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About the Elithair Digital PR case study

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About the client and the brief Open Tabbed Content

Elithair is the largest hair transplantation clinic in the world, based in Istanbul. The clinic, founded by Dr Balwi, offers leading, innovative procedures in the field of graft removal. These procedures are unique to the practice and Dr Balwi’s many years of experience in the industry.

Elithair approached Distinctly to help expand its brand visibility and presence in the UK. The team at Distinctly proposed a ‘reactive’ approach using Elithair’s wealth of content resources and insights available on their website to engage journalists when relevant stories, with a hair loss focus, hit the headlines.

The objective was to drive high authority links and coverage from national news outlets to the Elithair homepage to increase the clinic’s exposure to a UK audience.

What we delivered Open Tabbed Content

Distinctly conducted an ‘outreachable content audit’ that analysed Elithair’s existing content to determine its suitability for UK press. We also identified keywords that were relevant to Elithair’s specialisms and expertise. We set up Google Alerts so that once the news was trending on these topics, we were able to strike with insight from Elithair that would add value and further insight to an existing story.

We spent time producing ‘master media lists’ that covered the following topics: health, lifestyle, men’s interest, nationals, celebrity and entertainment writers, beauty and real-life journalists.

The content was positioned and authored by Dr Balwi, making the insights we were sharing with journalists credible and valuable from the standpoint of a medical professional. This positioning made the content even more likely to be picked up by journalists.

We also suggested linkable content ideas we knew would be well-received and likely to gain journalist engagement. An example of this was the content: How to Treat Hair Affected by Hard Water?. We analysed which regions in the UK had hard and soft water, creating a graphic to highlight where these areas were. This enabled us to rank areas from worst to best for hair health so that we could contact regional publications with a hyper-relevant story. By creating and promoting further content, alongside our reactive strategy, we were able to generate additional coverage in regional press titles across the UK. This activity enabled us to position Elithair, front and centre, of multiple audiences in areas in the UK.

The results Open Tabbed Content

We were able to deliver 31 pieces of coverage and 24 links back to the Elithair homepage during the 12-week project. These results ranged from national news outlets such as The Express and Metro which have a combined readership of 107,900,000 readers to OK! And Grazia magazine. We were able to further expand Elithair’s reach by featuring them in regional publications with content that focused on hard and soft water areas across the UK and the impact this has on the health of your hair.

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