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Why choose Distinctly as your healthcare digital marketing agency?

  • Grow your new client acquisition with a targeted digital strategy
  • Increase your visibility and leads organically with a healthcare SEO specialist
  • Showcase your expertise and experience with engaging content that resonates with your audience
  • Inform and educate through digital PR campaigns
  • Reach out to those most needing help on the largest platforms in the world
Grow your new client acquisition with a targeted digital strategy Open Tabbed Content

Digital growth

Whether you’re a local healthcare business or a national provider, online is where your audience is and where you need to be.

Our specialist teams of SEO, content, paid media and digital PR specialists have years of experience crafting effective strategies for healthcare clients that generate qualified leads.

Often, in the healthcare space, the ‘offline’ positioning and reputation that a brand has doesn’t translate to online. This means that your online market share isn’t enough to grow your business substantially and your potential customers are looking for services you offer but aren’t finding you.

As a specialist healthcare agency we’ll be able to find gaps in the market for short term wins, while identifying long-term growth opportunities.


Increase your visibility and leads organically with a healthcare SEO specialist Open Tabbed Content


Long-term growth in the digital healthcare space is often found through SEO. Building a strong base of returning customers and brand advocates takes time, but through our targeted SEO strategies this is exactly how we’ve been able to deliver huge results for our clients.

By ensuring that your website is technically sound, well optimised and targeting the search terms that are going to drive you qualified leads we can deliver a strong return on your investment and secure sustainable growth for your business.

Showcase your expertise and experience with engaging content that resonates with your audience Open Tabbed Content


Your users (and Google) value factually correct and engaging content. This is true in a number of industries, but none more so than healthcare.

Being able to give users the information they need, in a factual way, but still being compelling and navigating them through to converting is challenging to say the least. But our team has refined this skill over years of working closely with healthcare brands.

By showcasing your expertise, experience, authority and trust (E-E-A-T) in the eyes of users and search engines we can build your brand online and ensure that you’re able to rank in competitive spaces.

Inform and educate through digital PR campaigns Open Tabbed Content

Digital PR

Staying informed is essential when it comes to the healthcare industry, and experts within this field hold invaluable knowledge that can benefit the general public.

Through digital PR campaigns that leverage your expertise, we aim to position you, and experts within your business, as thought leaders. Whether that’s discussing advancements in healthcare, healthcare policies, or a variety of advice around patient care, we tailor our approach to amplify your expertise by utilising expert quotes and commentary.

By targeting reputable and relevant sites, we’re able to not only establish trust with your audience but also signal to Google that your insights are authoritative and reliable; boosting your visibility and rankings, while making your advice accessible to those who need it. 

Reach out to those most needing help on the largest platforms in the world Open Tabbed Content

Paid media

Be informative and helpful with meaningful ads and sensitive targeting. We’re aware that the sector can be highly competitive, but by putting customers first, and accurately highlighting the services offered, paid marketing can benefit all parties.

We’re also mindful of the limitations of the sector, including regulations that can vary by location, audiences targeted, and wording of assets. We’ll work to get your message across in a safe, informative and, most importantly, useful way.

Our healthcare digital services

Audience research

Understanding your audience and what resonates with them is a priority when trying to grow your new customer acquisition online.

Our audience research underpins everything that we do. Once we know what your potential customers are searching for we can identify short, mid and long term strategies to place your brand in front of as many prospects as possible.

Understanding which pain points & challenges your audience are searching for solutions to allows us to target them with highly specific content and placing your products or services in front of them when they need it the most.

Competitor Research

By understanding what your competition is doing well (and not so well) we can identify where they’re investing their budget and where their SEO & paid media activity is focused.

With this, we can identify the most profitable avenues for your digital strategy as well as finding the lower competition quicker wins.

Our analysis will uncover keyword rankings, traffic estimations, page design & UX opportunities, backlink gaps, content gaps and paid media reviews.

Earn Backlinks & Coverage

Capitalising on trending topics or changes in the healthcare industry allows us to secure quality & authoritative backlinks to the pages that are ranking for keywords that matter the most to you.

This means that we build a direct connection from our digital PR activity and the level of new business generated through your website.

Content that Converts

Our content places your brand in front of your target audience when they’re looking for your products or services. Whether that’s a service page or a targeted blog article.

Capturing your users’ attention and using enticing messaging to navigate them through to an enquiry is the key to generating leads through SEO & content. 

We test & measure our content and messaging to make sure that as consumer behaviours change, so do we.

Bespoke Reporting and Analytics

Reporting is at the heart of everything we do at Distinctly. Helping you and your team understand the value of digital and the return on your investment is key.

Our bespoke reporting is flexible to your needs and is a centralised platform to showcase your performance improvements across organic & paid channels.

What our clients are saying

“The results achieved so far have been great, with highlights including features in Men’s Health, Glamour UK and Cosmopolitan UK.”

Ram Gohil, Head of SEO at UK Meds

“Two years ago, we weren’t really ranking for anything we wanted to be and now we are there or thereabouts for 99% of our target keywords, which is brilliant.”

Deborah Vine, Chief Operating Officer, Karidis

“Distinctly are an absolute pleasure to work with, not only have they helped us grow our organic sales and reach, they have helped optimise our site and increase our credibility.”

Terry Sullivan, Managing Director of Pharmasure

“They go above and beyond and are a very knowledgeable team, who are always clear in their communications. We highly recommend them.”

Marketing Communications, The Fremantle Trust

Our healthcare case studies

Our healthcare offerings

  • Short term project
  • Single or multi-channel retainer
  • Digital Partner
Short term project Open Tabbed Content

Short term project

If you’re in need of digital support for a one-off project, we can work with you to understand what your goals are and outline project timelines and a project strategy to meet your KPI targets.

Whether it’s a website migration, site content refresh, digital PR campaign or a paid media audit – our team of specialists will work with you for the duration of the project to make sure that our work aligns with your wider marketing plans.

All projects begin with an onboarding and briefing call with regular status updates throughout the duration of your time working with us.

Single or multi-channel retainer Open Tabbed Content

Single or Multi-channel Retainer

Are you looking for long-term growth? Our most popular choice for healthcare companies is an ongoing retainer. This can be across one channel (i.e. SEO) or a combination of channels.

An ongoing retainer allows us to implement bigger and better strategies across your chosen channels and is best suited for brands looking for a higher ROI.

Not sure which channel is going to get you the best return for your budget? Book a discovery call with our team and we can help you understand where the biggest opportunities are for your website.

Digital Partner Open Tabbed Content

Digital partner

As your digital partner we will work across all channels: SEO, content, digital PR and paid media.

We’ll combine these channels in the most effective way possible to achieve the highest level of growth for your brand.

You’ll have a dedicated account manager from each channel, with a team of specialists working with you day in and day out.

Want to find out more? Book a discovery call below and a member of our team will be in touch to find out more about your goals, current activity and outline how the team at Distinctly can help you meet your ROI goals.

Our healthcare consultancy tailored to your CMS

Awards & Nominations

Speak to a healthcare marketing specialist

Frequently asked questions about healthcare digital marketing

Can you recommend which channels to use to help my healthcare company grow online?

During our discovery call our team will understand your brand, your goals, your current marketing activity and will be able to propose a single or cross-channel approach that best fits your needs.

Why should I choose a healthcare digital specialist to partner with?

Navigating the healthcare space online can be challenging. That’s why working with Distinctly, a healthcare specialist agency, allows you to benefit from the years of experience and expertise that our team has gained.

How do you measure and report ROI for healthcare marketing campaigns?

As part of our onboarding process we’ll confirm with you which KPIs & performance metrics matter the most to your business. Then, our strategies, deliverables and monthly reports will focus on the growth of those specific metrics. For healthcare businesses the volume and quality of leads generated through the website is often the main KPI.

Can you work with local and national healthcare companies?

Yes, we have experience working with healthcare firms targeting the local area as well as companies targeting a national audience. Our strategies & tactics change depending on where your market is, and so share with us what your focus area is during our discovery call.

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