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Lewis Koch | 11th April 2022 | Organic

The importance of SEO at the start of a website migration

Rebranding your website, switching to a new CMS or revamping website structure are all valid reasons why you may be embarking on a website migration project. But have you factored in a technical SEO audit at the start of the process?  Unfortunately, all too often, an audit is undertaken, not at the start of a […]

Rachel McHugh | 28th March 2022 | News

Charity collaboration: a year with New Hope

Over the past year, the Distinctly team are proud to have been working closely with our chosen charity partner, New Hope. This Watford-based charity does fantastic work to support people that are homeless or vulnerably-housed, from offering food and shelter to practical intervention, recovery and prevention support. They focus on treating each person that accesses […]

Laurence Burden | 23rd March 2022 | Paid Media

Reach new audiences with Twitter Ad campaigns

Twitter is often overlooked in favour of more popular competitors in the social media space, such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and TikTok. However, with the right strategy it can provide a unique opportunity to get your brand in front of a different audience. With 436 million active monthly users, Twitter is currently the 15th most […]

Abby Fraser | 16th March 2022 | Organic

Common SEO blog content mistakes and how to avoid them

Discover how to maximise the impact of your blog content by avoiding some of these common mistakes: Keyword stuffing  Back in the day, keyword stuffing was a trick that content marketers used to increase rankings for a given keyword by overusing it in their content. But things have changed. The overuse of any given keyword […]

International Women's Day
Liz Walker | 8th March 2022 | News

Celebrating International Women’s Day at Distinctly

Jennifer Wlodyka I am inspired by Sara Davis, who is most well known for her role as a dragon, owning her own crafting company and appearing on Strictly. She is always full of life and positivity. She immerses herself completely into what she does, brings passion to the everyday and conducts herself with a genuine […]

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Liz Walker | 2nd March 2022 | News

Management team promotions

Nurturing talent is central to the success of Distinctly. It’s always been a key focus and as our team expands, we’re creating more and more opportunities for the team to flourish and specialise. Hiring graduates through our Distinctly Academy training programme has been pivotal to our recruitment success, but for the agency to continue to […]

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