Creative content designed to capture your customers’ attention.

You always want your business to make the best impression on your customers – both those you already have and the ones you want to attract. You spend time, energy and budget planning a content strategy, then producing creative content that is designed to engage and convert your reader – typos and grammar mistakes can quickly ruin all of that!

Why you need a proofreading service

Don’t let your carefully constructed content go to waste with a simple spelling mistake or typo in your text.

With demanding deadlines and multiple writers often working on the same project, mistakes often happen, but these errors reflect poorly on your brand and may even cause you to lose a customer to a competitor. Statistics show that 59% of Brits would not use a company if its website had prominent spelling or grammar mistakes.

Leave it to our highly experienced team of qualified copy editors and proofreaders and enjoy the peace of mind that your branded content is the best it can be – error free every time. With statistics showing that site conversions rose 80% after a single prominent spelling mistake was fixed, can you really afford not to work with a skilled proofreader?

What do our proofreaders do?

Adding that final polish to your text, we’ll make sure that the words and messages your brand or business use are informative and accessible and written in the correct tone, register and language.

From website copy and product descriptions to emails, social media and infographics, we’ll make sure every piece of content you produce is free from errors and reads well.

We’re passionate about spelling, punctuation, grammar and style and we always ensure perfection, dotting the Is, crossing the Ts and ensuring those apostrophes, commas and capital letters are exactly where they should be, every time.

Alongside an expert knowledge and understanding of the English language, our skilled team have an eye for detail, a methodical approach and a passion for identifying and correcting errors.

We will:

  1. Work to your brief
  2. Ensure consistency with your brand guidelines and tone of voice
  3. Adhere to your house style
  4. Use your preferred proofing method, whether BSI symbols or copy editing software
  5. Work in your preferred proofing format, whether online, on paper or even directly into your CMS

What else do we look out for?

Whether we are copy editing or proofreading, we will:

  1. Identify any areas of ambiguity in your text
  2. Identify any issues with formatting and layout
  3. Highlight any inconsistencies with captions and images
  4. Highlight any inconsistencies with design and typography

Get in touch with us and we’ll guarantee that your content will be word perfect, every time.

How to get in touch:

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