Analytics can help you to make key business decisions at the highest level

Google Analytics provides a considerable amount of data which, if used correctly, can help you to make key business decisions at the highest level. If your Google Analytics setup is poor, so is all the data you will receive. This means you will be unable to make actionable business decisions based on reliable information, or if you do, you will be taking a real risk.

Mastering the basics

We can help create, audit or add to your existing Google Analytics setup to provide you with the assurance that you are receiving a correct impression of your website performance, plus all the channels that feed into it.

Analytics setup

How do you know if your Analytics setup needs assistance? Unless you had your account professionally set up with an expert, it is likely that aspects may need to be improved, with the smallest changes often having the most impact.

Configuration is key

Frequently, it is obvious that something doesn’t add up with your Google Analytics data, for example you may receive a report telling you that your site traffic or revenue is at its highest ever, yet your business figures don’t reflect this.

If you’d like to discuss your Google Analytics data or set up further, get in touch.


Our Analytics services


Our auditing service ensures that you have the assurance that the data you’re receiving is qualified and genuine.

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Tracking set up

Let us know the data you’re looking to get out of the platform and we’ll ensure that the setup is bespoke to your brief.

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Dashboard creation

Our dashboards display the most important business data you need on a regular basis in one place.

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We deliver intelligently planned and executed campaigns that will increase your search visibility. Whether you require technical advice or creative content campaigns, our services will provide the winning formula for achieving fantastic results.
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