Shopify SEO Services

This market-leading platform can be a powerhouse in the right hands. Unlock your potential and take your e-commerce store to the next level with our specialised Shopify SEO services.


Why choose Distinctly as your Shopify SEO agency?

  • Extensive experience in auditing and replatforming to Shopify stores
  • A dedicated Analytics team to unlock your Shopify audience and conversion insights
  • Expert advice on Shopify store set up and apps to make running your business easy
  • In-depth knowledge of SEO for Shopify and how to set you up for success
  • Our experienced Shopify SEO specialists will be able to guide you through the app store helping you choose the best integrations for your site
Extensive experience in auditing and replatforming to Shopify stores Open Tabbed Content

End-to-end migration support

When it comes to migrating websites to Shopify from their old CMS, we’ve seen it all. That’s why we’re well placed to help you make the switch in a way that protects your organic visibility, and sets you up for future success.

Shopify often uses unique website architecture that differs from other platforms, and knowledge of this is paramount for a smooth migration. This is why we put keyword research and redirect planning at the heart of our process, and work closely with your development team to ensure a seamless transition.

We don’t just stop there, either. Our expert team know all there is to know about setting up a Shopify store from scratch, and what apps and features will help take your e-commerce business to the moon, and beyond…

A dedicated Analytics team to unlock your Shopify audience and conversion insights Open Tabbed Content

Shopify Analytics

Our Shopify SEO agency offers unparalleled expertise in leveraging Shopify analytics to propel your e-commerce success to new heights. With a meticulous focus on data-driven strategies, we’ll uncover the patterns within your Shopify store’s performance reports, giving you the insights you need to make informed decisions.

Through our tailored approach, we not only interpret Shopify analytics but also translate them into actionable strategies. Whether it’s optimising product listings for better visibility or identifying cross-sell opportunities to boost AOV, our insights pave the way for tangible results.

Expert advice on Shopify store set up and apps to make running your business easy Open Tabbed Content

Shopify store set up & management

Whether you’re migrating to Shopify, or an existing site that wants to unlock their CMS, we’re on hand to guide you every step of the way. From initial setup to ongoing management, we provide comprehensive support tailored to your unique business needs.

Need an app to help you manage inventory across multiple locations? Not sure which Shopify plan you need to expand internationally? Unsure of how to set up your reporting dashboard to give you the best insights? Our team are experts in the Shopify ecosystem and now just how to set up your store in a way that helps you achieve your business goals.

In-depth knowledge of SEO for Shopify and how to set you up for success Open Tabbed Content

Shopify SEO best practice

Navigating SEO for Shopify comes with its own set of unique challenges and nuances. From optimising product pages to managing metadata and handling duplicate content issues, the intricacies of Shopify SEO require specialised expertise.

Whilst Shopify’s out of the box features can be great, they may often come at the expense of SEO best practice, so it is important you consult with a Shopify SEO expert before setting off down a path that could harm your organic visibility.

Thankfully, our team of experts have plenty of experience navigating the Shopify ecosystem and that coupled with decades of experience in SEO, mean that your website is in the best possible hands.

Our experienced Shopify SEO specialists will be able to guide you through the app store helping you choose the best integrations for your site Open Tabbed Content

Advice on Shopify integrations

Meticulous app selection is vital in controlling spiralling costs, ensuring smooth functionality and maximising sales. Selecting overly complex or unnecessary apps can clutter your website, impairing user experience and satifaction.

From determining the right search and filtering app to AI-powered checkout apps, our team will be able to guide you in the right direction ensuring that the apps you choose integrate with one another, maximising your website’s potential.

Furthermore, our team will provide you with inside knowledge of the best infrastructure whether that is email marketing software or which review platform to use.


What our clients are saying

“The work undertaken by Distinctly has been first class ever since we started. I would recommend Distinctly to all ecommerce companies.”

Ben Ford, eCommerce Manager at Wilkinson Sword

“Rob and Sam were so helpful with the Percival team. They were highly communicative and supportive, as well as completed the project on time to the required scope.”

Guljeet Samra, Chief Commercial Officer at Percival

“Everything Distinctly carried out was completed within the outlined timeframe, and they executed the GA4 work brilliantly”

Persephone Fitzpatrick, Marketing Manager at Great Northern Hotel

Our Shopify SEO Case Studies

Our Shopify SEO offerings

  • Short term Shopify SEO project
  • eCommerce SEO Retainer
  • Digital Partner
Short term Shopify SEO project Open Tabbed Content

Short term Shopify SEO project

Need specialised Shopify SEO consultants for a one-off audit or migration project? We’ll provide end-to-end support in line with Google and Shopify best practice, to ensure your site is set up for future e-commerce success.

We’ll be on hand to support with qualification, decision-making, project management and reporting, and will be in communication with you throughout, giving you complete transparency.

eCommerce SEO Retainer Open Tabbed Content

eCommerce monthly retainer

We’ll work closely with your team on a monthly basis to support your business goals and help you meet KPIs.

We can act as an extension of your marketing team, devising nuanced strategies to help you win in the eCommerce space by driving qualified traffic that converts.

Digital Partner Open Tabbed Content

Digital partner

At Distinctly, we are more than just a eCommerce agency. We’ve got experts on hand to help you with everything from SEO, to digital PR (link building), content and paid media – supporting your business and boosting your performance across all channels.

We don’t work in silos either. We believe collaboration is the key to success, and you can be sure that all our channels are synced up and working in tandem.  Our PR campaigns target key landing pages and ad spend is reduced when there’s strong organic performance, making sure your budget is always being used in the best areas. Get in touch today to see how our full-service digital partnership can transform your business.

Our Shopify SEO services

Set up & Consultancy

Shopify is a powerful tool, but also a confusing one to those who don’t work with it every day. Thankfully, our team of experts do. We’ll be on hand to guide you through setting up your store in a way that allows you to meet your business goals, and in a way that provides a flexible and modern UX for your users.

Shopify Migration Support

Consulting an SEO during a website migration is crucial regardless of CMS, but is particularly critical for Shopify. Our team have plenty of experience migrating stores of all shapes and sizes to Shopify, so you can rest easy knowing you’re in good hands.

eCommerce SEO

eCommerce SEO is our bread and butter. We’ll take your site, evaluate your current performance, put together a nuanced strategy and have you ranking for your priority, converting keywords in no time. Don’t just take our word for it, see our case studies.

Conversion rate audit

CRO is a vital piece of the puzzle in the world of eCommerce. Our CRO team is well-versed in Shopify and Google Analytics and also use a range of third-party tools to help understand your on-site user behaviour. They also work within the parameters of your Shopify set up to allow you to get the most out this powerful platform. See more here.

International eCommerce

Our technical SEO consultants will qualify your international potential and put together international SEO strategies to help your business target new markets and languages, allowing you to connect with potential customers across the world. See here for more information.

Speak to a Shopify SEO specialist

Frequently asked questions about Shopify SEO

What are the advantages of choosing Shopify over WordPress for SEO?

While WordPress is a versatile platform with strong SEO capabilities, Shopify offers several advantages in terms of SEO that give it an edge over WordPress.

  1. Built-in SEO Features: Shopify comes with essential SEO features out of the box, such as customisable meta titles, meta descriptions, and URL structures for products, collections, and pages. While WordPress requires plugins for similar functionality, Shopify provides these features by default, streamlining the optimisation process.
  2. Hosting: Shopify is a fully hosted platform, meaning it manages hosting infrastructure and server performance. This can result in faster loading times and better uptime compared to self-hosted WordPress sites, which may suffer from performance issues depending on hosting providers and configurations.
  3. Ecosystem and Support: Shopify offers a dedicated support team and extensive documentation to help users with SEO-related questions and issues. Additionally, the Shopify ecosystem includes a wide range of SEO apps and integrations tailored specifically for e-commerce stores, providing additional resources and support for SEO optimisation.
Are Shopify websites slow?

Shopify websites can vary in speed depending on various factors such as the theme used, the number and type of apps installed, the size and optimisation of images and other media, and the overall design and configuration of the website.

However, with proper optimisation techniques such as image compression, code minification, app auditing, and caching, Shopify websites can achieve fast loading times comparable to other platforms. It ultimately comes down to how well the website is designed, configured, and optimised for performance.


I want to expand internationally, is Shopify a good platform to choose?

Shopify can be a great platform to choose for SEO if you’re selling products overseas for these 3 reasons:

Shopify offers built-in multi-currency functionality, allowing you to sell in multiple currencies and cater to international customers. This enhances the user experience and can improve conversion rates for visitors from different countries.

Shopify allows you to implement hreflang tags, which signal to search engines the language and regional targeting of your content. Proper implementation of hreflang tags helps search engines serve the most relevant version of your content to users in different countries, avoiding duplicate content issues and improving SEO.

Shopify’s shipping and tax settings can be customised based on location, allowing you to provide accurate shipping rates and taxes for international orders. This improves the user experience and reduces cart abandonment, which can indirectly impact your SEO performance.

What are the common SEO pitfalls on Shopify websites?

Shopify often generates duplicate content through product variants, categories, and pagination, which can dilute your SEO efforts and lead to lower rankings.

To prevent these issues, you need to ensure that you’re only internally linking to one version across your website and that you’ve correctly set up canonicals.

We can see examples of this with enhanced product descriptions in the search results, including information on delivery, in-stock availability and more.


Is Shopify good for content marketing?

Whilst Shopify does have features that can support content marketing efforts like blog integration, content managment and integrations, it is primarily known as an e-commerce platform.

If you wish to have the best of both worlds,, we suggest building out a custom template for your blog. This way, you can try and combat issues like authorship profiles, URL structure and customisation that are hugely important for SEO.


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