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Great Northern Hotel, the original railway hotel, and its Rails Restaurant provide a stylish escape for travellers in the vibrant Kings Cross area of London

The brief

The Great Northern Hotel and Rails Restaurant were having issues with their Google Analytics 4 migration. The former had been set up already but it wasn’t tracking the right events, and the business owners were not trusting the data that was being populated. The Rails Restaurant required a full setup to begin tracking restaurant bookings and website enquiries.

Ultimately, the Hotel and Restaurant needed full visibility into how their two websites were performing to make better business decisions. The Universal Analytics setup had become problematic and unsustainable, so a skilled migration to Google Analytics 4 was not only a necessity but also essential to clean up and resolve past issues that had built up over recent years.

A key objective of the project was to deliver clear and valuable reporting that would provide accurate analytics and assist with future decision-making.

What we delivered

We created new Google Analytics 4 properties for both the Great Northern Hotel and Rails Restaurant. Within a week of commencing the project, both the Great Northern Hotel and Rails Restaurant GA4 properties were fully functioning with all of their primary conversion points being reported on. 

We enabled other reporting features and explained the new GA4 interface for better understanding across the team.

To ensure we delivered exactly what the Great Northern Hotel required from its Google Analytics going forward, we asked the following key questions:

  • What are your business goals?
  • What type of reports do you desire or would help you and your stakeholders make better decisions?

Questions like these uncover some of the pain points teams have encountered during their time with Universal Analytics, as well as how we can alleviate these frustrations moving forward.

In addition, gaining access to Universal Analytics helped our team better understand the scope of what we were dealing with. For example, elements such as existing goal setups, specific segmentation and custom reports were featured,  so we needed a way of simplifying these when migrating to Google Analytics 4.

2 new GA4 properties, Google Tag Manager troubleshooting and primary conversions tracked

One of the most underrated but significant areas of GA4 migration is to go through the administrative steps and ensure new profiles are configured correctly. By implementing internal IP filters or checking through specific ecommerce settings, we were able to eradicate potential discrepancies and ensured uniformity across the profiles. A lot of the groundwork was already undertaken through our analysis of the existing Universal Analytic properties. This gave us a good understanding of what needed to be migrated in this first step.

Helping our clients along the way

Google Analytics is complex – that’s why whenever we carry out a Google Analytics 4 audit or consultancy work, we’re continuously providing video resources and debriefs with the client on what’s been set up and where to find it in the account. Work is completed to the highest standard and we ensure the client feels comfortable using the platform and understands our output. 

We provided a walk-through session with the Great Northern Hotel to explain the work in full and what had been completed. Questions were anticipated and answered to ensure everyone was fully aware and briefed for all future tracking and reporting.

The results

Like many businesses, the Great Northern Hotel needed to migrate to GA4, but had encountered some difficulties. Distinctly came on baord, and undertook a rigourous audit and configured the new GA4 accounts in the best way possible to allow the Hotel and Restaurant to be fully versed and ready to continue its reporting and analysis with confidence.

Just a week after commencing the project, both the Great Northern Hotel and Rails Restaurant’s GA4 properties were fully functioning with all of their primary conversion points being reported on.

With the addition of other key reporting features being enabled, the marketing teams gained a renewed trust in the GA4 data. They were also at ease with the GA4 interface and all set for the new era of analytics.

What the client thought…

Everything Distinctly carried out was completed within the outlined timeframe, and they executed the work brilliantly, providing options and rationale – this was key, as we don’t have this skill set or knowledge in-house.

They consistently problem-solved… were proactive and even suggested further updates.

On completion of the project, they presented all the outcomes and future recommendations.”

Persephone Fitzpatrick, Marketing Manager, Great Northern Hotel

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