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What does our international SEO service involve?

Discovery and planning 

Operating in foreign markets requires a great deal of investigation and analysis. We conduct thorough audience and market research, and pay particular attention to how your website might perform in your target territory.

But before we do any of this, it’s vital to unearth any underlying issues that could be hindering your organic visibility. Websites are sometimes held back by seemingly minor problems that have remained hidden for years – we don’t let this happen. Our technical SEO specialists will shine a light on any issues and create clear plans of action to remedy them and push your business up those search rankings.

Throughout our time working with you, we’ll follow a truly collaborative approach, staying in constant communication with your development team. We need to make absolutely sure that you’re moving towards achieving the objectives behind your international expansion. 


All of our technical recommendations are geared towards your international objectives, whether this is tapping into a new audience or wanting to promote your services or products internationally. It’s crucial that we’re on the same page, every step of the way.

We go as far as customising our work to fit your CMS, which simplifies and speeds up implementing our recommendations. That way, we can see meaningful change sooner.

Every recommendation we make will help your business ‘move the needle’, improving your digital performance in a very real way.

Organic global growth

We don’t settle. Instead, we measure progress to see where our international SEO efforts are working – and where they could be working harder.

Our regular debriefs will highlight the big wins and opportunities for growth on a global scale. You’ll be able to see exactly where technical recommendations have made a difference. 

More to create a picture of your sector than to satisfy your curiosity, we prepare detailed reports on global competitor benchmarking. See how your rivals are doing, and set your sights on those ranking above you.

Our most recent digital marketing work

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Our international SEO services

Whether you want to know a little (or a lot more) about your target market, or you need to raise your online visibility in new territories, you’ve come to the right place.

Localised audience research

We spend time analysing and reanalysing local audiences, understanding all the quirks and special requirements behind localised search.

After all, nuanced keyword research is vital to any international SEO campaign. Yours will be enhanced by our network of linguists, who really know the languages we’re dealing with. We’re a multilingual SEO agency, giving us an important edge in understanding how different languages are used in everyday situations – and how to speak them online.

International SEO audits

We need to see what we’re dealing with before we start moving things around. A thorough review will help us gain a good understanding of your organisation’s global setup.

And this next part is crucial: we make sure your international pages are indexed in the countries you’re focusing on. If they’re not, your pages won’t be reaching the people you want them to be. Geotargeting plays a huge role in attracting the right audience and guess what…we’ll help you out with that as well.

International link building

Native links are a vital cog in your global visibility. It’s all about building up authority and reputation in your new market.

Our talented digital PR team will create campaigns tailored to the countries you’re targeting, bearing in mind language, culture and local sensibilities.

Research and international landscape analysis

Don’t go rushing blindly into new territories: ideally, you need to really understand the marketplace you’re stepping into before you commit to a new location. As your international SEO consultant agency, it’s our job to carry out the due diligence.

We’ll deliver in-depth market research on how your website might perform in specific regions. Then you can boldly go ahead, confident that you’re showing the world your best side.

Our international SEO strategy

Understanding your overseas market

People are different everywhere. So the way they behave online is different as well. We review audience behaviours, mapping out the competitive landscape and the spaces your business can grow into. The findings go into clear but comprehensive reports that won’t blind you with SEO science. And we’ll take you through your reports, equipping you with a perfect picture of the market.

Understanding your overseas market

People are different everywhere. So the way they behave online is different as well. We review audience behaviours, mapping out the competitive landscape and the spaces your business can grow into. The findings go into clear but comprehensive reports that won’t blind you with SEO science. And we’ll take you through your reports, equipping you with a perfect picture of the market.

International keyword targeting

Got some keyword groups in mind? Fantastic – we’ll line our efforts up with those keywords and augment them with our own analysis. Good old keyword research will uncover niches for you to fill and opportunities to grab. This process will also outline new areas you can expand into, which could influence your international site structure.

Correct global technical setup

We ensure your website adheres to international SEO best practice, making certain everything is just-so from a technical point of view. Thorough audits will show up any issues that could hinder your international visibility – and then we’ll shift those roadblocks to give you the best chance of digital success.

Why conduct international research before expanding globally?

Just as with any big business decision, it’s a wise move to examine the pros and cons of moving into a new territory – before you dive in. We’ll detail them all for you, using the findings of our meticulously crafted reports to help you weigh up the risks and rewards.

Part of this will involve mapping out the competitive landscape in your targeted territory, identifying potential hurdles and evaluating how achievable your goals are. All in all, our research will allow you to make a truly informed decision on your international plans.

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What our international SEO agency will assist with

Whether you’re doing business in Italy or India, each country is different, and so is its SEO environment. Language and culture are just the start.

Successful international SEO isn’t about just translating what works in your existing territory. It’s about integrating your site into a completely different environment where not all the same SEO rules apply – and attention to detail makes all the difference. 

Optimising a website for international users means taking the time to use their language correctly, as well as making allowances for different currencies and time zones. The layout and colour scheme of your current website might also be unattractive or even insensitive to users in the country that you’re targeting.

We’ll help you get to grips with the differences and unique online behaviours in the place where you’re pitching your digital flag. A shiny new strategy for the overseas territory will put you on the front foot.

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Frequently asked questions about international SEO

Is Hreflang essential for international SEO?

Hreflang should only be deployed if you have duplicate or very similar content on multiple international websites. Hreflang acts as a signal and helps Google understand which pages should be indexed in a specific country.

Why is localisation important for international SEO?

Undertaking localised keyword research will help you better understand your international audience. Online behaviours change from country to country, so it’s important you don’t adopt a catch-all method.

Which URL structures are best for international sites?

The specific URL structure you should use depends on the type of website and the size of its consumer base, but a ccTLD (country code top-level domain) such as gives you the most flexibility to fully optimise the website for its target market. You might also choose to use a subdomain ( or a subdirectory (

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