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Rob Laver | 17th May 2022 | Paid Media

What to do if a competitor bids on your brand name

Google Ads is a competitive place by its very nature. Over 90% of all clicks on the search engine go to organic listings, which leaves a much smaller pool of users for advertisers to fight over. Not only that, but of those who do click on ads, the majority go to the advert at the […]

Amish Adodra | 12th May 2022 | Paid Media

Top tips for improving your international PPC campaigns

Reaching international customers, and expanding globally, is fast becoming a key objective for many growing companies – and capturing paid search traffic is a great way to gain exposure.  Choosing the right search engine Google covers the vast majority of search traffic in English-speaking countries, but as you set your sights overseas, you’ll almost certainly […]

Ellie Wilson | 3rd May 2022 | Organic

Google’s new ‘multisearch’ feature and the future of SEO

Earlier this month, Google began rolling out an all-new feature known as multisearch. Whilst this innovative search tool is currently only available as a beta feature in the United States, it’s already sparked plenty of conversation within the worldwide SEO community.  What is multisearch? Multisearch is a way of combining both image and text together […]

Jack Goldsmith | 26th April 2022 | Analytics, Organic

Everything you need to know about GA4

Google recently announced that Google Analytics 3 will become redundant by July 2023. Attention has quickly switched to Google Analytics 4 and how marketing agencies and business owners can smoothly carry their data over to the new interface. In this guide, we’ll run through all of the key features of the new Google Analytics 4 […]

Leah Godfrey | 25th April 2022 | Digital PR, Organic

How we built top-tier links and increased ranking position in the financial sector

With the right digital PR strategy, even the most competitive space, can be accessed successfully . Our digital PR campaign for GovGrant, the tax preparation specialists, highlights what can be achieved with a creative and targeted approach, and also how powerful evergreen content can be for long-term success. The campaign idea    The Google results pages […]

searching for records
Lianna Haywood | 20th April 2022 | Content, Organic

Search intent and content: why it’s important for your SEO strategy

Search intent is a core part of an effective SEO strategy. To meet your customers’ needs, you have to understand exactly what they’re searching for, so you can provide the most relevant content. What is search intent? Search intent (also known as user intent or audience intent) is the main goal a user has when […]

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