Digital PR in Spain: an unexplored opportunity

Laura Miguez | 31st August 2023 | Digital PR

Navigating a new market is akin to embarking on a grand adventure. Just as a seasoned explorer equips themselves with maps and a sense of direction, a brand venturing into Spain must arm itself with a deep understanding of the local culture, values and nuances. 

The media landscape in Spain is a canvas of transformation, undergoing shifts that mirror those experienced in the UK. This evolution is particularly intriguing due to the country’s relatively untapped PR landscape, which offers a unique chance for brands to assert themselves as industry authorities. 

When you come into a new market, not everything is straightforward. To assist you in establishing your brand in Spain, we’ve outlined the primary challenges along with their corresponding kickstart solutions.

Challenges that spark innovation: a landscape of opportunities

Challenges shouldn’t stop us diving into a market. If anything, they should be seen as something we can turn into an opportunity. 

Limited automation tools: a personalised approach

Tools such as Roxhill, Vuelio and Hunter prove incredibly valuable for locating journalists’ contact information in the UK market. Often, this data is also available within their Twitter bios or on their websites.

While automation has streamlined processes in many digital PR spheres, Spain’s landscape presents a different scenario. With Spain lagging behind with automated tools, PR professionals must embrace a more hands-on approach, forging connections through personalisation.

Fewer publications, less coverage? Beyond link building 

The smaller amount of online publications might seem like a limitation, but it can also be a virtue. Fewer contacts and targets mean a less saturated environment, allowing genuine connections to thrive. But also, there’s the possibility of tapping into traditional media organically. 

What is the reason for this phenomenon?

Digital and traditional media remain interconnected. Content creation doesn’t always prioritise a specific distribution channel, yet these diverse channels exchange information and narratives that can be adapted and reused.

Traditional media unlocks many avenues for brand exposure, as digital PR campaigns are likely to get organically picked up by these publications. 

When a digital PR campaign is strategically executed, it has the potential to resonate with the interests of traditional media outlets and their diverse readership or viewership.

Despite challenges, the collaboration between PR and SEO is ripe with potential in Spain’s market. By going beyond link building, digital PR professionals can harness authentic engagement, fortify brand awareness and drive meaningful conversions.

Captivating journalists through personal engagement 

Spanish journalists aren’t as accustomed to receiving digital PR campaigns as their UK counterparts. We still need to demonstrate our value to them, as it might occasionally appear that we’re merely clogging up their inbox. And they won’t hesitate in blocking your email address, so pitches need to be accurate, relevant and precise. 

This unexplored territory presents an unique opportunity, facilitating easier engagement with journalists and creating a distinctive presence in a less competitive arena. Open rates are way, way higher. In the UK, the average email open rate hovers at approximately 50%, whereas in Spain, this figure can surge to an impressive 80% or even 90% on average.

This means that the probability they’re going to read our press release is also higher, which is a huge advantage over the UK. 

All in all. Early mover advantage and positioning your brand as an expert 

Although they might be reluctant at first, quality content and relevance will make journalists trust you and your client, which could lead to a very fruitful relationship as they rely on you for information and quotes.  

Spain’s PR landscape serves as fertile ground for brands to organically establish themselves as industry experts. Those who venture into Spain’s digital PR world gain an early-mover advantage. They set the pace, positioning themselves ahead of the game and reaping the rewards. 

By transcending challenges and viewing them as avenues for innovation, brands can establish themselves as pioneers in an evolving media ecosystem.

Understanding the need for personal engagement, along with leveraging traditional media connections, and crafting quality and relevant content, allows brands to successfully navigate this emerging market. 

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