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About the CP Cases Digital PR case study

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  • What we delivered
  • The results
About the client and the brief Open Tabbed Content

CP Cases is a specialist custom case manufacturer that has over 50 years experience and offers the broadest range of products across many sectors.

CP Cases started working with Distinctly for digital PR to improve brand awareness and gain authoritative links in relevant industry publications in their target niches; broadcast, defence and manufacturing.

In order to deliver this, our team set out to position relevant CP Cases experts as thought leaders in relevant and timely byline articles.


What we delivered Open Tabbed Content

Before embarking on CP Cases’ digital PR journey we set out to identify spokespeople for their target sectors and their ‘dream’ publications. Then we identified trending industry topics that are relevant to current events, with sustainability being a key theme CP Cases wanted to focus on.


Brian Allen, Head of Product Design & Development, was identified as the thought leader for broadcast industry articles.

The article “How robotics is transforming outdoor broadcasting of sporting events” achieved seven pieces of coverage, with an average domain rating of 43, in top broadcast industry publications, including their dream publication ‘InBroadcast’.

This article also led to CP Cases being invited to two industry events, NAB (The National Association of Broadcasters) and the IBC Show (International Broadcasting Convention) with Brian Allen as a guest speaker.


Peter Ross, founder and managing director of CP Cases, was identified as the thought leader for manufacturing industry articles.

The article “Meeting net zero: how the manufacturing industry can help” generated 18 pieces of coverage, 17 of which linked back to the CP Cases website, in respected industry publications including their ‘dream publication’ The Manufacturer.

This article also opened up new business opportunities for CP Cases.


Karem Akoul – Project Manager at CP Cases, was identified as the thought leader for defence industry articles.

The article “Marching towards a greener future: how the defence sector can become more sustainable” resulted in six pieces of coverage, with an average domain rating of 53, across a range of industry and international publications including EuroNews and Yahoo!

This article has also generated inbound opportunities for further future thought leadership articles in the defence sector.

The results Open Tabbed Content

Six months of active linkbuilding and just three thought leadership articles later, the Distinctly team has generated 32 pieces of coverage and links from international and industry publications.

CP Cases has been successfully positioned as thought leaders in their fields. Not only is this demonstrated through the coverage of the byline articles, but also being invited as guest speakers to industry events, generating new business and building inbound thought leader article opportunities.

Quote From Client

“We’re thrilled to see the success of our Digital PR thought leadership articles span over 3 different industries. It’s been a rewarding experience to contribute insights to the broadcast, manufacturing, and defence sectors with the help of Distinctly. These articles have not only provided valuable perspectives to the industry but have also opened up new opportunities for collaboration and engagement. We’re excited about the positive impact our content has had and look forward to furthering the conversation on these critical topics.”

Laura Poole, Head of Marketing Communications at CP Cases

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