Increasing organic traffic, form completions and visibility for primary search terms

Increase in revenue from website enquiries

YoY organic traffic growth from January 2018 to January 2019

YoY organic traffic growth to the website blog

Mercer & Hole is a top 25 firm of accountants with offices in London, Milton Keynes and St Albans

The brief

Mercer & Hole’s main objective was to see an increase in organic leads generated through their website. With this in mind, Distinctly spent time improving the site’s content as well as devising an effective blog strategy to help build authority in the financial field.

By re-optimising existing content and by producing new authoritative content around popular accountancy based questions, Distinctly were confident that this particular method would see an increase in organic conversions.

What we delivered

Distinctly conducted an analysis into the site’s existing blog posts and identified which pieces were competing for featured snippets and which had no visibility at all. This task involved extensive keyword research to highlight terms located just off the first and second page as we believed this would make the most impact. By re-working the meta data, subheadings and some copy, we managed to improve ranking performance for these blog posts.

As visibility grew for the existing set of blog posts, Distinctly devised a content strategy to expand visibility in order to generate higher levels of converting traffic. This involved producing blog titles and a clear framework for the partners to adhere to which ensured every piece of content was well-optimised and well-structured. Before uploading the new content, Distinctly added internal links pointing to its respective service page to leverage keyword performance and to improve the user experience. E.g. if a post was centred around corporate finance, then an internal link to the corporate finance page would be included.

We delivered a strategy which focused on various financial topics which had healthy monthly search volumes and a relatively low keyword difficulty. This meant that the likelihood of ranking for these long-tail queries was quite high.

As our analysis expanded, a large number of blog posts were re-optimised, restructured and improved ranking positions over time.

This activity delivered an increase in organic traffic, form completions and visibility for primary terms.

What the client thought…

“We have worked with Distinctly for a number of years and we continue to be impressed with their dedication, professionalism and industry knowledge.

“They have significantly improved the performance of our website and I would highly recommend their services.”

Maria Bailey, Marketing Director, Mercer & Hole

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