Utilising brick-and-mortar data to supercharge Retail Google Ads ROI

Rob Laver | 9th March 2023 | Paid Media

Google Ads is increasingly becoming more dependent on data relating to your business and the value of its sales and leads.

Searches for “store open” have grown globally by 400% YoY, so for companies with both an online and brick-and-mortar presence, it’s crucial to seamlessly feed in-store value into digital campaigns to see the best results. 

The Google Ads interface has introduced new features to allow retail advertisers to capitalise on this push towards brick-and-mortar sites, and integrate this back into digital performance, to help improve the overall return of in-store and digital conversions. 

The conversion value rules feature within Google Ads has been revamped to take into account conversions of different values. Historically, value rules applied to all conversion actions equally and didn’t allow for variation. We now have the ability to set different values for store visits and store sales for different product categories. 

This can be tailored based on how you want to push different mediums in different seasons. For example, if you’re looking to prioritise ecommerce purchases during a sale period then there are optimisation options to do so. 

If on the other hand, you have an in-store loyalty program you would like to push, then you can tailor the rules to target the loyalty audience more aggressively. The same applies to audiences in different geographic locations, both locally and globally. 

As data streams become more important to the performance of retail Google Ads campaigns, we highly recommend reviewing your activity and tying in-store performance into your digital strategy to help supercharge your ROI. 

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