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Mastering the world’s biggest paid media platform: Google Ads

What does our Google ad management service involve?

Blended Google Ad campaigns

Google Ads (formerly Google Adwords) is a complex platform, with a whole lot of different campaign types. Search (keyword bidding), display, retargeting, app and video – where do you start?

Finding the right blend of ad options is key to a successful campaign, balancing where your budget goes and staying nimble enough to change strategy if need be. As a seasoned Google Ads agency, we’re on hand to provide and implement informed recommendations, based on years of managing high-performing campaigns.

Naturally, the options we recommend need to reflect what you want from your campaign. If your goal is getting your brand out there, then display and video ads are for you. Need direct return on investment? Search and retargeting ads might be the way forward.

Strategic automation

Google campaigns now come with a lot of smart options for key processes. Auction bidding, advert creation and even some targeting can all be done automatically using Google’s machine learning technology. 

Used correctly, it can all be very useful, saving money and speeding up campaign optimisation. But these automated processes aren’t perfect, and still need a human touch. There are some things that algorithms just don’t understand.

That’s where we come in, helping to make strategic decisions along the way. Analysing lead quality, anticipating changes in the market or correcting wrong moves by Google: just some of the ways we can help.

A/B testing

As we’ve said, there’s a whole load of options when it comes to targeting an individual through Google Ads, and the only way to find the best route for each advertiser is to test as much as possible. 

It could be copy, bid strategy, the time of day, device or location – little tweaks in the right places can make all the difference. And we’re methodical with these tweaks, making sure we can identify that golden variable that’s performing well.

It’s also important not to get complacent and think that once the campaigns are profitable, that’s the end of it. Users are pretty unpredictable and behaviour changes all the time, so we have to constantly test and refine, even going back to options that didn’t work before. 

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Our Google Ads services

Having started doing paid ads back when it was termed Google Adwords PPC management, we’re highly proficient in the whole suite of Google Ad options. And we’re equally skilled at figuring out what mix works best for our clients.


When people think of Google Ads, they tend to think of keyword bidding, first and foremost. Search campaigns target users by the queries they type into Google’s search engine, with text adverts enjoying prime real estate, right at the top of the page.

But the query, or keyword, is just the tip of the iceberg. Targeting can be refined by different signals and demographic options, all working towards finding your ideal customer.


These are banner/image-based ads that the Google Display Network places all over the internet. And they cover a serious amount of digital space, which can make the choices overwhelming.

We’ll help you navigate through the options, targeting users by the content they’re looking at, their historical online behaviour or what their interests are. The result? All the right people see your ads.


Retargeting uses the same network as Google Display ads, but it’s even more selective, focusing on users who’ve already visited your website. Of course, these people are much more likely to be interested in what you’re offering, and will probably be further along the customer journey and more inclined to actually buy your product or convert to a lead.

Ever been looking at hotels for a weekend away or a new pair of trainers and then spotted an advert for them later on another website? That’s retargeting. But we make sure that retargeting is done subtly and effectively, rather than following people around online or wasting budget on prospects that won’t lead to conversions.


You can also see Google Shopping ads on the search results pages of Google, but they’re noticeably different: in appearance and function. They’re image-based, only for ecommerce websites, and offer real-time pricing and stock information linked to a database. In short, they put your goods front and centre in an attractive shop window.

There’s a lot to discover with Google Shopping, which is why we have a dedicated page which covers our approach to it and the services we offer.


Google owns YouTube, making it possible to also run video campaigns through Google Ads – extremely useful. 

In terms of format, pre-rolls, skippable and non skippable in-stream videos, bumper ads and discovery placements are just a few of the choices available. We’ll explain what each can do for you, taking you through the best options for your budget and audience.

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Frequently asked questions

How do you set budgets for a Google Ads campaign?

Budgets are managed at the campaign level (another reason for having audiences precisely segmented), so you either set a daily average or a campaign total. An average gives you more flexibility, but needs closely monitoring as Google can spend up to double your average on one day if they even it out over the month. A campaign total works with an end date set when kicking the campaign off.

What’s the difference between retargeting and remarketing?

In some cases, there isn’t a difference. Google themselves use them interchangeably, but in a traditional marketing sense, retargeting is an advertising term, and remarketing something is more closely associated with email marketing.

How can I stop a competitor bidding on my brand name?

There are no rules against bidding on a competitor’s brand name via Google Search, but you can’t use their name in your ad if it’s trademarked. The Google quality score system means bidding on a competitor name is often pricey because you can’t be relevant to the keyword. So the best way to stop a competitor bidding on your name is to bid on your own brand name and push them out of the auction. You’ll always be most relevant to that keyword and pay a fairly low cost per click.

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