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Why choose Distinctly as your B2B digital marketing agency?

  • Maximise growth with a tailored B2B digital strategy
  • Reach new customers organically with effective SEO campaigns
  • Showcase your expertise and experience with targeted content
  • Using your expertise to increase organic visibility with digital PR
  • Leverage your unique selling points within your ads to increase high-value sales
Maximise growth with a tailored B2B digital strategy Open Tabbed Content

Integrated digital strategy

Our cross-channel approach to B2B digital marketing has driven growth for our clients for over 10 years.

With specialists teams across SEO, content, digital PR and paid media we have built the expertise to help your brand deliver results across all digital channels.

From onboarding through to monthly deliverables, everything that we do is focused on driving leads and/or sales to your business. By becoming an extension of your product and marketing departments, our team can understand everything there is to know about your brand and your audience and create fully bespoke digital strategies that position you in front of your target audience.

We combine this approach with fully customisable reporting to show clearly the ROI of your investment.


Reach new customers organically with effective SEO campaigns Open Tabbed Content


Every good B2B SEO campaign starts with research, and ours are no different. During the onboarding process your dedicated SEO account manager will research into your competition and the wider market, looking for trends and identifying the most profitable areas for your brand to extend into.

Whether it’s expanding your site architecture, adding depth to your landing pages or optimising user journeys and conversion points across your website – everything we do is tracked, monitored and reported on to you and your team so that you can see performance grow in real time.

Our team’s expertise covers all facets of SEO from technical, migrations, audience research, conversion-rate optimisation and more!

Showcase your expertise and experience with targeted content Open Tabbed Content


While SEO and paid media drive qualified traffic to your website, it’s the job of content to showcase your brand USPs, guide users through your website and ultimately encourage them to convert with you.

It isn’t just the role of content to outline what’s good about your products and services, but to also connect that with the specific pain points, issues and challenges that your potential customers are facing. This, alongside messaging to highlight your strengths vs the competitions’ weaknesses, is the real key to success.

Our in-house content specialists target your audience across all stages of the decision-making process; from top-of-funnel blog content through to product and service page copy.

We can also produce whitepapers, e-books, data-led reports and more.

Using your expertise to increase organic visibility with digital PR Open Tabbed Content

Digital PR

Digital PR for B2B businesses has to consider 3 important things. 

Firstly, expertise is key, it’s important to think about what expertise you can share and that your business has to discuss on different topics. This can be something as simple as your USP, or detailed research into understanding where your specific industry holds authority. 

Secondly, relevancy over everything. When examining different news sites where you are looking to be linked from, it’s easy to become impressed with nationals and larger publications but there’s a greater benefit in looking at industry specific press. 

Lastly, do you have an expert to attribute comments to? Providing expert quotes is a great way to strengthen digital PR activity and adds credibility to the story. 

Leverage your unique selling points within your ads to increase high-value sales Open Tabbed Content

Paid media

Lead generation often focuses on generating volume first and foremost, but we understand that the highest priority should be the quality of the leads contacting your business.

Personalised assets hitting pain points alongside focused targeting helps generate the highest quality leads to help grow your business. This can be a cross platform approach, incorporating Google, Bing, Linkedin and more to drive results.

Our B2B digital services

Audience research

Our keyword & audience research is a focal point of our onboarding and helps us identify the search terms and questions that your potential customers are seeking answers for.

This understanding of who your audience are and exactly what it is they’re looking for will underpin all of our SEO & paid media strategies – ensuring that we’re always focused on delivering you a strong ROI.

Competitor Research

By understanding what your competition is doing well (and not so well) we can identify where they’re investing their budget and where their SEO & paid media activity is focused.

With this, we can identify the most profitable avenues for your digital strategy as well as finding the lower competition quicker wins.

Our analysis will uncover keyword rankings, traffic estimations, page design & UX opportunities, backlink gaps, content gaps and paid media reviews.

Earn Backlinks & Coverage

We know that many B2B spaces online can be hyper-competitive, with a number of big brands often dominating the market share. That’s why our Digital PR team focuses on building high authority backlinks to the pages that need an additional ‘boost’. 

Tactical PR campaigns & coverage can help to funnel powerful links to pages that are targeting keywords that your in-market customers are searching.

Benefit-led Content

Our content places your brand in front of your target audience when they’re most in need of your products & services.

Blog content, on-site copy, whitepapers, e-books and more – our team can do it all! Our research will identify which content suits your brand and audience the best, and our team can cover the entire process, from ideation through to creation.

Bespoke Reporting and Analytics

Reporting is at the heart of everything we do at Distinctly. Helping you, your teams and the C-suite understand the value of digital and the return on your investment is key.

Our bespoke reporting is flexible to your needs and is a centralised platform to showcase your performance improvements across organic & paid channels.

What our B2B clients are saying

“Working with Distinctly has been a positive experience, they’ve helped us better rank for keywords and introduce more relevant content to allow us to stand out against our competitors.”

Katie Ireland, Marketing Director, NEOS Networks

“I’ve worked with Distinctly for over three years now and their SEO and digital PR services have been outstanding. From working with other agencies, Distinctly took real focus on understanding the culture and market position of the business along with our vision and turned it into a long term digital strategy.”

Luke Hamm, CEO, GovGrant

Our B2B case studies

Our B2B offerings

  • Short term project
  • Single or multi-channel retainer
  • Digital Partner
Short term project Open Tabbed Content

Short term project

If you’re in need of digital support for a one-off project, we can work with you to understand what your goals are and outline project timelines and a project strategy to meet your KPI targets.

Whether it’s a website migration, site content refresh, digital PR campaign or a paid media audit – our team of specialists will work with you for the duration of the project to make sure that our work aligns with your wider marketing plans.

All projects begin with an onboarding and briefing call with regular status updates throughout the duration of your time working with us.


Single or multi-channel retainer Open Tabbed Content

Single or Multi-channel Retainer

Are you looking for long-term growth? Our most popular choice for B2B brands is an ongoing retainer. This can be across one channel (i.e. SEO) or a combination of channels.

An ongoing retainer allows us to implement bigger and better strategies across your chosen channels and is best suited for brands looking for a higher ROI.

Not sure which channel is going to get you the best return for your budget? Book a discovery call with our team and we can help you understand where the biggest opportunities are for your website.

Digital Partner Open Tabbed Content

Digital partner

As your digital partner we will work across all channels: SEO, content, digital PR and paid media.

We’ll combine these channels in the most effective way possible to achieve the highest level of growth for your brand.

You’ll have a dedicated account manager from each channel, with a team of specialists working with you day in and day out.

Want to find out more? Book a discovery call below and a member of our team will be in touch to find out more about your goals, current activity and outline how the team at Distinctly can help you meet your ROI goals.

Our B2B consultancy tailored to your CMS

Speak to a B2B marketing specialist

Frequently asked questions about B2B digital marketing

What types of B2B industries do you specialise in?

We’ve built a wealth of experience working with B2B brands across a huge number of industries. From construction to telecoms to legal & compliance software, our teams have delivered results across SEO, paid media, content and digital PR.

How does your B2B digital marketing approach differ from B2C strategies?

We understand that B2B audiences engage with websites differently than B2C audiences. The research process can take longer and the lead-to-conversion cycle can be lengthy (but not always!). This means that your brand needs to be prominent across all touchpoints that your target market reaches.

How do you measure and report ROI for B2B marketing campaigns?

Our reporting process is as detailed as you need it to be. We offer fully bespoke reporting solutions to ensure that you, your team and anybody that you report upwards to can clearly see the impact of our work, and the performance increases & ROI that have come from partnering with Distinctly.

I’m an international B2B business, can you help me?

We work with clients based outside of the UK as well as brands that have a presence inside the UK and internationally. Whether you’re in Europe, North America, Asia or elsewhere, we can work together.

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