Improve your website's performance with effective technical SEO

Technical SEO is the foundation on which our clients’ successes are built. Referring to all aspects of a website aside from the written content and imagery, technical SEO encompasses:

  • HTML and all aspects of a site’s code
  • Page and site structure
  • Page load speed
  • Analytical tagging
  • Mobile compatibility

Why is technical SEO important?

Laying a strong technical foundation gives your content the best possible chance of ranking highly in search engines. It enables your site to be easily read by Google which is essential as if your site cannot be read properly, it won’t rank highly.

Why use a technical SEO agency?

Your website has to stack up in the eyes of Google for it to rank. Technical SEO is readily actionable. It’s in your hands – or those of your developer – and you can make improvements from our recommendations almost immediately.

Technical SEO maintenance is not a reflection of the quality of your website, nor the work of your developers. A website can look impressive, whilst not meeting SEO best practice criteria. There are many elements that may appear totally fine on the surface, without meeting the strict requirements and ranking factors of search engines such as Google.

We firmly believe that technical SEO should be prized and prioritised. After all, why invest in off-page SEO, when the site is not fully enabled to perform in Google and will not reap the full benefits of this activity?

Our portfolio of technical services includes:

  • Thorough keyword research and market analysis
  • Current performance analysis of your competitors
  • Crawl analysis and indexation
  • Meta data from key pages, efficient site-wide rollout
  • On-page copy auditing, cannibalisation and internal linking
  • URL status auditing and redirects
  • Duplicate page analysis and page consolidation
  • Customer UX and CRO optimisation
  • Site hierarchy and navigation analysis
  • Website migrations, including HTTPS and new site launches

This isn’t an exhaustive list, which is why technical SEO is both an exciting opportunity to improve SEO performance and a way to improve customer experience.

Our technical process

First, we assess the complete domain and produce a score card of all the aspects that require attention. We then use this to prioritise actions, focusing on ‘SEO Brilliant Basics’ first. There are always quick wins, which are the elements that are the easiest to fix and produce the strongest results.

As we continue our technical investigation, we identify and iron out any remaining creases via a roadmap based on impact vs. complexity until our clients’ ranks are exactly where they ought to be. Meanwhile, we build quality links through our digital PR campaigns.

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