Is Pinterest finally catching up with its advertising competitors?

Sam Pilgrim | 18th March 2021 | Paid Media

Over the last few years, Pinterest has been upgrading its advertising toolset. They’re now planning to release new services, along with improved updates to existing features.

Pinterest Trends

Pinterest Trends has been useful to marketers but really only offered a generic summary of data, rather than diving into the nitty-gritty information we’re all after. 

The newly revamped version however now provides greater insight into the behaviour of users and allows for a more visual way to analyse the data available. Keyword trends, along with visual boards of relevant pins, make it easier for advertisers to make use of their budgets and utilise the newly released “Pinterest Premiere” video marketing feature.

Pinterest Premiere

Users can now purchase a board within a specific feed category, for example, “bathrooms”. 

This offers exclusive visibility for a period of time for adverts to be shown in the feed, allowing advertisers to reach relevant audiences within the platform.

It’s no secret that video marketing has increased in popularity due to its strong conversion rates, and Pinterest wants a slice of that marketing revenue. Pinterest Premiere is a great feature for advertisers wanting to dominate a space where their customers are active, providing a greater chance to increase sales.

Conversion Insights

Conversion Insights has also received a facelift after its UK release in September last year.

Advertisers will now be able to delve deeper into audience research and the cross-channel impact of advertising. This opens up a number of marketing possibilities and allows advertisers to make more informed decisions when it comes to spending their budgets.

While it is still significantly less detailed than Google analytics, it’s a sign Pinterest is moving in the right direction with advertising on the platform. We should expect this to expand over the coming year as more advertisers flock to the relatively untapped platform.  

Pinterest is still a little way away from its competitors when it comes to data analysis, but with investment in its improved marketing tools, we should expect to see a lot more brands taking advantage of the platform’s advertising features, which will no doubt continue to grow over time.

They are clearly looking to make their name in the advertising market, and with improved features like the ones above, it won’t be long before they become a go-to advertising platform.

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