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Amish Adodra | 30th November 2021 | Paid Media

Best practice in Google Ads optimisation – smart bidding strategies

The new best practice in Google Ads bid optimisation involves the use of ‘smart’ bidding strategies. Previously, a manual method was preferred, however, as advertisers become more familiar with the use of these strategies they are becoming the go-to for maximising conversion rates. What are smart bidding strategies? Smart strategies use machine learning algorithms to […]

UK fuel crisis
Lianna Haywood | 1st October 2021 | Analytics, Organic

Has the UK fuel crisis impacted search behaviours?

With the fuel crisis causing major disruption to our daily routines, we thought it’d be interesting to investigate how this has affected search behaviour. Using organic traffic estimations and Google keyword data, we’ve analysed search trends around petrol stations as well as the interest in electric vehicles and public transport over the past week.   […]

David Westby | 29th September 2021 | Organic

How to develop a B2B SEO marketing strategy

Having an effective and well thought-out SEO strategy is essential, whether you’re a large B2C eCommerce site chasing keywords with tens of thousands of searches, or you’re a B2B SaaS site in search of relatively small search volumes. This blog will outline several of the key foundations for building an effective B2B SEO strategy, focusing […]

Sam Pilgrim | 27th September 2021 | Paid Media

Responsive Search Ads to Become the Norm

Google is removing expanded text ads From 30 June 2022, Google will no longer allow advertisers to create or edit expanded text ads. The change comes as Google pushes for more reliance on machine learning and smart bidding strategies, with the idea of making responsive search ads (RSAs) the default ad type. This should, in […]

Holly Barry | 23rd September 2021 | Digital PR, News

Groomarts – Digital PR Campaign of the Month

The idea  Distinctly identified the opportunity to raise brand awareness for Groomarts and launch their new merchandise, by creating a “dream job” campaign. The idea was aimed at dogs in the UK to become “Britain’s Most Pampered Pooch” and win up to £200 worth of grooming products from Groomarts. Distinctly decided to launch the campaign […]

Leah Godfrey | 17th August 2021 | Digital PR, News

Zalando – Digital PR Campaign of the Month

The idea With staycations and outdoor holidays at the peak of interest for travel and lifestyle journalists, the Distinctly team identified the summer holiday season as an opportunity to secure coverage for Zalando in both UK and IE to outdoor sports categories. Distinctly pinpointed instagram data as an authoritative and current way to uncover the […]

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