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Jack Goldsmith | 23rd October 2023 | Google Analytics 4

Maximising Content ROI: GA4 Metrics and Performance Analysis

In a fast-moving digital environment where users demand answers and become greatly impatient, your content must serve your audience well. This can also be an area that differentiates you from the rest – educating your readership, addressing pain points and elevating your expertise throughout your content production. But, once your content is live, the next […]

Sam Pilgrim | 20th October 2023 | Paid Media, Paid Social

Upper Funnel Campaigns For Long Term Growth

Most businesses understand the need for awareness campaigns, but unfortunately many go in unprepared for the reality of what this type of strategy yields in the short term. It can be very difficult to track the direct impact of millions of potential customers seeing (but not necessarily clicking) on your adverts, at least not without […]

Grace Smith | 20th October 2023 | Digital PR

The key skills needed to become successful in Digital PR

Digital Public Relations (PR) is a digital marketing service used to increase the online authority of a brand by gaining high-quality backlinks from relevant online sites and publications through a variety of tactics. As a rapidly expanding, ever-changing industry, Digital PR can feel overwhelming to new starters. To help with this, we’ve outlined the key […]

Nathan Moorley | 20th October 2023 | Digital PR

Brighton SEO reflections – ethical PR practices and our responsibility to the industry

In a media landscape where PR campaigns are increasingly scrutinised, it’s never been more important to promote ethical and responsible digital PR practices. The onus lies with agencies to ease journalists’ concerns regarding the integrity of our campaigns, and promote trusting relationships with a people and findings-first approach. The situation at hand PRs currently face […]

Zain Siddiqi | 10th October 2023 | CRO, Organic

Heatmaps for SEO – A surefire way to level up your SEO strategy

Heat maps are used in a variety of ways across different industries, with heat maps for SEO commonly used as a graphical visualisation method showcasing user behaviour on a website — be it a landing page or product page.  Alongside this, the conundrum of conversion rate optimisation (CRO) and overall site optimisation is a task […]

Cameron Sykes | 15th September 2023 | Organic

What to do if you’ve been impacted by a Google algorithm update

“Google algorithm update” – three words that can strike fear into the hearts of SEOs. In the old days of SEO, a Google update could nosedive your website’s performance overnight. Luckily, today’s updates aren’t quite as shocking (usually!).  However, websites can still see sharp drops in performance when a new update is rolled out. Discover […]

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