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Chloe Chamberlain | 30th August 2023 | Digital PR

Artificial Intelligence … Revolution or Revamp?

What is AI and why is it #trending? The term ‘AI revolution’ was first coined by, the founder and executive chairman of the World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab in his 2016 book ‘The Fourth Industrial Revolution’. The first industrial revolution, starting in the late 18th century, pioneered machinery in factories. The second industrial revolution, around […]

Jack Goldsmith | 22nd August 2023 | Google Analytics 4, Organic

How To Fix Common GA4 Issues

In the realm of digital analytics, Google Analytics 4 (GA4) stands as a powerful tool designed to offer deeper insights into user behaviour and improve decision-making. However, like any sophisticated system, GA4 is not immune to errors. In this article, we’ll explore the most common GA4 errors businesses make and provide guidance on how to […]

Gary Woodcock | 3rd August 2023 | Digital PR

How starting with the right data drives US digital PR success

In the United States, there are reportedly over 1,200 daily newspapers in circulation, the vast majority being smaller, regional publications. This means producing digital PR campaigns for US outreach must be large-scale enough to impress journalists at national titles as well as flexible enough to be targeted to journalists only covering their local area.  The […]

Clare Pemberton | 28th July 2023 | Paid Media

Microsoft New AI Predictive Targeting Tool

Amidst the ongoing buzz around Artificial Intelligence, Microsoft has recently announced the launch of its new AI-powered advertising tool – ‘Predictive Targeting’.  Taking steps towards revolutionising targeted advertising, the latest tool aims to empower advertisers to deliver personalised material to receptive audiences with the goal  of driving higher conversion rates.  How it works Predictive targeting […]

Katie Greenaway | 28th July 2023 | Google Ads, Paid Media

What is Google Merchant Centre?

Google Merchant Center allows merchants to showcase their products to potential customers across Google’s platforms, including paid and free Google shopping listings. By uploading product data, including aspects such as price, size and availability, along with product imagery, businesses can reach a wide audience with compelling ads. To use Google Merchant Center, you’ll need a […]

Meera Patel | 22nd May 2023 | Google Ads, Paid Media

E-Commerce Google Ads Best Practices Within Fashion

People buying clothes online can be more choosy than people buying everyday goods. Customers often care much more about the items they wear. So, when advertising fashion online, keeping your target audience in mind is essential. Online customers are typically searching for a specific product, so optimising your ads to create a seamless purchasing journey […]

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