Increasing brand authority within the fertility supplement industry

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increase in traffic to service pages since digital PR campaign started

increase in traffic to product pages since digital PR campaign started

About the Fertility Family Digital PR case study

  • About the client and the brief
  • What we delivered
  • The results
About the client and the brief Open Tabbed Content

Fertility Family produce fertility supplements and provide information that increases chances of conceiving and delivering a baby.

To increase brand authority within the fertility supplement industry and to establish them as an expert voice in the market. The aim was to increase traffic to their website and ultimately boost sales of their supplement products.

As well as building brand awareness, this digital pr campaign sought to attract high quality natural links to further increase the authority of the Fertility Family website.

What we delivered Open Tabbed Content

Campaign ideation centred around identifying topical trends in the press that could be relevant to Fertility Family and their target audience. We identified that due to lockdown and Covid-19, both mental health and maintaining a healthy immune system are prevalent topics that have strong links to the client niche. This led to the creation of two press stories surrounding the impact of fertility issues on mental health, and whether the immune system can affect fertility.

To make the content even more valuable and likely to be picked up by journalists, we added further expert commentary from a medical professional. The relevance of the topics as well as the inclusion of expert insights and tips, resulted in timely content that catered to the interests of the target audience

We also leveraged journalist contacts and internal platforms to generate coverage to the brand from reactive topics, such as conversations around PCOS. By creating and promoting this reactive content alongside our other stories we gained additional coverage for the client, establishing them as experts who care about these issues and who are up to date with what’s happening in the industry.

The results Open Tabbed Content

To date, our targeted digital pr campaigns campaigns have resulted in 30+ links being built to the Fertility Family priority pages from a range of industry and lifestyle press and publications, including Glamour magazine. Our reactive campaign around PCOS, which tapped into wider conversations around the brand niche, resulted in coverage from Open Access Government among others, contributing to building Fertility Family brand’s position as thought leader in the sector.

Quote From Client

Distinctly are an absolute pleasure to work with, not only have they helped us grow our organic sales and reach, they have helped optimise our site and increase our credibility.

They feel like an extended part of our digital marketing team – flexible and able to adapt to our needs as required.

We have been really pleased with the results to date and continue to see strong growth month on month. A proven, worthwhile investment.”

Terry Sullivan, Managing Director of Pharmasure

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