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Specialist UK digital PR services: top-tier links built the right way

What does our digital PR service involve?

Research and ideation

Our digital PR service all starts with understanding your business and how to get people talking about your business, your new product or your latest news – and how to get respected sites linking to yours. We conduct in-depth market research, competitor analysis and more.

Then we formulate unique PR ideas that match your values and what you want to achieve, because every client is different. We should know: we work across all kinds of sectors.

By reflecting hot news topics and using our network of journalist contacts, our digital PR team creates strategies using a whole range of approaches, all designed to bring you attention and, most importantly, links. 


We dig really deep, doing plenty of competitor research to get a clear picture of your industry and what resonates with your audience. Then it’s time for creative, shareable campaigns to secure the links from authoritative sites that will enhance your standing with Google.

The results from these campaigns provide both PR and SEO value. By building target keywords into campaigns, the links generated will help you rank for highly competitive terms. And not only do we aim for the sites and publications you’d like to be featured in: we also target the sites and social media platforms your customers engage with most.


We have SEO expertise running throughout our agency, so you can be sure of a big impact on your organic visibility.

We recognise the importance of gaining high-authority links to improve the authority of your website. And, over the years, we’ve built up an impressive track record of doing just that.

The approach we follow can include working with the largest global news publications, creating content to drive authority from respected organisations and institutions, or engaging with the trade publications that are most relevant to your industry and target audience.

Our clients have featured in

  • BBC
  • CNN
  • Evening Standard
  • Daily Star
  • Tourism Ireland
  • The Times
  • The Telegraph
  • The Sun
  • The Scotsman
  • The Independent
  • The Guardian
  • RTE
  • MSN
  • Raconteur
  • Manchester Evening News
  • Huffpost
  • Heart
  • Glamour
  • Forbes
  • Daily Express

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Our digital PR services

A digital PR strategy from Distinctly gives your brand the chance to become the headline. From newsmaking surveys to topical stories, we use our established working relationships with some of the world’s biggest media brands to shine a light on your business.


From the ideation stage to outreach, we’ve produced countless surveys – collecting data from targeted demographics and selecting the most newsworthy content to create compelling stories. Each one is designed specifically to maximise PR returns and the highest quality links.

The data generated will be used to create stories that position your business as an authority in your field. This authority will earn links and boost the perception of your brand, in the eyes of both Google and customers.


Pinpointing a topic that’s big news and relevant to your business, and targeting all the right journalists and publications to get those lovely headlines and links – that’s newsjacking.

Using our plentiful experience, we’ll carefully choose the right tactics for engaging with journalists – to land you coverage on subjects that tie in perfectly with your business.

Link building

As an experienced digital PR agency, we have a whole load of strategies in our armoury when it comes to gaining links back to your website. 

There are ways to get some quick wins, such as getting in touch with sites where they mention you but don’t link, or those whose links to your site are broken. Then there are methods that take a little more work, such as producing engaging linkable content and compelling digital PR campaigns. 

We exhaust every avenue to gain you as many links from authoritative sites as possible, boosting your own site’s authority in the eyes of Google.

People PR

Tell the stories of the people behind your business – and build personal brands while you’re doing it. A quick chat will unearth the details that can win you relevant and authoritative links.

We’ll identify relevant opportunities and the publications to pitch to. Then we’ll tease expert comment and insight from your people – and also use their reputation within your industry – to capture journalists’ attention and build links.

Data visualisation

This approach involves packaging publicly available ‘found data’ to create press material and shareable visualizations to drive links. Our digital PR team has a handy knowledge bank of data to use for various niches, cutting down on research time and enriching content with highly relevant stats that journalists love.

And this is how it usually works: we’ll send out a press release along with the visualized data, all linking back to content on your site. It’s proven to be a very effective way of attracting links to clients’ websites.

Our digital PR service process

Ideation and campaign

It all starts with a great idea. And these ideas come from our regular knowledge-sharing sessions – and understanding exactly what journalists want. We’ll then strategise digital PR campaigns, fine-tuning them using your inside knowledge. Having agreed upon an approach, you can sit back and let us do the work: we create material, handle media relations and deliver headlines and links.

Ideation and campaign

It all starts with a great idea. And these ideas come from our regular knowledge-sharing sessions – and understanding exactly what journalists want. We’ll then strategise digital PR campaigns, fine-tuning them using your inside knowledge. Having agreed upon an approach, you can sit back and let us do the work: we create material, handle media relations and deliver headlines and links.

Media liaison

Engaging with the media is a vital part of what we do. Luckily, we’re pretty darn good at it. Speaking to the right journalists and editors allows us to provide reactivity to our clients. And effective use of the best industry tools allows us to monitor opportunities for your business in real time, as well as making sure our campaigns are landing in the right places at the right time.


With our in-depth knowledge of the media landscape and what journalists look for, we have a real cutting edge. Our experienced team has built up rapport with journalists and editors at all kinds of publications, from niche industry titles to big nationals. Effective communication and excellent content are key: we provide journalists with stories that sell themselves and they give our clients invaluable coverage.

How our digital PR service & SEO fit together?

The quantity, quality and relevancy of links pointing to a website is a core metric that Google uses to judge authority. This authority helps Google understand where in the search results a website should rank for a certain term.

Generating high-quality, relevant links to your website boosts your online visibility for targeted search terms – and that’s what our digital PR efforts are all about. The added bonus is generating great PR coverage at the same time as raising your brand awareness.

Importantly, our experienced SEO team works alongside our digital PR folk, making sure the links we build go to the right places and incease visibility for key search terms. In short, it’s all about providing you with maximum returns.

A woman writes on a flipboard in a small boardroom while colleagues look on and type on laptops

Do you need a PR project or a retainer?

A monthly retained investment allows us to implement long-term digital PR strategies. It gives our talented team the scope to explore a range of digital PR approaches and use those tactics that provide you with the best returns.

Project-based digital PR, meanwhile, will give you a taste of just what we can achieve. And we’re sure that it’ll leave you hungry for more…

But no matter how you work with us, our digital PR efforts will increase your organic visibility, get you plenty of attention, give you a voice in the media and add credibility.

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Frequently asked questions about Digital PR

Can you guarantee results?

We can never guarantee per campaign but when things don’t go quite to plan, we re-pivot and improve for the next campaign. And if we need to go over retainers to do so, of course we will. 

What metrics do you gauge link/placement quality by?
Many agencies promise a set amount of links over a set authority metric (domain authority, domain rating, URL rating, page rank or trust flow). We believe this approach means lots of great relevant opportunities are lost. Just because a site has limited authority doesn’t mean it doesn’t have value. The same goes for links that are marked as ‘no follow’ vs those marked ‘follow’. 

More important to us is the ‘eyeball test’: does this site look like one our target audience would frequent/engage with?

  • Is it legitimate? Does it have active social accounts? Does it rank for the things we would expect it to?
  • Or is it created for financial purposes? Are there too many/irrelevant adverts or examples of paid links? When this is the case, we steer well clear, irrespective of authority.
  • Our commitment to the right kind of links is one reason behind our success: we know links move the needle, but only if they are natural, contextual and relevant. 

    Do you share lists pre-outreach?

    Whatever works for you. Once trust is established though, we’d hope to remove this from the process to speed things up a little.

    Do you offer content creation as well?

    We have a team of in-house copywriting experts, who’ve written about a huge range of topics and consistently produce high-quality content to tight deadlines. They’re ready to contribute as much or as little as needed. We work equally well with in-house copy teams, although the alignment/sign-off process isn’t always as speedy. 

    Why choose Distinctly as your digital PR agency?

    We follow facts

    With a data-led approach to digital PR, we use SEO insights to boost your search ranking and measure success.

    The bottom line

    We’ve helped businesses from various sectors achieve substantial commercial success.

    Experts in several fields

    Traditional PRs, digital PRs, SEO strategists, content producers and digital analysts…we’ve got the lot.

    A diagram with three connection points, captions read: Data lead approach, Team expertise, Commercial success

    More than just digital PR services