Data-led petcare campaign exceeds digital PR target by 178%

above project coverage target

pieces of coverage

increase in domain rating

About the YuMOVE Digital PR case study

  • About the client and the brief
  • What we delivered
  • The results
About the client and the brief Open Tabbed Content

An established supplier of supplements for pets for over 15 years, YuMOVE wished to improve their website’s traffic and authority for their YuMOVE joint supplements for dogs, through a targeted Digital PR campaign.

The campaign’s key objective was to improve the authority of the domain and ultimately its organic performance. This required the building of relevant and authoritative links to the homepage and its specific joint supplement category page.

Distinctly considered YuMOVE’s strategic goals, target audience and brand voice in order to deliver ideation and campaign plans for this fixed-timescale project.

Internal teams were consulted at all stages and the campaign required sensitive, considered handling within its veterinary healthcare space.

What we delivered Open Tabbed Content

We planned, researched and delivered three data-led, creative digital PR campaigns in 12 weeks. These included landing pages for the website, corresponding press releases, and extensive media outreach.

1. Survey data

The first campaign was based on a ‘Working Pawrents’ survey that we executed to uncover whether working dog owners’ return to the office had impacted their dog’s behaviour. This tapped into the hot topic of returning back to in-person work following a series of lockdowns.

The survey secured a total of 59 pieces of coverage, 55 of which linked to the YuMOVE website. The campaign appealed to journalists covering ‘the return to the office’ trending topic. Successful outreach led to coverage on pet websites, national publication In Your Area, HR and business news outlets, and regional publications.

2. Instagram data

Data was gathered from Instagram to reveal the ‘most beautiful winter dog walks’ in the UK. This campaign garnered 40 pieces of coverage, including highly authoritative regional publications, The Herald Scotland and Somerset Live. Local-specific news was also shared with regional journalists, allowing outreach to be hyper-targeted, maximising chances of coverage. This approach worked well and secured six different local publications’ personalised take on the press release story. The wide content appeal also led to syndication across over 30 regional titles.

3. Google Search data

Our final campaign utilised search data to uncover the questions UK dog owners were asking in 2021 and earned links from high-quality pet websites. The research uncovered resonant and heartwarming results, which we detailed in a study landing page. Value was also added through engaging campaign visuals and accompanying outreach.

The overall project was carefully coordinated with the client with weekly meetings and bespoke planning and activation tools, to enable fast production and sign-off. Essential for the execution of a fast-turnaround campaign.

The results Open Tabbed Content

The data-led research was broad-ranging and offered up multiple opportunities for media reach and authoritative coverage, which led to impressive results.

Across the three campaigns, we were able to secure a total of 100 pieces of coverage and links for YuMOVE. This was 178% above project targets.

In this 12-week project, the overall campaign achieved:

  • 94 links and 100 pieces of coverage across the ‘Working Pawrents’ survey, the ‘most beautiful winter dog walks’ and dog owner questions outreach
  • An increase in brand awareness and trust by securing YuMOVE features in mainstream regional and national publications
  • Increasing YuMOVE’s domain rating from 31 to 36

The overall campaign exceeded expectations and demonstrated the power of digital PR and the depth of knowledge and talent in the Distinctly team.

Quote From Client

I highly recommend working with Distinctly. The amount of effort that went into the ideation and execution of the work was brilliant, and everything from communication to implementation was 10/10.

They have extensive knowledge of the SEO and PR landscape, and channel this into creative ideas that lead to tangible results.

Ameilia Costanzo, SEO Manager, YuMOVE

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