Analytics can help you to make key business decisions at the highest level

What is a dashboard and why do you need one?

Our dashboards display the most important business data you need on a regular basis in one place, without you needing to search Google Analytics every time you need to view some data.

We create our dashboards using Google Data Studio, customising them to your exact business needs. Much of the data in Google Analytics is either hidden or contained across multiple sections or views, meaning it is often difficult to find.

Our custom built dashboards ensure this information is readily available to you, refreshed in real time and all in one place. Examples of where dashboards can be useful include:

  • To see revenue broken down by channel, but only in a particular geographic region
  • Viewing the number of people visiting particular pages onsite, from a specific source such as Facebook
  • To see the best converting times of day and days of the week, by device
  • To see how much traffic a specific section of the site is receiving, such as your blog

If you would like to discuss our custom dashboards and how they might be useful for your business, get in touch to speak to a member of the team.

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