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SEO traffic growth (January 2017/16)
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What the client thought...

Distinctly have done an excellent job in promoting the BoConcept brand within our highly competitive industry, highlighting our USP of selling contemporary designer furniture.

The campaign results speak for themselves, with further potential value yet to come. The knowledge and communication of the team was key in delivering these results.

Emma Cottrell, Marketing Manager UK & Ireland, BoConcept

The Brief

BoConcept are highly regarded within their field. Nevertheless, furniture retail is a very competitive industry which necessitates only the best marketing techniques to succeed and demonstrate continued growth. In the search engine landscape, the competitors are numerous, from household names to boutique designers and niche brands. The brief given to us here at Distinctly was to carve out an identity for their website within their most relevant keyword space – namely designing and selling modern, contemporary and designer furniture.

As a part of our ongoing SEO activities with BoConcept, the campaign’s aim was to utilise content marketing and leverage brand equity to engage some of the most influential interior design writers and journalists online. Ultimately the intended outcome was to build brand advocacy, resulting in natural backlinks from hugely relevant and authoritative sites.

What we delivered

Our strategy was to “crowd-source” space-saving tips from leading ‘’influencers’’, then compile the views of these industry leaders into one, hugely flattering piece. This naturally helped develop relationships between the contributors and the BoConcept brand to the extent that many of them have linked, without prompt, to our work and shared it widely across social media.

This strategy delivered premium quality backlinks and there is also the potential to derive further value. As for the content itself, it now ranks on page 2 for “space saving tips” and we expect it to rise further as it is picked up on by existing customers and further promoted through social channels and email marketing.

The Results

Google’s Matt Cutts famously said, “the objective is not to ‘make your links appear natural’; the objective is that your links are natural.” The campaign for BoConcept has taken this advice to heart, and been kept at the forefront of our thought process throughout its implementation. Whilst link building, outreach, digital PR (and so on) all have their nuances, it really all comes back to the same thing: good, solid marketing – just what Google wants to see.

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