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About the BusinessNameGenerator Digital PR case study

  • About the client and the brief
  • What we delivered
  • The results
About the client and the brief Open Tabbed Content

BusinessNameGenerator is an AI-powered business name generator that generates business name ideas in seconds.

BusinessNameGenerator tasked the Distinctly team with building their online visibility and excitement surrounding their new childcare business service. There were three main objectives for this which included:

  • High authority links from relevant publications in the US
  • High authority social coverage
  • Build brand awareness for their new childcare business service

The Distinctly team decided a data-led creative campaign would be the best technique to deliver, ensuring all objectives were met. This involved an in depth analysis of BusinessNameGenerator’s online presence as well as their competitors which would feed into the overarching strategy and ideation.

What we delivered Open Tabbed Content

Unique and thorough methodology:

● Utilising IMDb we compiled a list of the top 100 most popular “Children’ television shows. We also included those that are rated TV-14 or below.

● For each show, we analysed YouTube clips and episodes, to create a sample of 25,000 words to identify unique words used in the transcripts.

● Transcripts were obtained from full episodes of the TV shows available on YouTube, using a data script to retrieve them, but it was limited to English or auto-generated subtitles. Audio descriptors and non-dictionary words were removed to focus solely on the language used.

● The winner, Spongebob Squarepants, came out on top with 213 unique words per 1000.

Created an onsite report and visualisations: 

We produced a visually appealing report showcasing the unique word analysis for each show, highlighting that Spongebob Squarepants was the most word-rich show among the 90s children’s programmes. The design style of this campaign purposely used a colour palette and design features shown in 90s children’s programmes for the nostalgic element, an element which would we later use as an outreach approach.

Outreach to target journalists: 

We reached out to journalists specialising in entertainment and parenting, sharing our unique findings and the report’s insights. Our pitch emphasised the headline, “Spongebob May Make Your Kids Smarter,” aiming to grab attention and generate interest. We knew that Spongebob, as a character often used in memes and internet culture, was a brilliant winner that was sensible to emphasise in the lead.

Leveraging Twitter engagement 

After our campaign gained traction, tweets about Spongebob’s being the most wordy received significant engagement, including interactions with a writer associated with the show. We incorporated screenshots of this Twitter engagement in our subsequent pitches to journalists, showcasing the positive response and encouraging further coverage.

A solid strategy and multiple angles

Initially, when trying to cut through the noise to get journalists’ attention with headlines like “Spongebob is the Wordiest Kids TV Show.” The emphasis wasn’t emotive enough. We revised our approach and crafted a more captivating headline that spoke to making children smarter, using a psychology study that found a link between the two areas. This pivot helped spark curiosity and interest among journalists, and gave us a more interesting headline’ Watching SpongeBob May Make Kids Smarter, Study Finds’. Which ended up being used by a number of pieces of coverage verbatim.

The results Open Tabbed Content

This campaign exceeded all KPIs and targets and produced compelling results.

● 40 pieces of coverage internationally, including articles that featured links back to the client’s homepage or onsite content.

● Tweets such as CartoonNewsNetwork and other users generated a total of 1,000,000+ views and hundreds of thousands of tweets and likes.

● Average domain rating of 50, indicating coverage from high-authority websites.

● Coverage from notable parenting and pop-culture publications such as MSN, Tiny Beans, Scary Mommy, CBR,, and Upworthy (attached in appendix).

● International coverage from countries such as Indonesia, Poland, Mexico, Colombia, Netherlands, Germany, and Brazil.

As well as hitting our link KPI, we also achieved substantial international coverage and successfully generated great brand awareness’ for BusinessNameGenerator online and on socials, resulting in increased visibility and successful link building efforts.

Quote From Client

“We were thrilled with the outstanding results achieved through our work with Distinctly. The creative implementation, from the onsite report to leveraging Twitter engagement in our pitches, ensured widespread coverage and valuable links from high-authority publications. The campaign’s ability to tap into the nostalgia surrounding the cartoons, and highlight its potential impact on childcare helped ensure relevance to the business, whilst maintaining appeal to journalists.”

Chloe Chai, Head of Marketing at BusinessNameGenerator

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