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What does our Amazon ads service involve?

Why Amazon?

Amazon is one of the biggest, most important ecommerce platforms on the web and its users are an in-market audience, meaning that most people browsing the site actively intend to make a purchase. What more could you ask for?

Since the platform often saves its users’ payment details, making a purchase via Amazon is usually quicker and easier than buying directly from your website. We have years of experience providing Amazon advertising services, which harness this incredible selling tool to benefit our clients’ bottom line.

Seller Central

To sell on Amazon, you’ll need to set up a Seller Central account. This multi-purpose platform allows you to manage your inventory, create and edit product listings and access Amazon marketing services.

Once you’re set up, there are two ways to sell on Amazon. The first route is to sell directly by choosing the merchant-fulfilled option and controlling order fulfillment yourself. 

The alternative is to use the Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) service. You ship your inventory to Amazon and, for a modest fee, they take care of storage, packing orders, and returns and refunds. The FBA service gets orders to your customers quickly and…opens the door to Amazon Prime, which is only becoming more and more popular.

Distinctly will have you selling on Amazon in no time. We help you set up and manage your Seller Central account, and we’ll build and write copy for your product listings. Our team can also support you when using FBA, helping you ship your inventory to Amazon and taking care of financial reconciliation. You won’t have a thing to worry about.

Amazon Brand Registry

Do you own the trademark for your brand? If you do, you can enroll in the Amazon Brand Registry Service. You’ll benefit from greater control over your Amazon product listings and gain access to Stores, A+ content, Sponsored Brand and Sponsored Display Ads. It’s well worth considering. Here’s why:

Amazon Store — Enables you to create a central branded store page. All your products are listed here and you can include information about your brand to help customers get to know you better. Shine a spotlight on particular products and highlight key features using video, images and copy. It’s all about presenting your best side to customers.

A+ content — This service is somewhat similar to Stores, letting you add flair to your product listings using additional content. This doesn’t have to be just copy – you can also get more creative with engaging videos, images and comparison charts.

Our team can provide you with the guidance and support you need to enroll for Brand Registry, set up your Amazon Store and add A+ content to your listings. Amazon marketing services in the UK don’t get more comprehensive than ours.

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Our Amazon advertising agency

When your Seller Central account is active and you’re selling on Amazon, you can start benefiting from Amazon’s mightily effective advertising services. This is where an agency like Distinctly, which specialises in Amazon PPC services, can really help you out.

PPC campaigns with Amazon increase the prominence of your products within search results, and in the ‘similar items’ section of other product listings. We can also run brand awareness campaigns on Amazon, to introduce you to your adoring public.

Sponsored products

This option allows you to create an ad for a particular product, which will appear in search results and in the ‘similar items’ section of other product listings. We can give these ads a helping hand by targeting specific keywords, product categories and product pages. Making ads relevant to customers is always the most effective way to sell.

Sponsored brand ads

It’s hard to miss these ads at the top of a search results page. They include a custom headline, your brand logo, and up to three of your products. They can also carry a maximum of four links: your logo links to your Store or chosen landing page, and the products link through to their individual listings. It adds up to plenty of opportunities to win people’s attention – and sales.

If you want something more dynamic, opt for Sponsored Brand video ads, which include a video ad about halfway down the search results page. Users will see it as they scroll through, and the ad will link directly to a product listing.

Sponsored display

If you’re looking to develop an Amazon-based brand awareness strategy, Sponsored Display ads are a great option. These ads, which link to product pages, appear both on Amazon and external websites. They market and remarket to users who are viewing or have viewed specific Amazon products.

On Amazon, Sponsored Display ads run below the ‘Add to Cart’ button on product pages. On Amazon search results pages, they appear next to or below the results. The ad’s appearance varies on third-party sites and apps, depending on the targeting method.

Our Amazon marketing process


We realise that marketing doesn’t start and end with Amazon. Everything we do for you on Amazon will align with your wider marketing mix. Product listing pages are the really key point of engagement between users and your brand, so we’ll craft engaging product listings to nudge customers towards buying your products, building upon these with A+ content and Stores.


We realise that marketing doesn’t start and end with Amazon. Everything we do for you on Amazon will align with your wider marketing mix. Product listing pages are the really key point of engagement between users and your brand, so we’ll craft engaging product listings to nudge customers towards buying your products, building upon these with A+ content and Stores.

Set-up and maintenance

From Seller Central to the Brand Registry Service and all its associated perks, we’ll configure your Amazon presence and optimise it for your target audiences. And we’ll keep everything up to date and looking great. Plus, our proactive approach means that we’ll be constantly responding to changes in an evolving marketplace, testing new products and adapting strategies to bring in the best results.

In-depth reporting

An important part of our Amazon ads service is keeping you in the loop on your ads’ performance, including the vital return on ad spend (RoAS). Detailed monthly reports outline shifts in your sales and engagement, showing which approaches have worked, which haven’t and lessons from the data coming in. We also constantly update action plans to keep figures moving in the right direction.

Which businesses can benefit from joining our Amazon advertising agency?

Using Amazon Ads is an open-goal opportunity for a business of any size to increase its visibility by taking centre stage on the world’s most famous ecommerce website. Taking a high-ranking spot in the search result for your product category on Amazon can be extremely difficult, especially if you’re up against some of the big hitting brands – but Amazon Ads means you can catch your customers’ attention in a way that feels unobtrusive and natural. 

Search results aren’t the only place to find success with Amazon Ads either – the ‘similar items’ section of competing product listings is another place where there are customers to be found – and a brand awareness campaign can also boost your overall visibility across the site.

The good news is that if you’re already engaged in PPC elsewhere, many of your existing strategies will apply to Amazon Ads, so there’s no need to reinvent the wheel in order to advertise effectively on the platform. It’s a straightforward and highly effective way to take your business further online.

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Frequently asked questions

Why should I sell on Amazon?

A marketplace with hundreds of millions of customers, a high degree of consumer trust and familiarity, and the ability to start selling fast without a new standalone website – why wouldn’t you sell on Amazon?

Should I use Amazon if I’m already on Google Shopping?

Yes, Amazon is an entirely separate ecosystem, where users can quickly find and purchase items, often using pre-saved card details and one-click buy options. Everyone likes convenience, so users are more likely to convert than on a new website where they need to fill out details.

Which locations is Amazon available in?

Amazon operates 17 online marketplaces (websites) worldwide, allowing you to expand your business internationally, regardless of your physical address. With Amazon, you can quickly grow your business in other countries, introducing your brand and products to millions of customers. 

Amazon operates these marketplaces: America (US, Canada, Mexico, Brazil), Europe (UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Turkey), Asia (Japan, India, Australia, Singapore), MENA (UAE, Saudi Arabia).

Why choose Distinctly as your Amazon Ads agency?

It’s a numbers game

We set measurable objectives tailored to your business and benchmark our efforts against them.

The bottom line

We’ve helped businesses across a wide range of sectors build a strong presence on Amazon and achieve substantial commercial success.

Experts in several fields

PPC specialists, linguists, SEO specialists, content producers and digital analysts…we’ve got every base covered.

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