Technical SEO Agency Services

Laying the technical SEO foundations for digital success

What does our technical SEO service involve?

Fix your technical SEO foundations

Our knowledgeable technical SEO specialists can identify any issues that are hindering your organic visibility and preventing you from connecting with potential customers.

Our solution-focused team will draw up clear plans of action to remedy any problems. Then, we work in partnership with your website developers to make implementing improvements quick and simple.

Prioritise actions that make an impact

Our simple and effective recommendations aim to ‘move the needle’ and trigger better technical performance, which is the basis of any SEO strategy and will always pay dividends.

And to get those recommendations actioned as quickly as possible, we tailor them to your CMS to make any development work more straightforward.

Enable organic growth

We’re proud to have an experienced team who really know what they’re talking about. They benchmark the improvements they make, and keep track of progress so you don’t have to.

We’ll regularly brief you and your development team about our findings, and point out the ‘big wins’ that will drive your business forward.

Our recommendation reports are highly detailed, so that you can see how well you’re doing after the technical improvements have been implemented.

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Our technical SEO services

If you imagine that search engines have a list of must-haves for websites, a technical SEO agency gets those items ticked off.

Website auditing

We conduct website audits to identify issues holding your website back, and reducing its visibility. Then, we lay the technical foundations that will future-proof your website and get it on track for serious organic growth.

Strategic analysis of the competition helps us to understand the landscape, and spot the gaps we need to tackle together, so you can outperform your competitors.

Our recommendations are tailored to your specific objectives and are assigned priority levels, while our ongoing audit process helps keep you and your development team working towards a common goal.

Site architecture consultancy

We’ll make sure that your website architecture meets best practice standards, reflects your business needs and is in peak condition for achieving maximum organic growth.

We also proactively target keywords selected from our in-depth keyword research, and optimise your site structure to make the site as visible as it can be.

Website migrations

When Distinctly is involved in the migration of your website, SEO is factored in from the start. A common mistake is to only work on SEO as an afterthought. At best, this can put your site at a disadvantage, and in the worst case scenario it can completely destroy your organic visibility. That’s where a technical SEO agency like ours comes in.

We put keyword research and sitemap planning at the centre of the website migration process, right where it should be. We evaluate your organic search potential and put your best foot forward when it comes to online visibility.

Schema markup implementation

Schema markup is the data that helps search engines to understand the content and context of your page, and represent it more accurately in search results. It takes the form of a standardised set of tags that are added to the page’s HTML to describe the main elements of the page in a way that site crawlers can understand.

At Distinctly it’s an everyday language to us – and we can help you to ensure that implementing it brings maximum benefit to your website, with a measurable impact on traffic and SERP ranking. 

Site speed optimisation

Site speed is a crucial issue: users don’t have the patience for slow-loading sites – and neither does Google. It’s a must to get your website functioning for users as quickly as possible and it should be incredibly user friendly, especially on mobile devices.

Slow loading speed can obviously weaken your conversion rate, so we’ll eliminate that risk. Plus, we’ll make sure that your website passes every criteria of the key Core Web Vitals.

Mobile SEO

The rules of SEO aren’t the same across desktop computers and mobile devices – and at Distinctly we have an in-depth understanding of the differences between the two. Not only are mobiles by far the dominant way that most customers will view your site, but Google rewards pages that are mobile-friendly.

We’ll help you to build a mobile-optimised, lightning-fast user experience that seamlessly puts all the brilliance of your existing site into a smartphone-friendly format – keeping conversions high, ranking well and avoiding the common pitfalls.

Our technical SEO process

Problem solving

We start our technical process by picking out the factors limiting your website’s visibility. Crawlability, broken links, alt text, redirected internal links, accessibility to screen readers…we cover all this and more. Then, our talented technical specialists can put together a plan for strengthening those areas. They’ll work closely with your website developers: we want everything set up to help you fulfill your business objectives.

Problem solving

We start our technical process by picking out the factors limiting your website’s visibility. Crawlability, broken links, alt text, redirected internal links, accessibility to screen readers…we cover all this and more. Then, our talented technical specialists can put together a plan for strengthening those areas. They’ll work closely with your website developers: we want everything set up to help you fulfill your business objectives.

Tailored recommendations

We make your KPIs the central focus when we’re planning our technical actions. Our recommendations are tailored to your CMS as well as your needs. This means a simple development process, to enhance your website’s performance as quickly as possible.

Monitoring the impact

Once our recommendations are all in place, we can benchmark them and test their impact. We debrief our clients and their development teams regularly, showing them where they can achieve big wins. You’ll get detailed reports on the progress made following our technical implementations, allowing you to track progress.

Does my business need technical SEO services?

No business can afford to ignore the importance of technical SEO. If you’re neglecting the technical foundations of your website, it’s likely that the site’s not working as hard for you as it could be.

There could even be unseen issues holding you back from achieving your potential. Perhaps you’re not as prominent on Google as you could be, or maybe your slow-loading or badly structured site is turning people away. Technical SEO consultant services do the detective work and remedy problems like these.

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What will you get with technical SEO support from Distinctly?

With technical SEO consulting from Distinctly, you will: 

  • Develop understanding of your site’s SEO performance using our accurate, in-depth reports
  • Gain insight into how your competitors’ websites are performing, how to make your website stand out in the market and digital trends
  • Learn the best practices of technical SEO, which can be used to help streamline and future-proof your website
  • Receive a full list of actionable recommendations which, when implemented, will improve website performance and organic visibility
  • Benefit from direct access to our technical SEO team
  • Receive ongoing support from our team, who’ll collaborate and work together with you all the way

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Frequently asked questions about technical SEO

Why is my website not being indexed?

Underlying technical issues can result in websites not being indexed. One reason may be that a noindex code has been added to your website’s HTML, alerting Google to stop this page entering its index. Another technical issue may be that Google’s access is being blocked via the robots.txt file. 

This is a common issue, but one that should be addressed immediately.

What is schema markup?

Structured data markup, or schema markup, can be used to tell search engines what your data means, producing more informative results for the user and (often) increases in website visibility and traffic. We can see examples of this with enhanced product descriptions in the search results, including information on delivery, in-stock availability and more.

Do 404 errors affect SEO performance?

A large number of 404 errors will start to affect a search engine’s crawl demand, but most of the time they’re due to websites continuously changing. To prevent Google from revisiting these errors, set up an informative 404 page to navigate users to a working destination and permanently remove pages using a 410 status code.

Why choose Distinctly as your technical SEO agency?

It’s a numbers game

We set measurable objectives tailored to your business and benchmark our efforts against them.

The bottom line

We’ve helped businesses from various sectors to achieve substantial commercial success.

Experts in several fields

SEO strategists, technical SEOs, on-page SEOs, content producers and digital analysts…it’s all hands on deck.

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More than just technical SEO services