greater visibility.

After having detailed discussions with you, we’ll have cemented an optimised, future-proofed site structure, which will allow your website to accelerate growth in your target markets.

Reach your audience

To reach your audience, your website needs to be performing optimally, with the migration managed properly and everyone aligned for that much-anticipated launch. Otherwise, you’re in danger of losing a significant number of visitors along the way.

We really don’t want that to happen. In fact, we want to help you grow your audience and visibility, so you can start to see a strong ROI from your shiny new website.

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Our website migration service

Whether we’re looking at your site’s design or doing technical checks, our website migration services are always focused on priming your website for customers.

Audience research and sitemap planning

Keyword research – there’s just no substitute for it. Figuring out what your customers want – and where big opportunities lie – is priceless. 

Keyword targeting should guide any site’s architecture, and we’ll make certain your site’s no different. The importance of keywords runs right through our SEO site migrations.

Wireframe input

It’s not just about keywords, of course. User experience and your site’s overall design also have a big impact on SEO performance, not to mention user perceptions and conversions.

Working with you and your web development team, we’ll make sure your site follows best practice and customer journeys are as smooth as can be.

Website auditing and implementation checks

We’ll agree upon a roadmap before our specialists go through your site in fine detail, conducting an in-depth technical audit for your development team. 

The roadmap will cover everything up until your refreshed site goes live. And before it does, we’ll identify any issues and iron out any technical problems, making absolutely sure it measures up.

Post-launch support and monitoring 

Your site going live doesn’t signal the end of our work together. We’re committed to resolving any technical issues discovered during launch, as quickly as possible.

And we’ll continue to work closely with you and your development team for as long as you need us around. After all, relaunching your site is just the start of an effective organic campaign.

Our website migration process

Discovery, alignment and planning

We like mapping things out, such as what you want from your website – and how to get you there. We’re organised like that. It’s crucial that everyone who needs a say gets their say, then we move ahead with guidelines for your web development team, representing the very latest in SEO best practice. Finally, we agree upon robust deliverables and timelines.

Discovery, alignment and planning

We like mapping things out, such as what you want from your website – and how to get you there. We’re organised like that. It’s crucial that everyone who needs a say gets their say, then we move ahead with guidelines for your web development team, representing the very latest in SEO best practice. Finally, we agree upon robust deliverables and timelines.

Implementation and ongoing support

Our recommendations are tailored to your CMS, to make development a straightforward, hassle-free process. But we don’t settle for improving your site: continuing on-page and technical SEO support is all part of the service. And it’ll really enhance your site’s performance.

Monitoring the impact

We’re all about the results, so our experienced team will benchmark your site improvements, debriefing you and your development team on what they find. We’ll also give you the lowdown on how your competitors are doing and how you compare – not just out of curiosity, but so you can track market trends as well.

What kind of migrations do we manage?

A woman writes on a flipboard in a small conference room while colleagues with laptops watch on

We have a talented SEO website migration team in London, who have extensive experience of managing a wealth of migrations.

  • Domain migrations: moving your website URL from “” to “”
  • Protocol migrations: changing your website protocol from HTTP to HTTPS, so browsers give you a nice secure sticker
  • Subdomain migrations: switching your website from “” to “”
  • Top-level domain migrations: changing your website URL from a to a .org, .com, etc.
  • Content management system migrations: moving your website from your current CMS to a new one – like going from WordPress to Joomla, for example
  • Redesign migrations: modifications that range from minor facelifts to full website redesigns with major code and copy changes
  • Rebranding migrations: safeguarding your digital standing when you’re reshaping how the world sees you
  • Structural migrations: changing the website structure, or the user flow of a website or URL structure

Why SEO should lead your website migration

Artwork of a human hand shaking a hand made from social media reaction symbols
  • Maintain organic visibility
  • Get a clear picture of your opportunities for growth
  • Create a strong site structure to give organic growth a helping hand
  • Make sure you’re targeting the right audiences and ranking well for the keywords you want

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Frequently asked questions about website migrations

How long does a website migration take?

Successful website migrations can take time to plan and execute: six months to a year, in some cases. It can be quicker, depending on the scope of the website, but we still like to have a 2-3-month window before going live. 

Will my website be down during the website migration process?

A website migration launch should be a seamless transition, which doesn’t involve your website going offline. Depending on the back-end complexities, your website may strategically go down in the early morning hours, but this would be managed by your website development agency.

Why are website migrations tricky?

Even if wholesale changes aren’t being made during a migration, it’ll always take two or three months for Google to understand the changes made. Providing SEO consultancy throughout the process, we’ll advise how the website should be built and what critical technical actions are needed for organic visibility to go unaffected.

Why Distinctly?

It’s a numbers game

We set measurable objectives tailored to your business and benchmark our efforts against them.

The bottom line

We’ve helped businesses from various sectors to achieve substantial commercial success.

Experts in several fields

SEO strategists, technical SEOs, on-page SEOs, content producers and digital analysts…it’s all hands on deck.

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