Analytics can help you to make key business decisions at the highest level

Our Google Analytics auditing service ensures that you have the assurance that the data you’re receiving is qualified and genuine.

We’re aware that while Analytics is an incredibly powerful tool, it’s also free and therefore the setup is often neglected.

We can help you to ensure you are 100% confident in the information being handed to you. We can also help identify areas where you could be doing more with your data.

Aspects within Analytics that we investigate include:

  • Profile structure
  • Filters applied
  • Event tracking and goals
  • Referral exclusions
  • Code implementation
  • Audience lists

Once we’ve audited your Analytics account, we will make a full list of recommended changes and order them by priority, so you know what the most urgent areas are to resolve. We can then also assist with making the proposed changes.

We can also set up a custom dashboard that highlights the data that is most important to you and your team.

To find out more about our auditing service, get in touch.

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