658% increase in conversions cements search strategy success

increase in organic traffic

PPC conversion rate YOY increase

decrease in cost per acquisition

About the Fonthill Care case study

  • About the client and the brief
  • What we delivered
  • The results
About the client and the brief Open Tabbed Content

Fonthill Care provides a family-owned and family-run purpose built care home in St Albans, Hertfordshire. It offers outstanding care services including palliative care, short and long term care, and care in the home.

Fonthill Care approached Distinctly in 2018 to improve the optimisation of their website and increase conversions from Google advertising. They sought to reach potential new residents or their families, whilst also promoting the wide range of care and senior living services they offered.

In December 2021, as a consequence of the pandemic, and the knock-on effect on staffing of Brexit and Covid vaccine regulations, Fonthill switched their main focus to the recruitment side of the business.

They wished to maintain a steady flow of new business enquiries whilst also ensuring job roles were filled in an extremely competitive marketplace. With staff recruitment taking priority, paid media needed to focus on specific recruitment campaigns with the website optimised accordingly.

What we delivered Open Tabbed Content

We implemented technical SEO improvements to enable full visibility for the Fonthill Care website, and delivered keyword research for all of their core services to ensure all priority pages were fully optimised and met the intent of their target market.

Google Ad campaigns were restructured to increase advert relevancy and quality scores, and produced increased conversions and lower costs per lead. With the technical foundations duly corrected, we continued to address gaps in site content, where further improvements could be made.

When the focus switched to recruitment, we implemented:

  • structured data (schema markup) across all job postings
  • created a blog content strategy around careers in care topics, using search-led titles backed by search volume data
  • revised conversion goals were revised
  • reconfigured PPC campaigns for more precise targeting
  • implemented a new negative keyword list and content refresh

The results Open Tabbed Content

Since the beginning of our relationship with Fonthill, we have developed and implemented an organic and paid search strategy to engage and convert future residents and care staff.

Raised visibility and brand awareness has helped to communicate the key messages of quality care and trust to Fonthill’s current and prospective target audiences. This has led to an increase in lead enquiries and contributed to improved occupancy rates.

In addition, value-added content has positioned Fonthill as a care and senior living leader within its locality, and helped website visitors to make informed purchasing decisions about their services.

Since the emphasis has centred on the recruitment of staff, we have achieved:

  • 74% increase in organic traffic for job pages.
  • 17% increase in all traffic landing on job pages from search/ads
  • 658% increase in PPC conversion rate YOY
  • 80% decrease in cost per acquisition

We continue to reoptimise the site as needed, and improve ad relevance to deliver continued return on investment successes for our client.

Quote From Client

“Having delivered premium paid media and SEO services to Fonthill for over three years, Distinctly quickly and efficiently steered our search marketing focus onto recruitment. The results have further increased our visibility and achieved an excellent return on our investment.

“Distinctly really understand the care home sector, and how digital marketing can support some of the challenges and complexities we face. Their targeted strategies really deliver on our goals for increased enquiries and high-quality job applicants.”

Nathan Tomkinson, Director, Fonthill Care

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