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Sam Pilgrim | 25th October 2022 | Paid Media

The pros and cons of Google’s Performance Max campaigns

Introduction to Performance Max In November 2021, Google released Performance Max (P-Max) campaigns in a bid to help advertisers increase their conversions across its various advertising channels. This campaign type utilises automation and machine learning to deliver results across Search, Display, Discovery, YouTube and Google Maps. While this may seem like an all-in-one solution, it’s […]

Jen Wlodkya | 25th October 2022 | News

Taking time for wellbeing at Distinctly

Creating an environment where our employees’ wellbeing is looked after, ensures we have a happy and productive workforce. At Distinctly we are committed to providing a healthy workplace and are constantly looking at new ways to connect with our employees to improve their wellbeing.  As part of our expansion of Distinctly Wellbeing initiatives and aligning […]

Sophia Robertson | 21st October 2022 | News

Distinctly is nominated for ‘Best SEO Agency’ award at the UK Search Awards

Fabulous news, fabulous finalists! The UK Search Awards finalists were announced today and we are delighted to have been shortlisted for three awards including Best Large SEO Agency. Our awards nominations encompass all our SEO, PPC, digital PR and content service offerings. We are thrilled that the Distinctly team’s hard work, expertise and client success […]

Abby Fraser | 18th October 2022 | Organic

Seasonal SEO: preparing your website for success every season

Many companies sell goods or services that are linked to annual events or external factors such as Christmas or hot weather. Seasonal SEO is a powerful and cost-effective way to help you achieve your seasonal goals and sales targets. What is Seasonal SEO? Seasonal SEO considers your website’s organic performance through external events and factors, […]

Matt Foster | 17th October 2022 | Digital PR

Leveraging data collection for PR campaign success

Data can make or break a digital PR campaign. With the right tools and approach, gathering the right data for your campaign starts with good planning. As a data-led campaign built on shaky statistics, will only lead to problems further down the line. So good data matters. Data can feed into a successful Digital PR […]

Rob Laver | 28th September 2022 | Paid Media

Managing paid media in uncertain markets

The last two and half years have been anything but straightforward for most people. Covid caused a reset in what we consider normal human behaviour, something we’re unlikely to experience again to such a degree in our lifetime. And despite the worst of that period being (hopefully) behind us, we’re now facing the deepest cost […]

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