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In the ever-changing world of digital, learn how to build high-quality, topical and authoritative links and stay on top of digital PR trends.


Why do you need digital PR Training?

  • You would like to start building links but don’t know where to begin
  • You’ve introduced digital PR to a new team
  • You have a lot of entry-level positions in your team
  • Your link building efforts aren’t yielding the results you’d expected
  • You’ve noticed the change in digital PR recently and feel out of the loop
You would like to start building links but don’t know where to begin Open Tabbed Content

Where to start?

Whether digital PR and link building is a new service for your team or something that you would like to upskill members of the team, we can help. Our training covers skill levels from entry-level right to the very top and we can customise training based on your needs and the desired outcome. Book a call with us to chat through training options and we can suggest the training session that would be best for you and your team.

You’ve introduced digital PR to a new team Open Tabbed Content

Unexplored service

You’ve identified that your business needs authority and link building so your current team is upskilling in this area, or maybe you would just like a refresher- great! We can support every part of the digital PR process, share examples and even offer one-on-one training with team members. 

Our team here at Distinctly collectively has a lot of years of experience in the industry with a plethora of knowledge to share with your team.

You have a lot of entry-level positions in your team Open Tabbed Content

Training new members of your team or agency

Having a preexisting knowledge of SEO and digital PR is not essential to learn how to build a strong link building strategy or execute it. We cater to all levels of experience and can provide bespoke training that is relevant to the group.

Your link building efforts aren’t yielding the results you’d expected Open Tabbed Content

Learning what works for you

If digital PR is something that you and your team are currently doing but not seeing the results you would like, or perhaps you are struggling to convey the importance to key stakeholders – digital PR training can help with this. 

While our training includes all parts of the outreach and production process, we are also able to host training sessions dedicated to strategy, competitor analysis and even budgeting for digital PR.

You’ve noticed the change in digital PR recently and feel out of the loop Open Tabbed Content

Keeping up with digital PR

Digital PR over the years has changed and as Google’s algorithm changes and updates happen it evolves very quickly. Recent years have seen the biggest shift in link building activity and it can be overwhelming. 

Our team here at Distinctly stays on the pulse of digital PR with each change and update and can provide detailed case studies around how different tactics work for different markets and how to find the right strategy for you.

Our Digital PR Training Services

Our Digital PR training aims to equipt you with advanced strategies in link building tactics and media list-building to take your campaigns to the next level. 

Link building tactics

Learning about an array of link building tactics will enable you to help to improve your website’s credibility, visibility, and search engine rankings. There are several different ways to build links, and our team will talk you through the relevant avenues you can go down to yield the best results for your business. 

How digital PR works with an SEO strategy

Digital PR and SEO often work hand-in-hand, so gaining knowledge of how these services intertwine to deliver the results you want your business to see is a crucial part of our training. 

Backlink profile analysis and reporting

Backlink profile analysis and reporting will help you identify strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for improving your website’s SEO and overall online visibility.

Media list building

Learning to identify key journalists and influencers to target for coverage is a hugely important part of any Digital PR campaign. It ensures effective communication and outreach strategies and, most importantly of all, will enable you to identify more opportunities to achieve coverage.

Press release writing 

Press release writing will teach you how to communicate news and updates to the media and public in an effective way to increase the likelihood of generating high-quality coverage.

What our clients are saying

“We were delighted with the outstanding results achieved through our work with Distinctly. The combination of technical skill and creativity, from the detailed data-set retrieval to the sentiment analysis, ensured a comprehensive methodology and valuable links from high-authority publications.”

Chloe Chai, Head of Marketing at Marketzoo

“Our prominence in both local and national news sites to date is encouraging and I look forward to seeing this continue to flourish.”

Dan Marchant, Founder and Director of Vape Club

“I highly recommend working with Distinctly. They have extensive knowledge of the SEO and PR landscape, and channel this into creative ideas that lead to tangible results.“

Ameilia Costanzo, SEO Manager, YuMOVE

Digital PR case studies

Our digital PR training offerings

  • Link building
  • Competitor research
  • Digital PR campaigns
Link building Open Tabbed Content

Outside of the larger data-led campaigns, we can offer insight and advice around building links through various avenues, whether that is link reclamation, outreaching existing content or using journalist tools such as HARO and Response Source.

Competitor research Open Tabbed Content

With digital PR, sometimes the hardest part can be knowing where to start. We can instruct you how to complete an in-depth analysis of how your competitors are performing, how to close the gap and which strategy is best suited to achieve your business goals.

Digital PR campaigns Open Tabbed Content

There is a lot to dissect with digital PR campaigns from ideation and production through to writing press materials, finding the right journalists and outreaching. Ideation can often be the biggest hurdle but there are techniques, resources and tools available to help this process become smoother and more aligned with the link building targets you have set. 

Understanding how to communicate with journalists is a large part of this, even down to how you structure and write press releases. Are you using the right language? Are you targeting the right people? Are you sending press releases at the right time? These are all things to be considered when beginning outreach.

Our digital PR training


Ideation is the fun part of digital PR campaigns but it can feel daunting at times and without structure, brainstorms can veer off on a tangent or you can lose focus. Our training will highlight different ways you can ideate, how to structure a good idea and ultimately, what makes a good idea.


Ideation is the fun part of digital PR campaigns but it can feel daunting at times and without structure, brainstorms can veer off on a tangent or you can lose focus. Our training will highlight different ways you can ideate, how to structure a good idea and ultimately, what makes a good idea.

Press releases and pitches

A large part of digital PR is learning how to communicate with journalists and understanding how to convert into links. This includes the language you use, the style and structure of press releases and even how to send images and in what format. We have comprehensive guides that can instruct on how to get the best results when outreaching at a small or large scale.


Once you have your campaign produced and your press materials ready, the next step is to outreach and convert into the links you need. Promotion of digital PR campaigns is the most process-driven part of the activity but there are ways where you could improve your output. While it can seem to be a low-return activity in a lot of ways, it is important to improve your offering to increase conversions and nurture those new conversations and relationships with clients. Advice on tools that make outreach simpler, when to send press releases and how to structure follow-ups is something we can offer.

Our digital PR training tailored to target national and global publications

Awards & Nominations

Speak to a digital PR specialist

Frequently asked questions about digital PR training

What digital PR training do you offer?

Our training covers everything from media list building to outreach and ideation, through to campaign production. As well as competitor analysis and how to analyse backlink profiles. We’ve got you covered; whether you’re looking to cover all bases or a more in-depth training for one particular part of the process.

Do I need prior SEO or digital PR knowledge?

No, is the short answer. Our training covers all experience levels and we can shape our training materials around this.

How long is the training session?

This can vary depending on how many people are in the room, whether we’re face to face and also what the training is on. We can provide short 2-hour sessions for more targeted training, or full-day sessions where we can dive into everything about digital PR.

What is the recommended size of the team?

We can provide training on a one-on-one basis or up to a team of 10 if needed. The material of the training may differ slightly depending on the team size to ensure everyone gets the same learning experience.


Is the training virtual or face-to-face?

Whichever works better for your team. We are happy to come to your offices, host you in our office for the day or schedule training virtually. If there are parts of the training that are interactive, we will let you know and recommend face-to-face training.

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