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Rob Laver | 17th August 2021 | Paid Media

The return of search term insight on Google Ads?

In September last year, Google implemented one of the biggest updates to it’s advertising platform ever, by significantly reducing the number of viewable search terms for campaigns. This meant that two thirds or more of an advertiser’s data on keywords causing their advert to show would disappear overnight. Here was the official line at the […]

Tom Shurville | 12th August 2021 | News

New London office and working at Distinctly going forward

As we recently announced on LinkedIn, our new London office in Angel opened on 2 August 2021. This is in addition to our office in Rickmansworth, which (for the time being at least!) will remain our headquarters. Since the announcement, I’ve had lots of people reach out, mostly to congratulate us on the expansion but […]

Rob Hodgins | 15th July 2021 | Organic

How to create local business schema markup for your website

In the last couple of years, local SEO has been a huge talking point in the industry and it continues to be an important strategy for businesses to adopt. There have been various factors mentioned around what you should include in your local SEO strategy, including: Local citations Local link building Google My Business On Page […]

developing a B2B SEO strategy
Sam Pilgrim | 15th July 2021 | Paid Media

Does PPC Improve Organic Performance?

It is hotly debated how much impact a PPC campaign will have on organic performance, with many marketers believing that it will help, and just as many saying it won’t make much difference. This is because your organic performance is influenced by a plethora of factors, such as how mobile friendly your website is, page […]

Lewis Koch | 24th June 2021 | Organic

June core algorithm update rolled out, Google confirms

June saw the beginning of Google’s roll out of a core algorithm update. Given that it was announced back in November, there has been plenty of time for technical SEO’s to prepare and shouldn’t cause much cause for concern.  However if this is news to you, how worried should you be? Will this hugely impact […]

black friday tips
Abby Fraser | 16th June 2021 | Content

How to generate blog post ideas with SEO in mind

Are you struggling to think of a topic to discuss on your blog? Are your competitors continuously creating content that is driving new customers to their websites while yours stagnates?  Writing search-led blog content can be a great way of driving traffic to your website and engaging users who are already interested in your general […]

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