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Success of your website can be down to having highly relevant, topical and authoritative links. Link building tactics from Distinctly can secure you high quality, relevant links for your business in the US.


Why do you need a link building agency?

  • You don’t have the budget to do large scale campaigns
  • You have lots of internal expertise but no way to share it
  • Your business gets a lot of mentions in the press but they never link
  • You don’t have opportunities to comment on breaking news stories
  • Your site has a weak backlink profile
You don’t have the budget to do large scale campaigns Open Tabbed Content

Lacking budget

Digital PR can be scalable to suit your individual business needs, objectives and budget. Our team will conduct various audits to understand the best strategy to help achieve your goals, using different forms of link building.


A typical monthly retainer ranges but generally starts at £3,500.

You have lots of internal expertise but no way to share it Open Tabbed Content

Lacking coverage?

Content can have multiple purposes, one of those being earned links. If you have lots of content hosted on-site or being sent out in newsletters, we can help you use this to earn coverage.

We can use existing content on site to earn coverage utilizing the data and research already conducted.

Your business gets a lot of mentions in the press but they never link Open Tabbed Content

Not linking?

Brand mentions without a link back to your site do still hold a lot of value for awareness and exposure, but converting these to links can mean increased visibility and authority.

There are a lot of ways we can convert this unlinked coverage either as a one-off or as an ongoing service. When there is a no-follow link, we can also help convert this to a follow link for maximum success. We can work alongside internal PR teams to ensure there is no crossover in our outreach.

You don’t have opportunities to comment on breaking news stories Open Tabbed Content

Brand authority

Positioning you as an expert in your industry is key to building your online authority and brand authority. We are able to position you as a thought leader in your field, by combining our in-depth knowledge of the media and your expertise.  to build your online authority and brand authority. 

We have strong media relationships that allow us to have first hand contact with journalists looking for comments and expert quotes.

Your site has a weak backlink profile Open Tabbed Content

Weak backlink profile

High quality coverage and links means two things to us, is the coverage relevant and is it from a publication with a high domain rating? Relevancy is key in how we select our target publications, choose what campaign ideas are relevant for a client and how we build our media lists. Our strategy is aligned with our SEO team to ensure our work is maximizing online results. 

These links and earned coverage will see a healthy backlink profile leading to great organic visibility and rankings.

What our clients are saying

“We were delighted with the outstanding results achieved through our work with Distinctly. The combination of technical skill and creativity, from the detailed data-set retrieval to the sentiment analysis, ensured a comprehensive methodology and valuable links from high-authority publications.”

Chloe Chai, Head of Marketing at Marketzoo

“Our prominence in both local and national news sites to date is encouraging and I look forward to seeing this continue to flourish.”

Dan Marchant, Founder and Director of Vape Club

“I highly recommend working with Distinctly. They have extensive knowledge of the SEO and PR landscape, and channel this into creative ideas that lead to tangible results.”

Ameilia Costanzo, SEO Manager at YuMOVE

Digital PR case studies

Our link building offerings

  • Classic link building
  • Competitor research
  • Digital PR campaigns
Classic link building Open Tabbed Content

Outreachable content audit

We perform an in-depth audit of your existing blog content to identify opportunities that are already on your website for earning links and coverage. We repurpose this content for outreach to publications and websites, focussing it around trending topics or seasonal events and giving it a catchy newsworthy hook.

Competitor research Open Tabbed Content

Competitor research

In-depth analysis on how competitors referring domains to inform our strategy and ideas. Can we get links from where they do and more?

Digital PR campaigns Open Tabbed Content

Digital PR campaigns

Creating stories using data, expert commentary or other materials like case studies to earn links from news publications, blogs, government organizations, universities. We take into account your target audience as a business, websites that Google recognises as relevant and authoritative, as well as what we are confident will earn coverage.

Our link building processes

Outreachable content audit

An audit of all existing content on site is conducted, analyzing the ability for this content to earn coverage and experts internally who can comment or be quoted.

Outreachable content audit

An audit of all existing content on site is conducted, analyzing the ability for this content to earn coverage and experts internally who can comment or be quoted.

Reactive & expert commentary

Our ideation processes here include team brainstorms, in-depth analysis of target publications and a multi step validation process which we tailor our ideas to. We are dedicated to becoming experts in our clients’ industries, and this combined with our in-depth knowledge of the media landscape means we produce press releases that get picked up.

Creative campaigns

Data-led campaigns, carving out interesting and creative stories and angles. We create the content hosted on site and then outreach with a press release packaging up the story and linking back to the full story.

Our most recent coverage and links

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Frequently asked questions about link building

What industries do you build links in?

Our link building services have proven successful in a number of niche and specialist markets from the gaming sector to ecommerce brands. You can get a sense of the vast range of sectors we work in by looking at our clients and case studies of success.

How much budget do you need for digital PR?

A typical monthly retainer starts at £3,500 and is where most clients begin. The budget should be tailored to how you are looking to build links and how aggressive you are looking to be as different link building tactics require varying amounts of time and budget.

How do you gauge success of link building?

The links we build improve site authority, which in time, will improve your rankings. We can dedicate link building campaigns to specific target queries and monitor the rankings over time.

What link building tactic is right for me?

Once an initial research phase has been carried out, we can decide what the right link backlink tactic is by conducting a backlink audit of yourself, your direct competitors, an outreachable content audit and discuss the approach in discovery meetings.

What is considered top-tier coverage?

Top-tier coverage involves two things: The domain rating of the referring site and the publications authority and relevancy.

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