Making sure your international PPC doesn’t get travel sick

What does our international PPC agency deliver?

Local strategy

Canada is not China, and Chile is not the Czech Republic. Despite the likes of McDonald’s and Netflix spreading to every corner of the world, each local area still has its distinct culture.

One-size-fits-all ads don’t work when different markets have different user behaviour and preferences. Whether it’s local sensibilities, political affiliations, preferred social networks, working practices or another factor, there are lots of variables that determine how people act.

We’ll make recommendations based on the types of messaging – and the timings – audiences are likely to respond best to.

Bespoke copy

Well-written copy can make all the difference in any campaign. It’s the difference between having a loudspeaker and being drowned out by the noise of the internet. 

When working with an international PPC strategy, copy designed for each region is vital. You want expert translations. You want copy in a native tone of voice. You want our best people on the job.

What’s worse than having your ads ignored by everyone? Having ads that look unprofessional, and really putting people off your business. We’ll make sure to dot all the umlauts and tick all the accents, giving you perfect PPC ads.

Detailed international PPC research

We’ve produced PPC ads for various territories, but we don’t take anything for granted. Far from it.

We do plenty of digging, tracking online sentiment and keeping up to date with local events. Local companies in the same market also come under the microscope, so we can see what your competition is doing.

The result is a complete picture of the market you’re stepping into, allowing you to put one foot in front of the other with confidence.

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International PPC agency management

We can be as hands-on or as hands-off as you like, lending our expertise where it’s required and helping your PPC ads land in foreign lands.

PPC campaign management

We can offer end-to-end management for whole campaigns, constantly monitoring and tweaking them as required.

After campaigns are ready to go, we optimise them and report on them in a way that suits you, not us. How do you want us to present that all-important data? From easy-to-digest snapshots to in-depth analysis, we’ve got it covered.

Strategic consultancy

Maybe you’re a bit more familiar with PPC and managing your own campaigns, but just need an international PPC agency to provide an expert touch. Nice to meet you: we can do just that.

We can provide specialist consultancy and training on a monthly basis, helping you push those PPC numbers skywards.

Landing page design

What’s the general goal of PPC ads? Getting floods of visitors to your website, right? Well, yes, but that can cause issues in itself.

You see, not every website is set up to receive traffic from multiple international locations. That’s where dedicated PPC landing pages come in: quick to set up, hosted on a subdomain of your website for authenticity, and easily changed and improved.

Our international PPC management process

Bringing stakeholders together

We’re not talking about a weekend away camping – more like a call or two to keep everyone in the loop, no matter where in the world they are. It’s crucial to ensure all marketing activities are pushing in the same direction and there are no surprises before the PPC campaigns are built. We’ll convene everyone who should be involved, to seek the input we need and form a consensus on strategy.

Bringing stakeholders together

We’re not talking about a weekend away camping – more like a call or two to keep everyone in the loop, no matter where in the world they are. It’s crucial to ensure all marketing activities are pushing in the same direction and there are no surprises before the PPC campaigns are built. We’ll convene everyone who should be involved, to seek the input we need and form a consensus on strategy.

A/B testing

What works in one region may not in another. We don’t do assumptions: we follow the data, based on rigorous A/B testing and we keep budgets flexible between platforms. So don’t be surprised if strategies start to head off in different directions as we gather more information. Reactive PPC management is a vital part of any successful campaign.

Sustained expansion

To infinity – and beyond! OK, perhaps that’s a little much, but we can really grow your presence internationally, while showing the true return on investment of each regional campaign. We’ll report on progress in a transparent way, working to agreed objectives and never assuming that our research is complete.

Why is it worth going international with PPC?

It’s easier than it’s ever been to take your business international. Taking your PPC campaigns international gives you the chance to expand into lucrative new markets – and the key to success is having an expert agency alongside you. 

Our experienced PPC specialists will take the time to understand the overseas market that you’re looking to move into, taking into account not just how your target audience speaks but how they shop too. Cultural differences can be vast but they can be subtle, and attention to detail is everything when it comes to crafting a PPC campaign that slots seamlessly into another country’s market.

The thought of expanding your business into a new territory can seem daunting when you’re not just taking a cut-and-paste approach, but we’ll ensure that our carefully designed and tailored international PPC strategy makes all that extra effort worth it.

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Frequently asked questions

Which regions do Distinctly have experience advertising in?

The UK, USA, Canada, Ireland, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Japan, South Korea, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, to name but a few. We’re a truly global digital marketing agency.

How is a international ppc campaign running in another timezone monitored by a UK agency?

There are many automated processes we can put in place to ensure campaigns run at the right times and are optimised towards the best-performing times of the day. And they’re built into many advertising platforms – nice. The benefits of having the strategy for multiple locations sitting with a single agency far outweigh any potential risks.

I already have a campaign running in the UK. How easy is it to expand this to other English-speaking countries?

It does speed the process up. However, we’d always recommend dedicating a good portion of time to researching the differences between locations, including things like search volumes and advertiser competition, and changing things up accordingly.

Why choose Distinctly as your international PPC agency?

It’s a numbers game

We set measurable objectives tailored to your business and benchmark our efforts against them.

The bottom line

We’ve helped businesses from various sectors achieve substantial commercial success, in various territories.

Experts in several fields

PPC specialists, linguists, SEO specialists, content producers and digital analysts…we’ve got every base covered.

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More than just an international PPC agency