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Every ecommerce business wants to make more sales but without clear goals, it’s difficult to reach your audience. This is where we come in.


Why do you need an eCommerce SEO Agency?

  • Is poor site performance holding your eCommerce site back?
  • Is your eCommerce site letting mobile visitors down?
  • Is your checkout process clunky and causing a high abandonment rate?
  • Are your product listing pages (PLPs) not ranking for your core keywords?
  • Is poor site architecture affecting your conversion rate?
Is poor site performance holding your eCommerce site back? Open Tabbed Content

Poor site performance

Slow site speed, poor structure and outdated designs can all turn potential customers away. Poor site performance could be preventing those all-important sales, which is something every business wants to avoid. 

Both customers and search engines like to see a logically structured website, which is easy to navigate. We’ll make sure you have exactly that, boosting your popularity with Google and customers alike.

At Distinctly, we have experts in all areas of SEO. Our technical SEO team can explore any weaknesses in your site performance and suggest solutions – in plain English.

Is your eCommerce site letting mobile visitors down? Open Tabbed Content

Mobile visitors

With so many customers now shopping from their mobiles, convenience is key. So much so that over half of mobile users will abandon a website if it doesn’t load in seconds. So, for ecommerce businesses, a speedy mobile site is essential.

Our technical SEO team can ensure that your ecommerce mobile site is up to speed. Whilst our copy team and conversion rate specialists take the time to optimise your user experience, making it easy for users to make a purchase. Mobile will always be a key component of any ecommerce strategy.

Is your checkout process clunky and causing a high abandonment rate? Open Tabbed Content

The checkout process

There’s nothing worse than customers falling at the final hurdle due to a poor checkout process. Your website works hard to rank, attract customers and lead them to the checkout. Don’t let it stop working during the final moments!

Whether you create a bad customer experience by forcing users to create an account before making a purchase or you don’t accommodate different payment methods – there are plenty of things that can drive customers to abandon their baskets.

It’s so frustrating for businesses when customers get to the checkout and don’t actually buy. It frustrates us too, so we optimise your checkout process to stop conversions falling down at this last stage.

Are your product listing pages (PLPs) not ranking for your core keywords? Open Tabbed Content

Search intent

Each audience will have their own distinct sensibilities, habits and online behaviours. We spend time getting into their headspace, so we can understand how they search and what drives them to buy certain products.

Keywords also play a huge role in this popularity contest, so ongoing optimisation checks to improve keyword targeting and intent matching come as standard.

Our copywriters can refresh your product descriptions to integrate keywords that customers are searching for whilst communicating your brand message effectively. 

By fully understanding your customer’s search intent, we can build brand loyalty and help your product pages rank for those all-important keywords.

Is poor site architecture affecting your conversion rate? Open Tabbed Content

Poor site architecture

We have extensive experience with various CMS platforms – from WordPress and Shopify to Magento and Drupal, our SEO experts use a variety of content management systems on a daily basis.

Both customers and search engines like to see a logically structured website, which is easy to navigate. We’ll make sure you have exactly that, boosting your popularity with Google and customers alike. So, if you need to switch to a more ecommerce-focused CMS, we can make this happen.

Our eCommerce SEO Services

Our eCommerce SEO specialists focus on overcoming barriers to your online store’s visibility through utilising a range of analytical data on metrics such as user exit points, cart abandonment and many more. Thus, we can implement strategies to boost performance and drive tangible results and ROI.

Keyword research 

Our strategic approach towards keyword research involves a focus on targeting keywords across the funnel – particularly any commercial-intent keyword opportunities. We focus on the terms you want to rank for, leading to higher visibility, increased targeted organic traffic, and ultimately driving more revenue for your e-commerce business.

Structured data analysis

Search engines need clear and organised information about your products and services in order to rank within the product grids and improve your listings. Structured data analysis will help to achieve this, implementing subtle iterations across your site, leading to increased visibility.

Optimise key landing pages

Optimising key landing pages is crucial for improving SEO and driving more traffic to your e-commerce site. Through conducting heatmap analysis, we can identify how users interact with the page, and improve the positioning of your CTAs to increase visibility and attract more potential customers.

Internal linking strategy

An effective internal linking strategy can not only help improve site navigation for users, enhancing user experience, but also transfers internal link authority to your deeper converting pages. This allows your product pages to be easily found by both users and search engines, increasing visibility, traffic and revenue.

CRO audit

Providing a seamless user experience is paramount for a business looking to increase revenue, by driving purchases, increasing average order value and reducing bounce rates. CRO audits will identify those pain points and provide ways to continuously upsell, increasing conversions across the site.

What our clients are saying

“Distinctly have helped us to develop our website further with online retailing techniques and support. As a result, we have improved the look and feel, and simplified the customer journey.”

Kevin Newman, Head of Retail, Watford FC

“Two years ago, we weren’t really ranking for anything we wanted to be and now we are there or thereabouts for 99% of our target keywords, which is brilliant.”

Deborah Vine, COO at Karidis

“I would recommend Distinctly to all ecommerce companies wishing to improve their rankings, sales and achieve online success. The results achieved over the past few years really do speak for themselves.”

Ben Ford, eCommerce Manager at Wilkinson Sword

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Our eCommerce SEO offerings

  • One-off project
  • eCommerce SEO retainer
  • Digital Partner
One-off project Open Tabbed Content

One-off project

eCommerce SEO is not just SEO. Not only do you need to drive users to your website but you also need to take advantage of ProductListing schema, review platforms and streamlining the checkout process, giving your customers reassurance and confidence buying from you. We can review your eCommerce website’s SEO to ensure this is all done for you.

eCommerce SEO retainer Open Tabbed Content

eCommerce SEO retainer

If you really want to fasttrack your eCommerce success, we can work with you on a retained basis to help you get the most out of your online platform. From driving more users to your site, to optimising the user experience and conversion funnel to boost sales, we’ll be on hand to help take your eCommerce business to the next level.

Digital Partner Open Tabbed Content

Digital Partner

We can become your partner in all things online marketing including digital PR (link building), content and PPC – supporting your business and accelerating growth across multiple channels.

Our strategies collaborate to ensure ultimate efficiency. Our PR campaigns target key landing pages and ad spend is reduced when there’s strong organic performance. Get in touch today to see if a comprehensive digital partnership is the right option for you and your business.

Why choose Distinctly?

Extensive experience in the industry

At Distinctly, we have a track record of delivering for industry leading eCommerce websites including Wilkinson Sword and Vape Club.

Data-led recommendations

We use various platforms to analyse and recommend SEO actions that are going to provide the quickest and largest ROI.

eCommerce SEO specialists

SEO specialists, content producers, linguists, PR experts and digital analysts…we’ve got every base covered when it comes to eCommerce SEO.

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Our eCommerce SEO consultancy tailored to your CMS

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Frequently asked questions about eCommerce SEO

What does an eCommerce agency do?

An eCommerce SEO agency specialises in optimising websites for search engines to improve organic visibility and drive more targeted traffic to eCommerce platforms, with the ultimate aim to increase sales and revenue.

When do I need an eCommerce agency?

Is your site’s traffic stagnating or are you struggling to drive significant sales each month and don’t know what to do? Chances are you need a specialist eCommerce agency with experience in driving traffic and sales across a number of niches. Getting an eCommerce SEO agency onboard from the start is a surefire way of skyrocketing your online business.

Why is SEO important for ecommerce companies?

Quite simply, SEO makes you as visible as possible, opening up opportunities for expansion and greater market share. More eyes on you means more customers – and, crucially, more sales.

Which ecommerce CMS is best for SEO?

It all depends on your business and the scope of products you have on offer. WordPress and WooCommerce is a popular setup, with Shopify becoming more and more commonly used in the last couple of years. These are just some of the platforms we have experience working with, helping all kinds of clients to improve their digital presence.


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