How to create an effective People PR strategy

Holly Scott | 13th July 2022 | Digital PR

One of the most effective ways to strengthen your company’s reputation and build awareness for your business is through People PR.

Better known as founder-focused features or profiling campaigns, People PR enables you to put a face to the name of your business by placing founders, CEOs and directors at the heart of your marketing initiatives.

People relate, connect and are influenced by people. Therefore, a CEO’s reputation is crucial to business success and it can impact the way your consumers engage and interact with your business. So, how do you action an effective People PR strategy and become a figurehead for your company? 

1. Take part in press interviews

Press interviews are a great way to establish yourself as an expert in your field.

They allow you to:

  • share insider knowledge from within your industry with potential customers
  • keep customers up to date with latest news and developments
  • build your company’s brand authority and credibility
  • help you stand out amongst your competitors. 

Taking part in interviews will also enable you to share elements of your business that current and prospective customers might not already know. You can discuss a new product launch or service, introduce a new initiative or solution, or discuss your company’s growth in more detail.

Interviews allow journalists to get to know you and your business better, and help you to share stories and your core values with your key audiences. 

Pictured: Sean McMenemy – complete interview available here.

2. Share what matters to you outside of your business

People are naturally curious creatures. The more information you can share about yourself the more interest you can create in you and your business.

Letting your audience know more about the brains behind the business will give you a distinctive edge over your competitors, as its unique information that helps to develop a deeper brand-customer relationship. 

In order to get started, think about the extracurricular activities you do outside of work. Are you teaching someone a new skill? What was your career before this one? Are you taking part in any charity endeavours? Do you have an unusual hobby? These are the things that will make you memorable and interesting, and help you stand out from the crowd.

Pictured: Vlad Vassiliev – complete interview can be found here.

3. Utilise industry recognition

Awards or accolades can help leverage you as a credible expert. They can also be an effective way to reach multiple industries. Receiving industry recognition helps improves your company’s brand awareness. It shows your current customers that you’re industry-leading, and can also help you attract new customers as you’re able to prove that your business is trustworthy and reliable. 

Trade publications associated with your industry, as well as small business news outlets welcome award updates. Using your social media channels and newsletters will help leverage further interest too. 

Pictured: Tony Gregg – the news article available here.

4. Offer your insight on trending news

As a qualified expert in your industry, journalists will be keen to use your unique insights, views and advice to give more depth to a trending news story. They might also want a counter view to a debate or topical issue. This is when your expertise becomes invaluable. 

Being reactive to the latest news and trending topics is a great way to stay current in a fast-paced landscape. It will also help you to reach new audiences and drive them back to your website organically as you’re providing them with new information associated with your industry and business. 

The full news article can be found here.

5. Describe your day-to-day

As a business leader, there will be many people who look up to you and aspire to your position and success.

Another effective way to raise your profile can be by sharing what a day in the life of your role entails. This is often valued by your alma mater and associated professional membership organisations.

It is useful to maintain good alumni relationships. Universities are often very receptive to feature opportunities, as you’re the finished product and an example of what can be achieved through attendance at their institution. Additionally, your expertise can help shape the next generation of professionals, giving them a taste of the industry and what the future looks like. This approach will enable you to organically talk about your business whilst transferring valuable knowledge to current students and those looking to enter the industry. 

Pictured: Stephen Halloran – full article available here.

To conclude

Sharing your story, knowledge and insights as a CEO, director or founder can have a significant impact on your company’s brand awareness, visibility and credibility.

If used strategically and timed well, these tactics can be used to deliver a highly effective People PR strategy. This will allow you to quickly become the face of your business, helping you to build awareness, generate leads, make sales, and drive revenue with current and prospective customers, as you build their trust and respect in your brand through your own storytelling.  

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