SEO Consultancy Services

From strategy to a sounding board, we offer tailored SEO consultancy to suit your needs

What does our SEO consultancy service involve?


There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach to SEO. Our SEO consultancy services are no different.

The very first action we take is passive: we just listen. We listen to your story. What’s your business? What’s your position in your market? What do you need to help you grow? What SEO activity have you undertaken so far?

We’ve supported countless businesses with their digital requirements, enhancing their organic presence and visibility. Once we’ve heard all about you, we’ll put together a plan detailing how we can support you.


We’ll start our fact-finding with an overview of your website, to establish what we can do to improve it and where you stand versus your online and real-world competitors.

There are four pillars to SEO: technical SEO, on-page optimisation, content and links. We are highly skilled and practised in all four, covering each of those disciplines available to you. So we’ll make recommendations around your site’s issues and how we can fix them.

Planning your SEO strategy

Once we have the relevant information from you and your website, plans can be made.

We’ll establish our working relationship with you. Are we filling an SEO consultant-shaped gap in your business? Do you need top-level strategy and guidance? Or would you like us to get really hands-on with delivering improvements?

It could be something as quick as a weekly strategy meeting to sense-check your SEO and get some objective feedback on your ideas. At the other end of the scale, we can provide complete SEO support over 20 days per month.

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Our SEO consultancy services

SWOT audits and competitor landscape analysis 

SWOT analysis has been around for decades, but it’s an immensely useful exercise to undertake. You may know where you stand as a business, but the online world is usually quite different. You don’t always compete with real-world rivals online, so online analysis is vital.

What are your strengths and weaknesses as a website, versus online competitors targeting the same keywords and queries? 

Where do the opportunities lie? This is where keyword research comes in.

And what threats are you facing? For example, has a competitor just migrated to a more SEO-friendly CMS? Has a rival started prioritising SEO for the first time? Has a highly authoritative publication started putting out content aimed at your audience, targeting the same queries as you? If so, reactive and proactive plans need to be put in place.

Competitor research and analysis identifies what rivals are doing well, what lessons there are for us and how we can emulate their successful strategies. We take a close look at the sites ranking at the top of the results pages for our target queries. Google clearly likes what it sees from those sites to rank them highly, so why is this and what can we learn? 

Sometimes, SEO can be as simple as examining what’s working for your competitors and the sites ranking well and working back from this.

Content audits and support

This is all about making sure you’re getting the most from your website – and recommending which extra content could improve your SEO profile. For instance, what search terms are your competitors ranking for that you aren’t, and how can you muscle in on their market share? Or are you already ranking, but just not high enough up to bring in the traffic you need? 

The niche you operate in will determine how much expertise, authority and trust your content needs to show to Google. Organisations in sectors that can impact health, wealth and livelihoods – termed Your Money or Your Life (YMYL) – come under much greater scrutiny. If this is you, your content will have to be industry-leading, infallibly accurate and full of expertise to rank well.

No matter how you’re currently ranking, we’ll put detailed recommendations together to achieve one goal: to make your content work for you and attract more traffic. We can then produce the required high-quality content for you, or, if you prefer, provide your team of writers with strategies and frameworks.

Migration consultancy and support

There are a multitude of reasons why businesses choose to migrate their websites: from rebrands to redesigns, from CMS changes to updating site architecture and structures. 

We find that most of our clients appreciate how complex migrations are and understand the risks of losing organic visibility if they’re not handled as Google likes. However, realising this and managing a migration are two different things. This is where our expertise comes in…

We can mitigate the risks involved (we have seen cases of sites taking years to recover from poorly executed migrations) and make sure that when Google sees the changes for the first time, it likes what it finds.

The other huge benefit of us managing the migration is that we actually open up new opportunities for digital growth. We can uncover ways for you to rank higher and for more terms than you did before. So it’s no surprise that site migrations are one of our most popular services.

Technical SEO

Without a robust technical base, a website can never achieve strong organic rankings. Google insists upon sites being logically structured, well maintained, accessible, easy for them to index and quick to load.

Our technical audits will reveal where your site has problems and then our team can carry the necessary remedial work. Or we can pass the recommendations on to your team, lending support and providing feedback as required. Having accumulated vast technical SEO experience, there’s probably not a situation our team haven’t seen before.

Link profile work

Links from reputable sites are crucial to establishing site authority and enhancing your digital standing.

If your backlink profile contains links that are (or at least appear) paid-for, or originate from sites that aren’t genuine or legitimate, Google can penalise you. A backlink profile with a suspiciously high keyword-rich anchor text ratio would also raise red flags for us and probably for Google, too.

Keyword-driven anchor text links are strong ranking signals and are valued very highly. Naturally built keyword-rich anchor text links can have a really positive impact on ranking performance and visibility. Unnaturally built links can have a negative impact.

If there’s a correlation between poor keyword ranking performance and instances of potentially suspect links using the same target keywords in their anchor texts, we highlight these and often recommend disavowing them. It’s surprising how much of this we encounter, which is why we always look out for it.

And if links from more respectable sites are what you need, we’re here for that as well. In fact, we have a whole digital PR and link building team to build links for you. From top national news websites to uber-relevant industry sites, they excel at securing valuable links.

Our SEO consultancy process

Discovery, alignment and planning

We offer a wide range of SEO consultancy services, but not many clients need the whole package. First of all, we take time to understand your business and what you require from us. Then we’ll put some strategies and plans onto paper and gain a consensus to move forward with. We make sure you’re completely happy with the services we’ll be providing, and the timescales involved.

Discovery, alignment and planning

We offer a wide range of SEO consultancy services, but not many clients need the whole package. First of all, we take time to understand your business and what you require from us. Then we’ll put some strategies and plans onto paper and gain a consensus to move forward with. We make sure you’re completely happy with the services we’ll be providing, and the timescales involved.

Suport, support, support

We’re nothing if not flexible: we’ll give you as much or as little contact as you want. We deal with businesses of all sizes, so our SEO consultancy takes many forms. Some clients need us to create an overarching strategy, which they’ll then implement, while others want us taking care of every detail and SEO-related action. The important thing is this: we have a real variety of SEO skills and customise our services to suit you.

Evaluation and re-strategy: an ongoing cycle

What can be improved? What have we learned? Where are the next opportunities to explore? These are all questions that we never stop asking. Yes, we believe in constant development and learning, realising we can always do something better for our clients. But it’s also being utterly transparent and working openly with clients so they get more from us.

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Frequently asked questions about our SEO consultancy services

What kind of consultancy work does Distinctly do?

From small teams looking for SEO guidance and strategy to large teams looking for support in a specific area, you can call on us.

We know in-housing is time-consuming and somewhat of a risk, while completely outsourcing can be expensive. Our consultancy services serve as a halfway house: your strategy and our delivery, or our strategy and your delivery. Both sound great to us.

We can be as hands-on or off as required.

How much do you charge for consultancy?

Like everything in SEO, ‘it depends’. Why not get in touch and let us know exactly what you’re looking for? From there, we can put a proposal together.

Do you outsource any of your work?

We have specialised teams in house, covering all four SEO pillars, so outsourcing isn’t something we need to do. Our people are immensely capable, hard-working and, vitally, committed to ongoing development. We stay up to date with best practice and digital trends – to your benefit.

Why choose Distinctly as your SEO consultancy?

It’s a numbers game

We set measurable objectives tailored to your business and benchmark our efforts against them.

The bottom line

We’ve helped businesses from various sectors to achieve substantial commercial success.

Experts in several fields

SEO strategists, technical SEOs, on-page SEOs, content producers and digital analysts…it’s all hands on deck.

A diagram with three connection points, captions read: Data lead approach, Team expertise, Commercial success

More than just SEO consultancy