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Neos Networks is one of the UK’s leading business telecoms providers. With 20+ years of heritage in building, operating and maintaining networks, they are experts in intelligent network design, innovative commercial solutions and customer experience.

The brief

Neos Networks, previously known as SSE Telecoms, were going through a rebrand and planned to launch their new website in April 2021. They approached Distinctly to manage their SEO support and ensure visibility, traffic and organic leads were not damaged once the new website was released.

Following a post-launch period, the aim was to increase conversions and traffic, and dominate the telecommunications space online. In an already saturated market, Distinctly needed to make certain Neos Networks increased their organic presence for their priority keywords and what they considered to be the core offerings of their business.

What we delivered for Neos Networks

Working closely with the development teams after launch, Distinctly were able to remedy technical issues at the earliest possible stage. As well as implementing continuous technical SEO improvements to recover visibility, we produced keyword research for all of their core products to ensure all priority pages were optimised and met the intent of their target market. 

With the technical foundations duly corrected, we continued to address gaps in content, where improvements could be made. Much of our insight came from comprehensive competitor insights, revealing where new service or blog pages should be introduced on the website. Distinctly supported this strategy with additional content for the required pages. From this, we were able to leverage each product area, answer users questions and improve ranking positions across the board.

The results

neos google SERPS

Since beginning our activity back in April, the website has been ranked no.1 for a large number of Neos’ product queries. ‘Dedicated internet access’ or ‘DIA’ is a good example of a priority area and one in which we’ve recently dominated. 

With the improvement of rankings across some of their key product areas, we were able to significantly increase conversions.

We continue to reoptimise and add new content to these pages to ensure we’re meeting the user intent – something which is essential to ensure more sustainable ranking positions.

Other important results were focused around ‘dark fibre’ – a hugely competitive field – where Neos has taken top spot in the search results.

Working closely with the client to understand each of the product areas offered, helped the Distinctly team to devise targeted strategies and achieve tangible results for Neos Networks. Collaborative partnership enhances our ability to deliver our client’s business objectives.

What the client thought…

“Working with Distinctly has been a positive experience, they’ve helped us better rank for keywords and introduce more relevant content to allow us to stand out against our competitors.”

Katie Ireland, Marketing Director, NEOS Networks

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