Our favourite twitter threads for digital PR inspiration

Holly Scott | 7th February 2022 |

The digital PR industry is continually striving towards more innovative, creative and unique campaigns, whilst ensuring relevance for their client’s audience and industry. But high-quality ideas don’t appear out of thin air. 

It takes forward-planning, research, teamwork and multiple drafts before reaching the end goal of a successful campaign.

The digital PR team at Distinctly uses a range of resources to spark creative ideas and keep track of campaign strategies trending in the industry. With the digital PR community being so wonderfully open to sharing tips and tricks, Twitter hosts a seemingly never-ending collection of inspiration and discussion around how we can sustain the prolific output of our industry.

To help you break through roadblocks and reach your next campaign idea, we’ve compiled a selection of our favourite Twitter threads, sure to help you with research and ideation.

Tools for research

Steph Smith, Senior Analyst at The Hustle, shares over 20 internet gems across four categories: 

Lucy Hughes, Senior Digital PR Executive at Rise at Seven, details underrated websites that may help when researching for campaigns:


Katheryn Watson, Head of PR at Journey Further, shares 80 useful tools for stepping up your PR game:


Liv Bennett, Senior Digital PR Executive at Rise at Seven, tweeted a thread of websites for sparking creativity:


Tips for ideation

Luke Cope, Content Marketing Director at Rise at Seven, unpacks how to build links from multiple different lifestyle niches into the same campaign:


Hannah Brady, Content Strategist at connective3, shares content ideation tips:


Mark Porter, Head of Marketing at Screaming Frog, details things to consider for your next digital PR campaign:


In summary

We hope that these resources will arm you with a bank of inspiration to add to your digital PR toolkit, and in turn enhance the diversity and creativity of your campaigns. We’re in no doubt that the industry will continue to share more nuggets of gold as it continues to thrive and innovate!

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