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Shruti Parmar | 8th November 2023 | Digital PR

The value of bloggers in Digital PR link-building: unlocking valuable online reach

There are many effective link-building strategies used in digital PR to gain high-quality links from relevant online sites and publications to increase a client’s online brand visibility. The internet has opened up many opportunities for brands to connect with their target audience.  Blogging grew in popularity in conjunction with the creation of the World Wide […]

Zain Siddiqi | 3rd November 2023 | CRO, Organic

Black Friday SEO – the top 4 tips to prepare for the festive season

As the cliche goes, the year really has flown by. As well as it is the time to bring out those oversized puffer jackets and Doc Martens, the digital age heralds the latest edition of our favourite time of the year. No, it’s not Christmas; instead, enter the somewhat ominously phrased ‘Black Friday’ (probably needs […]

Emily Bailie | 3rd November 2023 | Organic

How to do competitor research in SEO

What is competitor research? In SEO, competitor research is the process of understanding and learning from the brands that are competing against you (and often performing well) for your target keywords. Essentially, it’s about leveraging the competitors that are currently outperforming you to better inform your next strategy. It allows you to understand where other […]

Rob Laver | 3rd November 2023 | Google Ads

Has advert transparency decreased over the last decade?

The digital advertising landscape has changed significantly over the past few years, so much so that anyone exploring it for the first time would barely believe how it functioned a decade ago. A glance back at what Google Ads (or AdWords as it was known back then) looked like in 2013 shows how far we’ve […]

Jack Goldsmith | 23rd October 2023 | Google Analytics 4

Maximising Content ROI: GA4 Metrics and Performance Analysis

In a fast-moving digital environment where users demand answers and become greatly impatient, your content must serve your audience well. This can also be an area that differentiates you from the rest – educating your readership, addressing pain points and elevating your expertise throughout your content production. But, once your content is live, the next […]

Sam Pilgrim | 20th October 2023 | Paid Media, Paid Social

Upper Funnel Campaigns For Long Term Growth

Most businesses understand the need for awareness campaigns, but unfortunately many go in unprepared for the reality of what this type of strategy yields in the short term. It can be very difficult to track the direct impact of millions of potential customers seeing (but not necessarily clicking) on your adverts, at least not without […]

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