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About the Cheeky Munkey Digital PR case study

  • About the client and the brief
  • What we delivered
  • The results
About the client and the brief Open Tabbed Content

Cheeky Munkey is a specialist IT support company based in St Albans, Hertfordshire, with clients across London and the UK.

We were asked to help Cheeky Munkey break into the recruitment sector. This was a brand new area for them, and a highly competitive market which would require an innovative approach to making the company’s voice heard.

Without a background in recruitment, the best way for the Cheeky Munkey brand to reach the owners, directors and managers of recruitment companies was to generate eye-catching press coverage in top industry publications.

What we delivered Open Tabbed Content

Having compiled a list of target publications and considering the type of content they were likely to feature, we decided to commission a survey.

Surveys are a highly effective way of establishing authority and relevance in an industry by creating unique, linkable data that nobody has seen before – driving the news rather than following it.

This makes surveys useful not only as a link-building tactic but as a way to target content precisely to your audience, confident that they will engage with it. People are more likely to share, talk about and link to your content if it has a USP, and by definition a survey gives your brand a unique set of data that hasn’t been seen to anyone before, making it very linkable.
It takes time and research to generate the right idea for a survey – carefully chosen questions will deliver interesting and useful answers. Having fine-tuned the idea for the Millennials’ Recruitment and Interview Process Survey, we put our questions to Millennials from 107 companies via a platform called One Pulse.

We collated the results and produced an in-depth written analysis of our research which would be placed on Cheeky Munkey’s website. The most important parts were written into a press release which was then delivered to our target websites and publications.

The results Open Tabbed Content

Our survey experienced impressively widespread coverage, generating over 60 (and counting) links and coverage in top recruitment and HR publications, magazines and websites.

Among the highest-profile results were front page coverage on Recruiting Times and HR News. It’s this kind of top-tier coverage that best demonstrates what survey-based content can do – achieving the kind of exposure that would be worth thousands of pounds in advertising costs, simply by approaching them with something unusual.

Cheeky Munkey were so pleased with the results that they commissioned a second survey – The Over-35s in the Workplace Survey. We used the same methods to promote this and it has generated similar levels of exposure since its publication earlier this year.

The survey page on Cheeky Munkey’s website is not the only one to have seen traffic soar – they are now ranking #1 for their chosen target query by adding internal links to the service page they wanted to promote.

Quote From Client

“When marketing your brand it’s difficult to shine out amongst all the noise. That’s why we were happy to work with Distinctly to curate a series of sector led surveys. 

“This has not only massively boosted our SEO rankings in the recruitment sector but also enabled us to instigate warm introductions over social media channels. I also personally feel that it has elevated my “voice” and profile in the sector, which is now paying dividends in the approaches that I get for feedback and advice.”

Don Byrne, IT recruitment sector consultant

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