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That's where we come in..

Campaigns purely aligned with your business goals

Convert traffic into enquires or sales

Accurately measure return on investment

We believe that all your PPC activity needs to be built for the long-term. It’s not about the highest bid winning any longer. Quality and consistency are now being rewarded. Thoughts and focus need to turn to the detail of PPC campaigns, for example, they need to be not only set up correctly, but maintained and optimised to the highest standard. That’s where Distinctly excel.

We use cutting edge technology and techniques that keep our clients relevant and appealing in a highly competitive market.

Search (Google AdWords/Bing and Yahoo)

Stand out from your competitors and be visible to your potential customers when they are searching on Google, Bing and Yahoo with fully optimised SERP listings.

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Use the Google Display Network to promote your business’ website ads across a network of more than 2 million websites with a range of text, image, audio or video ads.

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Google Shopping

Drive more traffic and see an increase in online sales with product listing campaigns which ensure products are served that match users’ online search queries.

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Paid Social

Achieve a strong ROI from your social activity by targeting specific groups of people through paid social ads on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.

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Landing Pages

Increase your conversion rates from PPC activity, creating highly targeted landing pages to drive traffic to.

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Increase brand awareness and audience engagement with targeted ads to your previous site visitors as they browse elsewhere on the internet.

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PPC Training

Our PPC training courses will enable you to understand the Google Search network and devise a strategy that will drive more of the right kind of visitors to your website, plus improve conversions and boost ROI.

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Banner Design

Creative banners that are intelligently crafted for their audience, with targeted messaging and imagery to enhance brand awareness and increase click through rates.

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