Target users who have visited your website but not yet converted

Remarketing – also known as retargeting – is a great way to target users who have already been on your website but not yet converted (or those that are likely to convert again). This can be done through a variety of methods and often works best through banner image advertising.

Conversion rates tend to be similar to the search network and considerably higher than generic display activity, because you are focused on targeting the person rather than the content.

How does remarketing work?

The technology behind remarketing relies on cookies being placed on a visiting user’s device, so that they can be identified later as part of a wider pool of people who have previously been on a website and behaved in a specific way, such as visiting certain pages or products.

The use of cookies needs to be explicit on your website, whether as part of your privacy section, or as part of a pop up which specifically asks the visitor’s permission to use them.

Where can you use remarketing?

Remarketing works across a variety of platforms, often with a different tracking code required for each.

The most popular include:

Google Display NetworkGoogle Display has a vast network of websites available to target, such as YouTube, eBay, Daily Mail, SkySports and Ticketmaster. Advertisers can utilise these to remarket to potential customers
GmailCustomer match is a function on Google Ads which enables the retargeting of email addresses from your database. If someone logged into Gmail matches an address on your database, you can use this to advertise
Google RLSARemarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA) retargets people with text adverts who are back on Google searching for different queries
Facebook and InstagramFacebook and Instagram utilise Facebook’s smart pixel to retarget users who are using their platform after they have visited your website. Facebook also has a feature which allows you to advertise to a new audience which ‘looks like’ your remarketing list in terms of demographic


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