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Links earned. Hedgehog Bonfire Night Campaign

Ark Wildlife is a specialist garden wildlife supplier focused on selling natural food, safe habitats and high-quality accessories.

The brief

Our digital PR strategy has been focused on positioning company director Sean McMenemy as a leading authority on garden wildlife, in order to secure extensive coverage and links to the website.

With public interest in wildlife issues in the UK growing fast, and a steady succession of awareness campaigns taking place across the calendar, there has been ample opportunity to create stories which highlight these problems while offering practical tips and solutions on Sean’s behalf – bolstering the Ark brand’s reputation in the process. 

2020 in particular has brought some surprising issues to light in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, and we have been able to create eye-catching campaigns as a result.

What we delivered

Duck & Swan Feed Campaign: July 2020

During the first lockdown there were warnings that ducks and swans in UK parks were at risk of starvation, having previously relied on the public to feed them. With Ark donating five tons of feed to wildlife charities we had an opportunity to raise awareness of the problem and offer people tips on exactly what to feed the birds at their local pond. 

The resulting campaign built brand awareness by generating 41 links to product category pages and Ark’s homepage, and securing coverage in The MirrorThe SunDaily Star and WalesOnline among others.

The campaign introduced Sean as a wildlife expert to key media contacts, and also drove visibility improvements on the search engine results page for keyphrases such as ‘duck food’, ‘floating duck pellets’, and ‘swan & duck food’.

Hedgehog Bonfire Night Campaign: November 2020

Every year in the run-up to 5th November, concerns are raised about the welfare of hedgehogs which might become trapped inside bonfires after mistaking them for habitats. This enabled us to create a wider campaign not only focusing on Bonfire Night, but drawing attention to the shocking plight of hedgehogs in the UK and offering tips on behalf of Sean for people to make their gardens and bonfires more wildlife-friendly. 

Our hedgehog campaign generated 43 links to product category pages, the homepage and the hedgehog house page on Ark’s website. Coverage was secured in publications including Country LifeHouse Beautiful and My London

Christmas Robin Campaign: December 2020

With the combination of extreme cold weather and a lack of suitable habitats set to leave robins short of food at Christmas, we put together a campaign which highlighted just how vulnerable these festive icons are. This included advice on what to feed them and other ways to ensure a robin-friendly garden. The story also served to underline the ongoing problem of fast-disappearing hedgerows in the UK, which we partnered with the People’s Trust for Endangered Species for their expertise on the topic. The story generated 50 links to Ark’s homepage, product category pages and robin feeder pack, and secured headlines from Country LivingThe English GardenWild ScotlandGardening Etc and others.

The results

134 links and coverage earned in national, regional, and relevant industry press across the 3 campaigns.

Throughout December 2020, there was a 182% year on year increase in clicks onto the website for ‘robin’ related searches. The impression visibility for robin pages on the Ark Wildlife website also saw a YoY increase of 274%. There was also the added bonus of 76% of the traffic increase being referral traffic from press coverage – always great to see immediate engagement from the public.

We have successfully positioned Sean as a prominent wildlife expert, increasing his personal profile along with the Ark Wildlife brand. Sean’s profile page on the Ark Wildlife website now ranks #1 (at time of writing) for the search term ‘UK wildlife expert’.

What the client thought…

“Distinctly has proven themselves to be highly effective business partners.

“They bring the same professionalism to digital marketing as we do to garden wildlife. I’m an expert in my field and it’s a delight to find a company that uphold the same ethics and expertise in their own field.

“Distinctly has filled the missing piece of my business success puzzle.”

Sean McMenemy, Managing Director and Founder, Ark Wildlife

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