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Sophia Robertson | 3rd February 2023 | News, Paid Media

Distinctly shortlisted for prestigious UK Paid Media Awards

February has kicked off with some exciting news for Distinctly. Today, we learnt that Distinctly has been shortlisted for four awards including Paid Search Campaign of the Year at the UK Paid Media Awards 2023. Distinctly’s paid media team have worked on some amazing projects in the last twelve months, and we’re delighted to see […]

Ellie Wilson | 26th January 2023 | Organic

Why are customer personas important for SEO?

Customer personas, also known as user or buyer personas, are vital for understanding exactly who uses your product or service. Whilst these personas are useful for every aspect of marketing, they hold a particular importance when it comes to SEO. What is a customer persona? Customer personas are semi-fictional characters that are used to represent […]

Rachel McHugh | 17th January 2023 | Digital PR

Data-driven Digital PR: from numbers to narrative

A great digital PR campaign has solid foundations: it’s well-researched, relevant and compelling. Having reliable data to form the basis of a campaign not only adds credibility — it can also be an essential part of the storytelling that will elevate the campaign and make it worth publishing. Using data is one of the most […]

Rob Laver | 19th December 2022 | Paid Media

Paid advertising trends to watch in 2023

Where on earth did 2022 disappear to? Maybe it’s the World Cup being held in December that’s thrown everything off-kilter recently, but this year just seems to have whizzed by. That’s not to say it’s been a quiet 12 months in the world of digital advertising of course. As has become the norm recently, platforms […]

Tristan Reynolds | 16th December 2022 | Organic

Expand into international markets to increase global sales

Knowing what users are searching for across different international regions is crucial if you’re moving into other markets. What works well in the UK is unlikely to yield the same level of success in other countries. Understanding the target audience and their search engines Having a good understanding of the language and culture of the […]

Laurence Burden | 14th December 2022 | Paid Media

Building the perfect PPC landing page

How can you ensure your landing pages are effective? A good landing page is an essential element of any PPC conversion path. Although we can use a number of different strategies to drive traffic to a website, what users do once they arrive will be directly determined by the landing page.  Thus it is critical […]

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