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Online trading has made crossing borders and international waters a feasible prospect for an ever-growing number of UK businesses. In order for your business to trade abroad, your website needs to cater for either multiple currencies or multiple languages.

Why is international SEO important?

Every country has its own domain, such as, .fr, .it and .ie. Even if your site performs well in the UK, it does not mean it will do so in other countries. International SEO is a specialist technical practice that ensures your website is correctly configured and meets search requirements across all relevant territories.

Your website stands a better chance of ranking well in a chosen territory if you create regionally targeted versions of the site. However, this can present a host of SEO challenges. Multiple bespoke pages intended for different countries will cause duplicate content issues if not managed correctly, so it’s extremely important that your international website is meticulously optimised for international SEO.

Why use a specialist international SEO agency?

While international SEO uncovers a number of opportunities, it also comes with a greater number of challenges. The practice is one of the most complex areas of technical SEO and specialist experience is essential to get it right.

From a technical point of view, the mark-up needs to be exact and perfectly executed. From a content point of view, the scope broadens and multiple streams of copy need to be meticulously managed.

An international SEO campaign needs to translate both on-page and off-page. Our bespoke outreach campaigns are purpose built to cross waters, appeal to international demographics and work across multiple territories.

Our international SEO process

Here at Distinctly we work with many clients who have an international focus and as such we have the necessary experience to ensure your overseas venture has every chance of achieving success in the digital sphere.

Alongside our standard SEO elements, our international services include:

  • Hreflang auditing and page-by-page recommendations
  • Content strategies tailored to each territory
  • International outreach and link building
  • Copywriting and asset production
  • Territory-specific data and insights

Additionally, our data specialists generate robust reports and produce territory specific insight to both support the optimisation process and demonstrate the global impact of a successful SEO campaign.

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