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About the Rayden Solicitors Digital PR case study

  • About the client and the brief
  • What we delivered
  • The results
About the client and the brief Open Tabbed Content

Rayden Solicitors is an award-winning specialist firm of family law solicitors. Their solicitors advise on all aspects of family law and are experts in financial and children matters relating to relationship breakdown, divorce and separation.

Rayden Solicitors wanted to increase the quality and quantity of their international divorce enquiries. They also wanted to be prominent and become the authority family law firm for international divorce through organic search, specifically breaking into the top 3 for their core keywords.

Our digital PR strategy was to target newly divorced parents with information about travelling abroad with children after divorce. We targeted newly divorced parents due to the difficulties of co-parenting. Feelings of resentment and anger can cloud each person’s perceptions of the other. We wanted to share unbiased, helpful information with divorced parents that could bring some ‘lighter’ and more joyful moments back into their lives.

What we delivered Open Tabbed Content

We asked the experts at Rayden Solicitors to provide their insights to each of these most commonly asked questions so that our target audience could be connected with the answers they were looking for.

The data

The campaign was created with the goal of educating parents on the legalities of going abroad whilst going through a divorce.

We used search listening tools such as Answer the Public, Ahrefs and the ‘People also ask’ function in Google to find out what divorced parents were searching for in relation to travelling abroad with children after divorce.

Questions such as: ‘Can a divorced person take their children abroad?’ ‘Does a mother need father’s permission to take a child abroad?’ and ‘Can a parent stop the other parent taking a child abroad?’ were answered with insights from the team at Raydens Solicitors.

We also included the account of a newly divorced dad who was happy to share his experience of planning holidays with his children whilst going through a divorce. This added insight gave our campaign a ‘human’ touch which resonated with our target audience.

This case study allowed us to better highlight the ‘risk’ surrounding travelling abroad without the necessary permissions from the other parent to ensure our campaign gained exposure.

The timing for the production of our campaign started at the beginning of Summer (May 2023) which meant that we were able to promote the insights over the peak holiday season and during the six-week holidays which made the campaign relevant and timely.

The outreach

The insights were packaged into a press release and attributed to an expert at Rayden Solicitors. The target keyword: ‘international divorce lawyers’ featured at the top of the press release after introducing the expert at Rayden Solicitors. The intention of this link position was to ensure that this would be the first link journalists see and to build the association between the business and the service offering.

Our aim was to target publications with a wide online circulation to ensure maximum brand visibility, as well as the following publications to ensure our backlinks were varied and relevant to the topic area: regional, travel and family.

The results Open Tabbed Content

This campaign resulted in 155 links to the Rayden Solicitors website, 149 of those to the homepage and to the international divorce law page. These results included The Sun, Good to Know, Chronicle Live, The Family Grapevine and Yahoo! The average domain rating for the total coverage was 54.

Supporting blog content was created to assist with the overall goals set to increase visibility for international divorce enquiries. This resulted in keyword improvements for target terms as well as a significant rise in organic clicks and some of the specific blog content being picked up in featured snippets.


Quote From Client

“Distinctly applied a methodical, concise approach to building our authority online, which led to real, measurable results including an increase in enquiries which we have tracked all the way through to a direct and tangible uplift in new business. The team as Distinctly worked well alongside our existing team, adding value as they shared their expertise”

Emma Kent

Marketing Manager

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