Reactive Digital PR Agency Services

Maximise your expertise and insights to feature in the 24/7 news cycle, responding to trending stories with lightning speed giving your business a competitive advantage.


Why you need reactive digital PR agency services

  • You don’t have the time to comment on breaking news stories
  • You need to make your content go further
  • You don’t know how to pitch stories to the media that will generate links
  • You would like to gain more online visibility but you are not sure how
  • You don’t know how to facilitate crisis communications so you’ve avoided sharing your views with the media
You don’t have the time to comment on breaking news stories Open Tabbed Content

Need an agency to handle comments

One of the primary goals of digital PR is to elevate your status as an industry authority – both you and your businesses. We will work alongside you to bolster your online presence and brand reputation through our relationships with key media in your space. 

We monitor the news agenda so that we can rapidly respond to news stories relevant to your industry that are on the verge of breaking. News stories are often time-sensitive and have a short lifespan, so we make sure we are one step ahead by using search listening tools that will enable us a competitive advantage.

You need to make your content go further Open Tabbed Content

Getting your content out there

Do you regularly update your blog with new content? Do you have a weekly or monthly newsletter with key insights relevant to your target audience? Do you keep your audience updated with internal business updates on LinkedIn? If so, we can help. We can make your content work harder by putting your insights and updates in front of national and international audiences. 

We can promote existing content on your site and social media channels to earn coverage and links.

You don’t know how to pitch stories to the media that will generate links Open Tabbed Content

Proactively pitching stories to the media

A poorly written press release will either get lost among the noise or deleted. So, how do you go about sending a cold email that will grab the attention of your target? Our team of educated experts know all the right things to say that will make you and your business stand out from the crowd.

You would like to gain more online visibility but you are not sure how Open Tabbed Content

Gaining more visibility and links

Reactive PR is an effective strategy that can propel you and your business in front of a national and even global audience. Through this approach, we can raise your brand awareness, build credibility and position your business in front of your target audience.

You don’t know how to facilitate crisis communications so you’ve avoided sharing your views with the media Open Tabbed Content

Facilitating crisis communications

Businesses of all sizes spanning across a wide range of industries can experience a crisis. As specialists in the communications industry, it is our job to position you favourably in the media to boost you and your business’s reputation. We encourage you to make your voice heard, but, we will help with the positioning of this to ensure it aligns with the media landscape and current conversation.

Our Reactive Digital PR Services

Our knowledge of the media landscape means that we create topically relevant content, such as expert comments and thought leadership articles, in response to what’s going on in the news cycle. We provide strategic solutions for enhancing your brand’s online visibility while delivering tangible results. 

Expert commentary

Expert commentary is crucial for reactive PR as it provides credibility, insight, and context to journalists and readers on topics you are the expert in. It helps shape public perception and aids in cementing the ‘thought leader’ status within your industry.

Thought leadership

Thought leadership opportunities position a company as experts in their field while building credibility and helping to allow your brand to shape the narrative for the rest of the industry while establishing trust.

University link building

University link-building helps establish authority and trust. Being featured on high-authority sites such as University pages improves search engine rankings and drives organic traffic, ultimately boosting brand visibility and reputation.

Resource link building

Resource link building helps to show your target audience that you hold valuable knowledge and insights in the form of on-site assets while improving SEO, and driving traffic to your website. It also enhances brand visibility and authority in the industry.

Outreachable Content Audit

An Outreachable Content Audit allows our team to identify relevant content you already have on-site which could be used to engage with target audiences and utilised for further reactive opportunities. This approach ensures that reactive press releases and expert comments are turned around quickly and effectively. 

What our clients are saying

“Working closely with Distinctly, we saw noticeable improvements in our online presence and organic traffic. Our collaboration delivered solid results in a very short time.”

Adrian Clipotă, SEO Manager at Katana Cloud Manufacturing

“Distinctly bring the same professionalism to digital marketing as we do to garden wildlife. I’m an expert in my field and it’s a delight to find a company that uphold the same ethics and expertise in their own field.”

Sean McMenemy, Managing Director and Founder, Ark Wildlife

“Distinctly have worked creatively yet concisely to build and promote visibility of Vape Club as a leader within the vaping industry.”

Dan Marchant, founder and director of Vape Club

Digital PR case studies

Our Digital PR offerings

  • Data-led reactive campaigns
  • Link building
  • International Digital PR
Data-led reactive campaigns Open Tabbed Content

Data-led campaigns

Include various approaches like using ‘found’ datasets that are publicly available, creating our own authoritative datasets, sending Freedom of Information requests and analysing results and conducting surveys.

These campaigns are creative and unique, – they are authoritative stories that journalists love. We usually send out a press release that packages up the story, linking back to a full report on your website.

Link building Open Tabbed Content

Link building

Our strategies for generating links expand wider than just journalists and publications – our bread and butter is traditional link building. This includes: Converting existing brand mentions, utilising existing resources on your website and targeting competitors’ broken links. We can also create resources that we believe will be ‘linkable’ – this is a great strategy to drive high authority links from universities, and government websites.

International Digital PR Open Tabbed Content

International Digital PR

We can drive brand awareness and increased visibility in international markets, making your business known overseas. Our international Digital PR team create tailored strategies suitable to your target location that will maximise results. Gaining coverage in different markets will broaden your brand positioning and enable your business communications to break borders.

Our reactive PR process

Outreachable content audit

An audit of all existing content on site is conducted, analysing how ‘newsworthy’ each post is to earn coverage and links. We position this content from the experts internally who can comment or be quoted.

Outreachable content audit

An audit of all existing content on site is conducted, analysing how ‘newsworthy’ each post is to earn coverage and links. We position this content from the experts internally who can comment or be quoted.


With our in-depth knowledge of the media landscape and what journalists look for, we have a real cutting edge. Our experienced team has built up rapport with journalists and editors at all kinds of publications, from niche industry titles to big nationals. Effective communication and excellent content are key: we provide journalists with stories that sell themselves and they give our clients invaluable coverage.

Media liaison

Engaging with the media is a vital part of what we do. Luckily, we’re pretty darn good at it. Speaking to the right journalists and editors allows us to provide reactivity to our clients. And effective use of the best industry tools allows us to monitor opportunities for your business in real time, as well as making sure our campaigns are landing in the right places at the right time.

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Frequently asked questions about reactive digital PR

What is reactive PR?

Reactive PR is an ‘Always On’ approach to securing valuable links and coverage. Our team of experts will monitor the headlines in top-tier publications, local press and trade media, for breaking stories that your business could contribute to through insights, expert comments and data. 

By conducting an ‘Outreachable Content Audit’ that can be used all year round, we can respond to journalists with lightning speed to propel your business into the spotlight – whether that is to feature in the UK’s biggest household news titles, niche industry publications or local media.

Why is Reactive PR important?

The news cycle is accelerating. ‘Big’ news stories that would appear in the headlines days after originally breaking will now evolve over 24 hours. The story will come in and out of focus, alongside other headlines, or transform into a new story that vies for consumer attention. Reactive PR keeps pace with the news agenda so that you don’t have to. We provide journalists with timely insight, quickly, which enables us to put you and your business at the centre of each story as and when it evolves.

Would Reactive PR work for us?

In order for our experts to be able to build exceptional links and position you in the conversation, speed is vital. Working against the 24-hour news cycle, competition and tight journalist deadlines requires businesses, in some instances, to be nimble and responsive. Especially if journalists require additional comments, insights or data.

Our ‘Proactive Reactive’ approach means that we prepare the content we will promote in advance, or draft comments on your behalf for swift sign-off. However, now and again, journalists will ask for interviews and commentary at a moment’s notice. Being that all-important voice for the journalist increases our chances of success and ensures that journalists will think of us for their next story.

Why does Reactive PR work?

Journalists are looking for trusted and authoritative sources to validate their stories and to add further value to the reader. This is where you come in…

Journalists need information quickly and we are experts in being able to provide them with exactly what they need in order to write their story and make it ‘newsworthy’. 

By offering a unique point of view, or additional insight on a trending issue, regularly, we can represent you as a credible source of information for future opportunities. This will ensure your voice has a platform for the industry you work in.

Are links and coverage guaranteed?

As much as we would love to guarantee links and coverage, it isn’t possible as all coverage is earned rather than paid. Whilst this strategy may not always lead to immediate success, pitching your business and insights to journalists on a regular basis can open the door to future collaborations. Offering quotes and comments on a regular basis will ensure journalists remember you for future opportunities.

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