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Attract local customers with a local SEO campaign that outranks your competitors and gets you noticed

Local SEO should be core to all client SEO strategies. For retailers and shop-fronted businesses, it is essential for driving customers through the door. For businesses with an online presence, it is an essential trust signal that Google looks for and rewards. At Distinctly, we always ensure that local SEO is well-managed from the very start.

Local SEO services include:

  • Optimising Google My Business profiles
  • Management of local directory listings
  • Effective schema mark-up as required by Google
  • Strategies to drive reviews and leverage their equity

What exactly is local SEO?

Simply, many searches are specific to location. It could be your brand name being searched for as potential customers seek out the nearest store, or it could be more generic such as “hairdressers”. In the latter, the intent is to find somewhere to get a haircut, and by default, this implies “near me” i.e. local.

Whether you run a showroom, a shop, a service or other outlet, you’ll want it to be in the number one spot on Google. Local SEO enables this ambition for businesses small or large and what’s more, customers who a search is made more prominent for are usually only a short distance away.

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