Increase your visibility with product ads in the search results

Product listing adverts – which are displayed as part of the search results and on the Google Shopping pages – are a great way to reach users with clear pricing and product imagery. This type of campaign relies on a Google Merchant Feed, which can be generated directly from your website’s content management system.

The key benefits of running a Google Shopping campaign are:

  • Automatic matching of products to users’ search queries, resulting in a wider portfolio of listings
  • The ability to display imagery as part of the search results, which are traditionally more engaging
  • Utilising space reserved purely for product listing adverts
  • Researching the conversion rate on thousands of products at once

Components of a shopping advert

Below is an example of how product listing ads look within Google search results, using the example keyword ‘men’s shoes’:


What does managing a shopping campaign involve?

The ongoing optimisation of a shopping campaign is focused on the following:

  • Bid optimisation
  • Product group activation/exclusion
  • Device visibility
  • Advert scheduling
  • Geographic targeting

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