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James Donaldson | 27th September 2022 | Content

How to produce engaging website copy that converts

Reaching potential customers with engaging content is the key to delivering increased conversions. But how do you write compelling copy? Often, copy is written from the business’ point of view, but it’s the customer or prospective client that should be the focus. Remember, copy is your way of conversing with your customer. You need to […]

Alex Cassidy | 22nd September 2022 | Content, Digital PR

Digital PR ideation: specks of gold in a sea of mud

The internet contains multitudes. In thirty years we’ve packed it with nearly all of recorded history, and it’s growing every second. As a result, it’s overflowing with starting points for Digital PR campaigns, and there’s always something shiny to get drawn to.  There are new apps with fresh perspectives, novel campaigns that create repeatable methodologies, […]

Jack Goldsmith | 24th August 2022 | Content, Organic

Google’s ‘Helpful Content’ update: what we know and should you care?

What is the ‘Helpful Content’ update? Google has announced it’s launching a new algorithm update next week, named the ‘Helpful Content’ update. Its primary objective is to reward websites that are producing authoritative and informative content for the user-first and not purely for SEO purposes. Optimise your content for users, not search engines is not […]

brain coral
Katie Greenaway | 19th August 2022 | Paid Media

The importance of good data in Smart Bidding

Google’s auction-time Smart Bidding capabilities can be brilliant – as long as you’re giving them good data and filling any data gaps. You can’t automate away bad data! When you’re reviewing your Google Ads Smart Bidding, consider: what are you targeting as a conversion? Does it make sense for your business? If you’re an ecommerce […]

Liz Walker | 27th July 2022 | News

Distinctly officially certified a Great Place To Work™

Being a genuinely exceptional place to work has always been a key priority at Distinctly. We’ve worked tirelessly over the years to listen to our team, take on board feedback and to implement changes. Therefore achieving our certification as a Great Place To Work™ has been a huge highlight for all the team. For our […]

Holly Scott | 13th July 2022 | Digital PR

How to create an effective People PR strategy

One of the most effective ways to strengthen your company’s reputation and build awareness for your business is through People PR. Better known as founder-focused features or profiling campaigns, People PR enables you to put a face to the name of your business by placing founders, CEOs and directors at the heart of your marketing […]

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